These Are The 10 Most White Trash Cities In California

These are the places in California with the most drug-addicted, violent, welfare receiving white populations in the Golden State.

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This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out.

Do you know anyone whom you’d refer to as White trash? Most likely. Either there’s someone at your job, in your neighborhood, or in your family that you’d throw that label on.

Essentially, White trash is everywhere.

While calling someone White trash might be a mean-spirited way of ridiculing or poking fun at a particular demographic, it can also serve as a way to express disdain about the way someone lives their life. It isn’t as derogatory as using other racial slurs, and in fact, the term has a bit of humor associated with it, making it the focus of pop culture.

Take for instance Jerry Springer, Honey Boo Boo, Kid Rock, Eminem, Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite and even Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon movies.

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According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, white trash is defined as:

“A term used broadly to define a person or group of persons whom embody the concepts of ignorance, racism, violence, alcoholism, poverty, and anglo-saxon ancestry. Similarly used with the term ‘cracker,’ ‘hillbilly’ or ‘redneck’.”

So, using some data crunching, we should be able to measure where the most White trash communities in the state of California are actually located.

After pouring over data, watching too many fist fights and perusing illiterate Facebook comments, we’ve determined these are the most White trash cities in California:

  1. Hemet
  2. Barstow
  3. Hesperia
  4. Stockton
  5. Bakersfield
  6. Riverside
  7. Antioch
  8. Livermore
  9. Fresno
  10. Lakeside

Time to take some meth and stay up all night with us as we go through the cities one by one.

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How we determined the most white trash cities in California

Using publicly available government data, as well as Google Maps, we were able to collect the data on the following metrics:

  • Cities where there are lots of white people
  • Cities where residents are poorer than average
  • Cities where a high number of residents are high school dropouts
  • Cities with a high number of single parents
  • High drug use
  • Higher than average Payday Loan Outlets
  • Violent cities (measured in aggravated assaults)
  • Cities with a high number of residents on welfare

We used the government Census for most of the data. For drug use and violence, we used FBI data, and for Cash Advance Outlets, we used Google Maps.

Simple, right?

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1. Hemet

Population: 81,750
Estimated White trash: 29,923
Welfare population: 20%
Payday Loan Outlets: 8

Toss back a Budweiser and suck down another Camel, Hemet, cause you’re the whitest trash of all.

Hemet ranks in the top 10% for several categories, including number of residents on welfare, number of payday loans per capita, and for the number of high school dropouts.

If you live in Riverside County, there’s no denying the number of Walmarts and meth users in the Hemet area. White trash residents of Hemet have lots of people in nearby San Jacinto, Perris and Temecula to keep them company.

2. Barstow

Population: 22,920
Estimated White trash: 8,532
Welfare population: 22%
Single parents: 28%

If you’ve stopped on your way to Vegas at some point, you’ve probably noticed – Barstow is White trash central for the greater San Bernardino desert area. Even more so than neighboring Hesperia and Victorville.

Barstow was in the top 5 for number of poor, white uneducated residents, and ranks in the top 5% for number of residents on welfare and for single parents. While we couldn’t break down the data into single dads vs. single moms, you can bet there are lots of single moms in Barstow who spend more at Jack in the Box than they do on shoes.

3. Hesperia

Population: 92,203
Estimated White trash: 27,283
High school dropouts: 17%
Single parents: 25%

Speaking of Hesperia, Barstow’s neighbor to the south along the 215 is also a haven for trashy, white people. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, right?

If you live in Hesperia, there’s a good chance you should have been on COPS. Hesperia ranks in the top 5% in the state for single white parents who are on welfare, and in the top 10% for number of high school dropouts.

The good ole’ 909 is representing well so far in this study.

4. Stockton

Population: 315,293
Estimated White trash: 77,304
Payday Loan Outlets: 35
Assaults ranking: 5th in CA
Single white moms: 20%

We finally get out of Southern California for the next city on our list, Stockton. This central valley known for farming and illegal farmworkers has a large number of White trash per capita.

