These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In New York

We used science to determine which cities in the Empire State are the real pits.

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Is New York a perfect place? Far from it. In fact, there are lots of places in The Empire State that are lousy.

In order to run an analysis on where the worst places in NYS are located, we had to measure everything from crime, the local economy and even the public school funding.

The result? The 10 Worst Places To Live In New York. Enjoy the video below.

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14 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In New York

  1. I feel bad for all of the places listed that are suffering economically as well as the crime and education issues, however, please do not pay too much heed to a website called home snacks. Net when it comes to reliable data. The video said that Rochester was the #1worst place to live and gave some vague statistics but the 7% unemployment rate is wrong per the bureau of labor data I have listed above Rochester has unemployment of 4% and has been declining since 2010 when it was at 8%. Also there has been job growth in Rochester. As for the various remarks about meth in one town and the obvious biased statements about Rochester “forty ounces…gun….raggedy car….” I would not take anything that was said in this video too seriously there are some truths but it is not an objective study and statistics can be slanted for propagandist purposes.

    1. I live in a supposedly “bad” neighborhood in the 19th ward and I love it here. I feel just as safe as if I were on Park Ave except folks here are friendlier. I think Rochester is a great place IF YOU HAVE MONEY. But otherwise it’s difficult to keep your head above water. Rent is ridiculously high for what you get.

  2. Rochester was just listed in another article last week as one of the best places to retire to. I guess depends on who is writing the article. Rochester is a beautiful and nice place with great education and health care.

  3. Our daughter lived in Herkimer for many years and I do not agree with you at all and I am in Rochester frequently. It has many, many cultural events going on much of the time. I’d be happy to live there. Before expressing so many degrading comments, I’d suggest you vacation in each of these towns and you will find that NY is TRULY the EMPIRE STATE. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

  4. No mention of NYC whatsoever let alone the little commercial in between was for a barber shop in the city. Another moment of NYC bashing the little guys. Keep the shit there and quit ruining the rest of my state

  5. Any of you ever been to Cleveland?? Or Toronto??? Both on a Great Lake which they have capitalized on,both have an awesome downtown. Wake up Rochester!!?!?

  6. You should have listed NYCity as no. 1 as ,the crime rate there is out of site! By the way, Cities like Rochester,and surrounding towns, just went thru a rough transition, due to Kodak& other Companies down sizing!

  7. Uh, yea I am from CNY and this list hits it on the nose. I’m not sure where you guys live that praise the “Empire State”, but I found it to be a dirt hole in many aspects. I do miss the Adirondacks and nature/lakes/rivers, but other than that I would never move back other than visit once in a blue moon. I have talked to friends and they all agree much of NY is officially “gone”. Taxes are very high, illegal drugs are out of control including the heroin epidemic(yes we have a high rate here in Ohio too), job situation sucks and losing them quickly in many NYS cities. I moved away over 14 years ago and it was the best move I have ever did! I found it easier to find a great career here, where in NY I would be working in a factory or distribution center. Yes, the grass is MUCH greener on the other side!

    1. Also, I do want to add that no matter where you live in the U.S., there will be crime and yes we also have some really bad areas. But my point is that CNY and many other parts of NY are failing and needs to be reassessed. I live in a part of Ohio that is booming and reinventing itself over and over again attracting huge Fortune 500 companies that are hiring like crazy. We are becoming like a Austin, Texas, which also attracts huge concerts and similar. If you have the resources, please move and see what other parts of the great United States has to offer!

  8. Pfft! maybe the worst neighborhoods in inner-city Rochester are like that, but there are plenty of things to recommend Rochester….I was born here, moved away, and came back. We have arts and culture coming out our ears, folks…Park Avenue Festival, Fringe Festival, Corn Hill Arts Festival, Clothesline Festival, ArtisanWorks, Rochester Museum and Science Center, First Fridays, Party In The Park, Jazz Festival, Celtic Festival, Strong Museum Of Play, Downstairs Cabaret, Memorial Art Gallery, GEVA, Golden Link Folk Festival, Lilac Festival…and that’s just off the top of my head.

    We also have two large universities and three smaller colleges, the brand new and fabulous College Town district of shops and restaurants, Highland Park, Mendon Ponds Park, Powder Mills Park, Genesee Valley Park, and many town parks. We have community theater, Gay Pride Parade, St Patricks Day Parade, Memorial Day Parade, Buffalo Bills training camp, Rochester Rhinos soccer and Rochester Red Wings baseball….

    I’m sure there’s plenty I’ve forgotten. I love it here.

    1. Bravo for your positive comments about my favorite city. I was born in San Francisco and raised in central NY. I’ve lived all over NY, as well as in Germany, NJ and GA. I lived almost four years in Henrietta and fell in love with Rochester. My granddaughter graduated from Nazareth….her husband from R.I.T. They live in Brockport and work in Rochester. My visits to Rochester are always like returning home!

  9. I raised three daughters in Rochester and they had wonderful opportunities. First, it is a multicultural city, Hochstein School of Music provided a music education on a sliding scale that as a single parent I could afford, health care is wonderful, as children they had the chance to sing with the Opera Theater of Rochester on the stage at the Eastman theater, the museums are wonderful, they got a good education they were involved in community sports. I could keep going. I saw the same advantages available for my grandchildren. Do Not believe everything you see on the Internet. Life is what you make of it….no matter where you live.

  10. Dear “Kyle Bome”:

    I am sorry you didn’t enjoy Kingston. Frankly, I feel the same about Western NY–and apparently the author agrees (with me). It’s not a coincidence that most of the most terrifying cities in the Empire State are located there. #Deliverance



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