A Guy Spent 60 Days Over Wyoming With A Drone. What He Captured Will Make Your Day.

“Wow” doesn’t even begin to cover it…


We showed you a look from above Wyoming from a plane. But what happens when you see Wyoming from even more close up?

You get to see places of The Cowboy State that we haven’t seen before. Until now.

If you’re from Wyoming, get ready to puff your chest with pride. If you’ve never been there before, this might just make you want to move there. Because if you’ve ever seen a sunrise on a mountain morning, and watched those cotton candy clouds roll by, then you’d know why you chose to live beneath the western skies of Wyoming.

After you watch this, check out a hilarious parody commercial about Wyoming. It’ll be the funniest 30 seconds of your day. Click here to watch it.

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2 thoughts on “A Guy Spent 60 Days Over Wyoming With A Drone. What He Captured Will Make Your Day.

  1. Wyoming video taken by a drone over 60 days time. Thought I would share. I hope it comes through. Love you. See Saw Bev

  2. Actually, none of the shots in this video were taken with a drone mounted camera. They are all computer controlled time-lapse movies shot with a DSLR camera mounted on a “slider” rail track, which can be oriented in any direction or angle. The camera mount is moved in very small amounts in between the exposure of each frame to create the illusion of regular movement. Each location was a short hike from the road he used to access the site.

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