If you’ve moved in with someone with your kid after two dates, than you might be from Stockton. It ranks 3rd in the state for cities above 100,000 people for income levels and single parents, 5th for aggravated assaults (meaning drunken fist fights) and is tops in the state for number of payday loan stores per person.

According to online forums, East Stockton is filled with trailer park, meth addicted white trash. Don’t shoot the messenger, folks.

5. Bakersfield

Population: 365,000
Estimated White trash: 68,390
Assaults: 7th for large cities in CA
Payday Loan Outlets: 28

Maybe Bakersfield gets a bad rap because of nearby Oildale, but when you look at the data, Bakersfield has just about more white trash than anywhere else in the entire state.

Sure, there’s a lot of Mexicans here, but those who are not Mexican are mostly likely white, and likely at least a quarter trash. High quality methamphetamine can be found in any trailer park; it’s a very popular drug of choice here. But at least they have a community college in town, where trashy people can take a few classes before dropping out to take care of their kid(s).

6. Riverside

Population: 305,390
Estimated White trash: 62,030
Welfare population: 25%
Single parents: 25%
Drug use: 3rd for cities above 200,000 residents in CA

Back to So Cal we go. Sure, we’re aware that Riverside is a pretty diverse place. It’s either the have’s or the have not’s in Riverside. Example:
Canyon Crest: Have’s.
Ramona: Have not’s.

Outside of the high number of single moms on welfare, Riverside doesn’t stand out in one particular category, but ranks high in all of them. Wiggerside (as the locals call it) is in the top 20% in every single category we measured, and is highest in number of payday loan stores, single parents and drug use.

White trash who want to move up in the world moves to Riverside from nearby San Bernardino, Fontana and Rialto.

7. Antioch

Population: 111,203
Estimated White trash: 19,953
Drug use: 11th in CA for cities above 100,000
Payday Loan Outlets: 18

The “Yoch” has plenty of White trash. This Contra Costa County city wedged between Oakland and Stockton ranks decently in number of college graduates. But those could be from online degrees, since it ranks high in a number of other ‘telling’ categories, including drug use, single parents and poverty.

And the number of check cashing advance stores is through the roof. Come on people, those charge about 500% interest!

8. Livermore

Population: 87,100
Estimated White trash: 12,289
Drug use: 18th in CA
Single mothers: 27%

Perhaps this Alameda County city ranks so highly in a number of categories is because it’s a ‘boring’ place. What else is there to do so far away from a big city except smoke pot, drink, have sex and get into trouble?

Livermore is one of those under the radar trashy places. People aren’t necessarily in your face about how trashy they are, but when you look at the data, if you like your women a little on the trashy side, this would be your type of place.

9. Fresno

Population: 522,293
Estimated White trash: 106,204
Assaults: 5th in CA
Drug use: 11th in CA
Single moms: 22%

Fresno is known by many in the Central Valley for two things: Agriculture and meth use. Nearly 3 in 10 households is a single parent, and there are a whopping 25% of the population is on welfare.

There are at least 35 payday advance type loans in Fresno, meaning lots of those who do have jobs are stretching their paychecks pretty far to buy things they can’t afford. And Fresno ranks towards the top in California for number of aggravated assaults per capita, too.

There’s a high number of rednecks in Fresno, meaning there’s a good chance if you’re white in Fresno, you’re a redneck or White trash (or both.)

10. Lakeside

Population: 22,203
Estimated White trash: 10,204
Welfare population: 17%
Single parents: 22%

This small enclave outside of San Diego cracks the top 10 for most White trash cities in California. When you look at the data, it isn’t hard to see why. About 1 in 5 residents is on welfare, and is a single parent.

This community has a well-known reputation for being a ‘cowboy town’ and a ‘hick town’ among San Diego County residents. If you read the forums, you’ll see lots of people talking about Lakeside as being home to lots of trailer parks and meth heads.

Sounds like White trash heaven? Indeed.

