25 Emojis That Perfectly Explain Ohio

These text images summarize life in the Buckeye State.


1. Happy Face

Pictures of South Carolina

Ohio is one of the happiest states in the nation. Google it.

2. Laughing Hard

Pictures of South Carolina

This is what Ohio people do when Michigan says it’s better.

3. Family

Pictures of South Carolina

Family values are a big deal in the midwest, especially in Ohio.

4. Tear face.

Pictures of South Carolina

This is how Ohio residents feel about their sports teams most of the time.


5. Ear of corn.

Pictures of South Carolina

Farming is a big deal in Ohio. There are corn fields and bean fields everywhere.

6. Cloud.

Pictures of South Carolina

Winters can be not only cold, but depressing in Ohio. Ohio gets the 3rd least amount of sun in the nation.

7. Red Heart #1

Pictures of South Carolina

Ohioans are some of the friendliest people in the nation.

8. Flexed Biceps.

Pictures of South Carolina

You won’t find a tougher, more hard core group of Americans than in Ohio.

9. Football and Trophy.

Pictures of South CarolinaPictures of South Carolina

Ohio State. Enough said.

10. Clinking beer mugs

Pictures of South Carolina

Which residents drink the 3rd most beer every year? Ohio’s do.

11. Hamburger

Pictures of South Carolina

Wendy’s started in Ohio and they love their burgers here.


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3 thoughts on “25 Emojis That Perfectly Explain Ohio

  1. i was only able to see 1-11, and title says 25… there is no next button… im from ohio, proud born and raised, live in North Carolina now and absolutely hate it. i would move back home (ohio) in an instant, if i could. please fix so i can see the other 14 ohio emojis!

  2. Amen to that Tricia…I moved to southern Ky and hate it here. Such ignorance! Not referring to their education…but their ideology, behavior, and social skills.

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