These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Iowa

We used science to determine which places in The Hawkeye State are the real pits.

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Is Iowa a perfect place? Far from it. In fact, there are lots of places in The Hawkeye State that are lousy.

In order to run an analysis on where the worst places in Iowa are located, we had to measure everything from crime, the local economy and even the public school funding.

The result? The 10 Worst Places To Live In Iowa. Enjoy the video below.

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20 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Iowa

  1. Whoever conducted this survey hasn’t a clue of what they are talking about. I am proud to have lived in Maquoketa all my life.I can think of lots of other towns in Iowa that I wouldn’t spend a single night in.

  2. I’ve been to all these towns work in every fore mentioned town. All towns mentioned in this post are beautiful and unique in its own way. I still pick any of them over Chicago, LA, New York or some big crime ridden cities in a heart beat.

  3. Maquoketa: Most boring, #14 on crime, #7 in unemployment, and poorest in State of Iowa. This based on only the small cities. It is more economical for me to live there, that is why I moved to Maquoketa. I am helping their economy by buying locally my groceries, household goods, etc. and hiring locals to fix up my place and maintain my lawn. Maquoketa population is a little over 6k. However, it now has a fine arts center and one of the best fairs in the State. They never mentioned how friendly the people are and I have gotten to know quite a few. They have a newer Walmart, Fareway, True Value, Kwik Star, and Comfort Inn. If the poorest people in the State, then how can they think they could support all these establishments? Maquoketa Caves is also one of the most popular parks in the State! Wonder how current is this video?

  4. This sounds like a bad attempt at a Freshman school project. If as much care went into obtaining the data as went into editing, you know it is crap!

  5. What about cedar rapids? Delivery drivers from local pizza chains get robbed a lot here, and high crime rates too.

  6. This selection and naming of deficient towns in Iowa is not presented in any meaningful way. I am an Iowa Farm Boy. I’ve traveled and work the world over. I still love Iowa (except for the cold weather). What Iowa needs is NOT a list of towns judged to be deficient. It needs serious research on what happens in an agricultural State when Family Farms no longer belonging to families who live there. . . . .but more often belong to absentee owners, including corporations. The income from the land used to be spent in local communities. Now the income escapes to owners living in far away mansions and to Wall Street. The real farming wealth of Iowa does not trickle back to Iowa. Thus much of Iowa is caught in a state of deterioration.

    1. I grew up on a farm and will likely not move back to Iowa to take it over bc the opportunities in a very rural farming community suck. Almost all of the people I used to know that still live in Centerville are either drug addicts, drunks, thieves, ignorant and bigoted red necks or a combination of the above. Rubbermaid moved out and several other factories left bc the many of people there are lazy, unreliable welfare recipients that wanted to unionize and it was cheaper for the factories to relocate. I will always have fond memories of growing up on our family farm where I learn a strong work ethic, but the lack of progressiveness and lack of interest in improving social standards coupled with the backward mentality that poverty breeds is a major turn off to anyone with intelligence to stay in these isolated rural towns.

      People like to blame corporations for their problems, but it seems to me that it is much more empowering to take personal responsibility. People allow Iowa to descend into the overall shit hole it is today bc the ignorant religious fanatics devalued quality education, which Iowa used to be famous for back in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. Family farms are dying bc kids don’t want to be stuck on small farms where they are more likely to go bankrupt than not bc agriculture has evolved so that one can’t really survive as full-time farmer unless they have a huge farm or hire out for planting/harvesting etc. Thanks to new farming technology, we can produce food more efficiently than any other country in the world. The downside is that prices have dropped and not kept pace with the cost of living so small farmers can no longer compete, but this is just a natural process, not the fault of corporations. Farming is a business every bit as much as it is a way of life and most small farmers lose their farms bc they suck at the business end of it which demands that one be dynamic and creative in the face of adversity, not dig in their heels and resist the force of change that they have no hope of competing with. This is the mentality of many people in Iowa, especially the rural areas, that I abhor and despise. Those that cling to the past rather than embrace and adapt will be left behind and swallowed up by those that were able to adapt and change with the times.

  7. this guy is a shoein for being a reporter with CNN. Has no idea what he is talking about talk about reporting fake news. Thanks for wasting my time guy.

  8. Storm Lake has 98 different ethnic groups here ….Many are illegals many come from war torn countries and some are here cause they were starving in their country…..They came from nothing an don’t expect any more here…Some a job is something they have never had and they don’t intend to get one….why should they we take care of them…They have been sent here to work in the packing house here..thats hard work and they just don’t understand you should have to work to live…They all want to come here to live the American good life, they didn’t get the memo that said it takes work to prosper…

    1. of course they understand, why the hell else would they work in packing houses …you need to smell the coffe and go help them

  9. I live in a small town in Iowa and love it. The homes and lawns and over all care is much better here and the surrounding area’s then it was ten years ago. We were on our way home from Waterloo the other day and noticed how pretty it was just looking around. Your image’s of Iowa were just unfair.

  10. The voice over man made so many verbal mistakes, does make you question and statement or fact he expounded upon for each city. Use of the percentage is very misleading due to the populations of these cities, that also includes the ratios he throws out like you have 1 in 45 chance of being robbed, how did they arrive at that ratio. This is a crap video! I was born in Fort Madison.

  11. I am from Council Bluffs. It does not look that way at all. I moved 10 yrs ago for my marriage. Sense then they have been building on to the city.

    1. I agree with you whole heartedly! Unlike some towns and cities…like red oak!….council bluffs really is growing!

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