There You Have It

According to the official dictionary definition of White trash, and based on stereotypes that the internet says are true, using science to determine the most White trash cities in a state can’t be too far off.

If you’re analyzing cities in California with lots of angry welfare recipients, single mothers and where people have lots of options for payday cash loans, this is an accurate list.

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51 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Most White Trash Cities In California

  1. Well thanks for this Wonderful News of the city I live and work in. I have worked for the School District for 25 yrs. I have lived in Hemet for 28 yrs.
    My Husband has been here since 1963. This news just makes us feel all warm inside. (haha) Maybe its time for the City Officials to do something
    about all this Crime and Drugs and Homeless going on here. Please do not call us White Trash.

    1. I completely agree!!! Who are you to judge anyone and the situations they are in or how they got there! Shame on you and your trashy so called news!

      1. Denise, You need to know they used PROVEN data. Obviously, they hit you hard! Are you white trash? If so, time to de-litter your life. If not, then help those who are.

    2. this article is kind of a slanted opinion honestly beth i think you should already know if your city is bad and dont need a misspelled article to make you feel scared this is what we call fear mongering and its bad you see it plays upon your fears so you pass legislation that usually creates more restrictions which is bad for people good for government are you following along with my point?

    1. Leave V.O.E. out of it. What happens in V.O.E.M.H.P. stays in V.O.E.M.H.P.! Lol Valley of Entrancement, Speeder Glen, and Blow Jay are all excellent places to live and/or raise young humans. Economically, there are pretty much only two levels of income on The Hill. Not everyone can be rich, weekending flatlanders (Flattenlandern). Save a squirrel, squish a Flatlander!

  2. We have enough people that have moved here that have trashed our town and talked crap about it with their negative attitudes! We don’t need more people talking bad and destroying it more from people that have nothing better to do with their life! By the way my family does not fit anywhere in your “so called statistics” or analysis! I have been here since 77 and noticed allot of people move here and not care about their environment!

  3. There are several assessments on Hesperia that are incorrect and or lacking evidence. First, Hesperia is predominantly Hispanic. Second, its area code 760 not 909, it is not off the 215 it’s off the 15. If the high school drop out rate is 17% but schools are 63% Hispanic wouldn’t it be more likely that drop outs are more likely to be Hispanic and not in fact “white trash”? Mel

  4. Are you assuming single parents are trash? Are you assuming lower income people are trash? Are you generalizing? I will answer for you…yes, you are assuming and you are generalizing and your article is TRASH!

  5. I want to know where the writer this awesome article, went to school? Uneducated white trash population. All I read in the article was run on after run on!

  6. They forgot Niland California in Imperial County.yout wanna see some white trash look up slap city tweeter central, lol

  7. This article about white trash, I found quite comical, you really have no clue about anything do you? And I mean anything

  8. Thank you fabulously hilarious next to comedic genius. I love the borderline racial context white trash percentages I am a ginger so this is hereby non offensive. Bravo keep it up

  9. I lived in the Ozarks with my grandparents back in ’65, in a county that was the poorest in the State. The town, 10 miles from the Arkansas border, had a population of 1,200, and I can assure you that EVERYONE was white. Setting aside your so-called “statistics,” with their inane “operational definitions,” please be aware that those “hillbillies” were the finest group of people I had ever encountered, regardless of their net worth. White trash? You should be so lucky.

    Now, let’s see your in-depth study on the Muslims.

    1. I lived in the Ozarks in 1963 and 1964. On a Quaint resort it was called Cactus Point Resort. It was on the Horse shoe Bend. I have looked to try and find people that may have known about the family that I stayed with. They were the best family. MARY and Buck Gibbons. They had seven children. I lost touch with all of them years ago.
      Any chance that you ever heard of it? I was a teenager at that time. I went to High School there it was called Osage.
      I loved my life living there on the Lake. We worked hard all the time. But had lots of fun too! I helped my family build 13 cabins there on that land. I often wanted to go back there just to see what it is like now. But around 20 years ago I found someone that knew of the place and they told me that it was all gone. I was told that big business came in. And unfortunately had bought them out and put in sky Rise Apartment building. I was told that I would be very disappointed if I were to go back to see that place. Because I wouldn’t even recognize it.

