These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Washington

We used science to determine which cities in the Evergreen State are the real pits.

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Is Washington a perfect place? Far from it. In fact, there are lots of places in The Evergreen State that are lousy.

In order to run an analysis on where the worst places in WA are located, we had to measure everything from crime, the local economy and even the public school funding.

The result? The 10 Worst Places To Live In Washington. Enjoy the video below.

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19 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Washington

  1. They forgot Concrete, WA. It’s a small town, but literally 80% of its residents are using/ addicted to drugs, with meth and heroin being the most rampant. The unemployment rate is ridiculously high, unless your a drug dealer, then it’s the place to be. And, to fit in with their other criteria, crime is through the roof, several vacant homes, and the school sucks! Definitely should have made it on that list.

    1. That’s sad. I lived there for a year when my grandparents owned the motel and restaurant on main. I loved being in a small town where I could run around in the “wilderness” bit out doesn’t surprise me. Small town USA is a drug den.

  2. Would you please delete those who use filthy words in their comments. Disgraceful to say the least. Reprimand them and state on your site that profanity is not to be used PERIOD.
    Thank you.

    1. Why are you trying to censor people? If you don’t like what they say then deal with it and go somewhere else, like China, where they don’t have the freedom of speech!!

  3. I love Tacoma and all of its glory! I purposely bought my house in Tacoma for it’s architecture and the location is awesome. Like any city there are good parts and bad parts. The public schools are shitty but my kids go to private school.

  4. I’m kinda super offended by most of this video. I don’t necessarily disagree with the list, although I live in Tacompton myself, but the way the guy talked about it annoyed me. I don’t own a pitbull, nor am I in a gang or a drug dealer. I also don’t drink 40’s….so there’s that. But he was super ignorant and quite a bit racist. Also, at least Tacoma doesn’t have a shit ton of piss smelling alleys like another city I could name.

  5. You obviously haven’t lived in Pacific. This is the a whole capital of Washington State nothing but crime broken out car windows in the apartments.Cobble Court Apartments refuse to do anything except call your insurance company. They won’t put up cameras in the parking lot they say they don’t want the responsibilities of if you get murdered there’s no way to prove it..wonderful place to live if you want to die

  6. I wish you could of seen Tacoma when I was raised there in the 50s thru the 60s. What a wonderful city to grow up in. Except back then, the tide flats smelled pretty bad because of the paper mill and other industries down there. The Union Depot actually had trains! Pt. Defience was a great place to go and the salmon bakes were delish they had on the beach. So different now, I dont even recognize downtown anymore.

  7. LOL, I lived most of my childhood in Tacoma, and it wasn’t that bad. There were bad parts that were that bad, but I would say the majority was fairly nice to pretty nice. I don’t know what it’s like now though, as I haven’t lived in WA in 13 years. They did fail to mention the Aroma Of Tacoma though 😉

  8. I lived in Pacific it’s not that bad the cobble court apartment’s are pretty ghetto but pacific park is nice if they ever take down those big Green barriers it would look way better.

  9. How sad people get so butt hurt over the silliest of comments. Seems these people get their knickers in a twist to easily. 5th amendment folks for 1. Yes people could use class and not swear so much but oh well get over it. Better yet go get laid and chill a bit. Life’s to dang short. If your going to use this aticle to base where you live then your lame. Do more leg work and research. Man society as a while is sadly so amusing. You dont like how your town or city or block is viewed, change it…..clean it up.

  10. Try going to Mount Vernon Wa. I’ll tell you why it’s not on the list and should be #1. No one I mean no one talks to the police. You end up in the river. Known fact. People have literally killed people over a case of beer. No joke. It’s crime statistics are immeasurable due to a huge lack of even reporting crimes. Oh and Tacomas 10 murders a year? Hell the last year I lived in Mount Vernon one man, just one went on a shooting spree killing 6 people himself. Including a sherrif. So Tacoma is a cakewalk.

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