These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Pennsylvania

We used science to determine which places in The Keystone State are the real pits.

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Is Pennsylvania a perfect place? Far from it. In fact, there are lots of places in The Keystone State that are lousy.

In order to run an analysis on where the worst places in PA are located, we had to measure everything from crime, the local economy and even the public school funding.

The result? The 10 Worst Places To Live In Pennsylvania. Enjoy the video below.

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7 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Pennsylvania

  1. I’m from new castle and its not really all that serious but u did hit the nail on the head what they look like n i have a pitbull too no gun lol

  2. New Castle made #1… Imagine that. It’s a once beautiful city that is now a shit hole. You could blame it on all the Detroit drug dealers that migrated there but in reality it ducked long before then. Still, nothing but mad love for New castle.

  3. I live in Bensalem Pa just outside Filthydelphia and,there’s way worse places that should have been on his “list” like Kensington. Most of the upper class neighborhoods are so drug infested is not even funny, but you don’t hear about it because it’s hidden and the crooked antics of the way things are handled & not reported properly.

  4. Looking for a newspaper article that listed Farrell, Pennsylvania the unhealthiest spot in America. I remember reading it in the early nineties. Does anyone know of this article?

  5. It’s Penns Valley. I live there, and it’s the worst place I’ve ever seen in my life! (including on the internet!) Every day you just get more miserable!

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