28 Things People Ask You When You’re From North Carolina

“What does Bless Your Heart really mean?”

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1. “Is it humid there?”

It can be in the summer, depending on what part of the state you’re in. But we don’t get 100 inches of snow in January, either.

2. “Does everyone there watch college basketball?”

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Yes. Yes we do.

3. “Is North Carolina in the south or in the east?”

We’re in the south. And on the east coast. We get the best of both worlds.

4. “Do a lot of people there drink moonshine?”

Source: A&E on tumblr

No. That’s West Virginia. Nice try.

5. “Is there a church on every corner there?”

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No, that’s Mississippi. Nice try again.

6. “Why is everyone so friendly here?”

Maybe it’s the southern charm in us all. Or perhaps, its because the weather is so nice most of the time and our college basketball teams are all good.

7. “Does everyone there smoke or chew?”

Source: Flickr user John Buie

You’d think people in North Carolina would because of the whole history of tobacco growing here. But we’re the only southern state that doesn’t allow smoking in bars.

8. “Isn’t Charlotte just a bunch of bankers?”

Source: Flickr user James Willamor

Not all of them. But it is the second largest financial center in the nation after New York City.

9. “How come everyone’s driving horribly?”

Source: Tatermo on tumblr

We’re bad drivers. Not me. Everyone else.

10. “What’s the difference between North and South Carolina?”

The barbecue is better here. Oh, and so are our sports teams. They do have some nice beaches down there, though.

11. “What’s with the whole ‘Bless Your Heart’ thing?

It means we think you’re totally awesome (insert sarcasm here.)

12. “Do a lot of people there hunt?”

Yes, but not as many as in Georgia.

13. “What’s up with Cheerwine?”

Source: Flickr user Brian Leon

Most people drink it. It’s pretty darn good. Kinda like Dr. Pepper Cherry maybe. It goes good with bourbon.

14. “Why does everyone have blue on?”

College basketball is everything to us. Plus, it helps that our NBA and NFL team also wear blue.

15. “Does everyone there have a southern accent?”

Ya’ll have no idea.

16. “Is it all soul food down there?”

That’s Louisiana. We like a vinegar-based barbecue here.

17. “Why is my tea so sweet?”

Source: Flickr user Connie Ma

Uh….there’s a problem with that?

18. “Why do the license plates say ‘First in Flight?’

Because the Wright Brothers were the first ones to fly a plane in Kitty Hawk. If you mention Ohio, you’re dead to me.

19. “And why do they call you guys Tar Heels?”

Source: Flickr user Roberto Verzo

There’s many stories behind it. Most center around the fact that we have a lot of pine trees.

20. “Is it flat there?”

Source: Flickr user Greg Walters

We actually have the tallest mountains on the east coast, thank you very much.

21. “Are there a lot of bugs like gnats and mosquitos there?”

Source: Cheezburger.com

Yes, and we have ants and ticks and even worms here!

22. “Does everyone like NASCAR there?”

Not as much anymore, sadly.

23. “Are most people conservatives there?”

No, it’s actually pretty balanced here.

24. “Why do they call it the Research Triangle?”

Source: Research Triangle Press

Because our three big universities might be the smartest of all time.

25. “Why does everyone talk about Bojangles all the time?”

Source: Bojangles on Facebook

It’s maybe the best fast food on earth. I get even better biscuits from a small joint down the street.

26. “Do you get lots of hurricanes there?”

Source: Bojangles on Facebook

Not all the time, but every now and then. It’s okay, we’re tough.

27. “Why aren’t grits just served with every meal?”

Source: Flickr user Selena N.B.H.

That’s a very good question, young grasshopper.

28. “Why doesn’t everyone just live in North Carolina?”

Source: Flickr user Karen Blaha

Shhh. We don’t want it to get any more crowded.

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