A Boulder Woman Has Taken Her Art To A New Extreme. What She Does Will Blow You Away.

No one has ever done this before. It might never happen again.

This is a love story of an aerial ribbon dancer experiencing new territory, and the rock climber who inspired her to push the limits of gravity.

Taking place on the famed Maiden rock formation near Boulder, Colorado, this shows us that when you move beyond the horizon to conquer your fears, anything is possible. It took a lot of planning and there were several failed attempts before the group finally pulled off an absolutely mesmerizing show.

And it all took place in the complete solitude of the Flatiron Mountains. Not in front of a live national audience and screaming fans.

From a female perspective, it’s just plain out of this world unbelievable crazy. The strength it took for her to control her body and her emotions is actually an inspiration.

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