    1. Dawn Romona is a high school and area of Riverside city proper, as well as Canyon Crest another part of Riverside proper. Expand a map on Riverside city and you will see that. I know I lived there 26 years. No I don’t live there anymore, ha

  10. I’m a single, white mother of three beautiful husband after my husband passed away two years ago. I’m college educated, work full time but get food stamps to help out because I *still* don’t make enough at my job to fully get by and I live in a cheaper part of Riverside because no, I can’t afford to and don’t want to live in some upscale, snooty neighborhood. My current neighbors are GOOD people. The people I work with are GOOD people. The area in which I live is filled with GOOD people. The only thing wrong is the fact that someone shared this biased story on Facebook saying how horrible Riverside must be and decided to read it to find out why it’s so horrible here. Spoiler alert: It’s not. It’s actually pretty beautiful.

  11. Not one mention of Rubidoux? I’m disappointed! I guess that’s included in Riverside…Rubidoux is the most miserable excuse for a town that I have ever had the misfortune to have spent time.

  12. I love Lakeside! Have lived on and off in Lakeside for the past 50 years. Love the “hick town”. Lakeside is famous for their Rodeo’s and friendly folks.

    Every city has drug problems, homelessness, assaults, welfare free loaders, single parents.

    You need to come visit Lakeside, CA and meet the REAL friendly people in this hick town!

  13. I’ve lived in Riverside most of my life and never once heard it refered to by anyone as “wiggerside”…
    Of course I can’t hear much of anything over the ranchero music…
    But I promise you the acre of land I live on in Riverside is 100% more picturesque and beautiful then the shithole apartment your typing this clickbate from somewhere in Canoga Park.

  14. Hesperia IS NOT on the 215 OR the 15. It is on the 395. And why is nothing about SAN BERNARDINO, FONTANA or COLTON?

  15. The douchiest city is wherever Niko Jamison resides. Fucking tool bag has probably never been to any of the cities he placed on his ignorant list.

  16. Temecula? You’re out of your mind, it’s one of the most upscale cities in Riverside County, a sea of red tile roofs, a vibrant Wine Country and Oldtown. One of the lowest crime rates in the US.
    Obviously you’ve never been south of San Bernardino, which should have made your list, but didn’t. You blew it on this one!

  17. Very nice article and the hilarious comments were a huge huuge bonus, you truly succeeded to piss of the white trash. Congatulations!

  18. White Trash is not limited to poor as your assessment seems to focus its attention on only the poor. Rich white trash live everywhere and yet you ignore them. They are in the news everyday and yet you ignore them. They are in the White House, the Senate, Congress, Supreme Court, Government, Law Enforcement, Military, Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Ceo’s of Major Corporations, and yet You ignore them Just because they are Rich, does not make them better than poor white trash. In truth by the definition of White Trash that You provided the Rich White Trash embody all the concepts except poverty.

    According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, white trash is defined as:

    “A term used broadly to define a person or group of persons whom embody the concepts of ignorance, racism, violence, alcoholism, poverty, and anglo-saxon ancestry.

  19. This is some racist shit. Not a good way to get people to suscribe to your little HomeSnacks page . This is unfunny and offensive.

  20. This is why we can’t have nice things. Poor isn’t a character flaw. People are not “trash.” Having money is not virtuous. It does not mean you are good, educated, smart, nice, or hard working. What you have compiled is a list of cities that are the consequence of unregulated capitalism. White, Brown, Black, Red, or Yellow- these are the enemies they have created for you. When the only true enemy of We the People has one color, GREEN.

  21. To the person who posted this article, obviously you haven’t traveled to these places.. I lived in Livermore for 35+ years, and there is in NO WAY why this place should be considered. There’s far worse places in California that I’ve lived in, or visited that make Livermore look like Beverly Hills. Your statistical logic is really ridiculous..
    If you can’t give a far assessment of these issues including every race then what is your point.??
    Other than your obvious hatered of white people…..

