These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Louisiana

We used science to determine which cities in the Bayou State are the real pits.

Is Louisiana a perfect place? Far from it. In fact, there are lots of places in The Bayou State that are lousy.

In order to run an analysis on where the worst places in Louisiana are located, we had to measure everything from crime, the local economy and even the public school funding.

The result? The 10 Worst Places To Live In Louisiana. Enjoy the video below.

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Nick has been working and writing about real estate for almost ten years. He's written about everything from the best places to live to the most boring places to live.

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7 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Louisiana

  1. I love my state(Louisiana) I’ll take, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” to live here, you can find negatives in every state. Whoever did this, NEEDS A REAL JOB.

  2. I agree I live in Bastrop and I will admit that the town has gone down a little since the mill closed but I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as he is making it out to be

  3. I don’t know who the genius was that made this but I’m from Bogalusa & know my city very well and the pics he showed was not in Bogalusa… Idk where he got them pics from!!! Shame on him

  4. This guy had me somewhat believing the facts until he pronounced natchiotches wrong. That’s when I stopped listening.

  5. Come visit for a while and I think you will find Franklin a wonderful place to live. I’m sorry you have such a low opinion of us and think you are totally uninformed!

  6. Moved here to a small town Louisiana and I had rather die than retire here! Yep! My desire for food has plummeted from the lack of good barbecue to not a chicken fried steak worthy! Shopping is null! Fast food servers try to keep your change! Parking lots are trashy! People seem inconsiderate and many are racist! Employment is pitiful and humidity is always high and rain, rain, rain with it being hot or cold! Crime is high as burglary seems to be the key, including drugs! Give me a big city any day of the week! Louisiana should be at the bottom of the list! High State and City Taxes! Hate it!

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