7 Hilarious Maps That Perfectly Explain Maine

How does the rest of the country view Maine? We looked on Google to find out.

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1. An insider’s guide to The Pine Tree State is pretty…insightful?

Maps of Maine


Apparently, in large parts of Maine, it looks like the medieval times.

2. Maine. Home to the scary lobster people.

Maps of Maine

Pleated Jeans

When you ask people what the scariest thing about each state is, their answer for Maine is pretty funny.

3. Netflix is the most popular brand in Maine

Maps of Maine

24/7 Wall St.

We’re guessing there’s lots of ‘down time’ for long stretches in Maine?

4. L.L. Bean is forever going to be connected to Maine.

Maps of Maine

Steve Lovelace

L.L. Bean started in Freeport here in 1912, and it’s still wildly successful to this day.

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5. Mainahs live in very distinct regions.

Maps of Maine


This isn’t really different than in other states in the nation. It’s a big place.

6. Maine is a lot smarter than this, right?

Maps of Maine


According to the Commonwealth Foundation, Maine residents scored the lowest on their SAT test (1391 with ‘new’ method, in which 2400 is perfect).

7. Apparently, Maine is just an extended version of Boston.

Maps of Maine


At least that’s what people in Michigan think.

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