  22. Sorry but the singling out of single mothers is offensive to me. Are they less of a person than a married couple? They get to be listed with white trash? Because they are a single mother, mom? tongue and cheek article is fine until you pick a segment of the population that is discriminated against for usually no fault of their own. They don’t get hired because they cannot be married to work and a decent mom at the same time. Of the ones that do get hired for minimum wage or just above, get shorted for overtime, get sexually harassed as a target for management because they stay quiet for fear of losing the job. Please rethink before you write another article degrading this part of our population. They need our support as most are left without support from the man, not getting child support and may noy have a job history due to raising children.

  23. It is more likely than not, that the term “WHITE TRASH” (which to a Caucasian is just as offensive, as say SELECT words are to other ethnicity) is what seems to be the main problem with this thread.
    When the topic of what the cities themselves had problems with was then, it did not seem to be an issue.
    No ETHINIC opinions need to be discussed, there are issues within ALL Ethnicities

  24. Walk into 98% of the homes and they are clean, sanitary and very comfortable. You will always have those whose homes look like the outside as well. That has nothing to do with welfare, pay day loans, religion, whiteness or economics.

    Many would rather work than be on welfare. Thank the remnants of Johnson’s War on Poverty that drove fathers away from families and many it impossible for people to even have a part time job without losing benefits. Thank the D.C. System that made it impossible for people to transition from welfare to work. There is a gap, ya know, when a person finds a job the family loses medical care and income as they transition from welfare to better paying work. Most of these folks don’t deserve the white trailer park trash label.

    They should be called SURVIVORS despite Government regulation, rules and policies. The Democratic plan all along has been to make people slaves to the government.

  25. Spot on. Hemet is the trashiest shit hole I’ve ever lived in, and I’ve lived in numerous trashy shit holes.

  26. The author sure talks some trash, like white trash. Communities and quality of life is more complex. I’ve lived for years in Hemet, Riverside and Santa Cruz (which the New York Times rated as the most desirable town to live in this week). Hemet has many solid neighborhoods, some of them mobile home parks where seniors live good, decent and save lives. Other than some smog, Riverside is a wonderful community, with several universities, a vibrant downtown, surrounded by mountains over 10,000′. The author is a bottom feeder and should aim for a higher calling than talking trash.

  27. First of all, if you look at the mans statistics, he gives a % of people that are “white trash” in a given city. He’s not saying everyone is a welfare receiving, single mother/father, meth addicted alcoholic that’s been arrested for aggravated assault. So quit trippin! If you’re crying about how nice your town is then you need to check yourself, and look around you. This man is on the money on all his cities. And there’s many others that could easily make this list. Why don’t you go to a nice city and take a look the way it is there? i.e. South Pasadena, Arcadia, La Canada (yes I lived in the S.G. valley for over 40 years) Due to a recent transfer I have the joy of living in Lakeside! Nothing like having a 7-11 on damn near every corner, with hideous tweaker bitches crawling all over the place. Not a single grass parkway, tumbleweeds and garbage line the streets here! So if your offended by this article, then you are guilty as charged!

  28. I am left to wonder what censure by progressives would erupt if black dominated metro areas were referred to as “black trash cities”?

  29. Livermore? Really? More Ph.D’s there than any city in the world. Oldest vineyards in the state. Check the property values-realtors refer to it as “Silicon Valley North”. Local community college and public transportation to world-recognized State colleges and Universities. Local Symphony, Shakespeare Company, Film Festival, Guitar Festival, etc. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia. Day trips to SF, Oakland, San Jose, Napa, Sierras. Oh yeah Oh yeah, it’s white trash you don’t want to go.

  30. White trash? Okay, if you want to be racist. What are the 10 most nigger and 10 most spic cities in California?

  31. Where’s Yuba City and or Marysville??

    Livermore should not be here. The area is far too expensive and has too many educated professionals. Tracy or Manteca should be here before Livermore.


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