Best Cities For Singles In New Jersey For 2020

We used science and data to determine which cities in New Jersey have the best set up for singles: no kids, no old people, and a lot to do.

Editor’s Note: We updated this article for 2020. This is our sixth time ranking the best cities for singles in New Jersey.

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Are you trying to find love in New Jersey?

Or are you just looking to hook up?

Either way, we've got you covered here. At least, we'll point you in the right direction - which is why you came here in the first place, right?

According to the Pew Research Center, the number of Americans who have remained single (not married) is growing. That means, people are dating a lot longer than they used to.

There are many reasons for that, including financial and cultural. And, we suspect smartphones and social media has a lot to do with it, too. After all, we're all a lot more distracted these days.

If you live in New Jersey, there's a pretty good chance there are a lot of singles in your area. The Garden State ranks in the top 10 when it comes to number of people over the age of 18 who aren't married, or in a serious relationship. That's great news for people looking for their match.

So, where are the best cities for singles in New Jersey? We've got the answers here.

These are the best cities for singles in New Jersey for 2020:

  1. Hoboken (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  2. West New York (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  3. Harrison (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  4. Red Bank (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  5. Trenton (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  6. Guttenberg (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  7. Asbury Park (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  8. Hackensack (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  9. Palisades Park (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  10. Newark (Photos | Homes For Sale)

So, what was the best city for singles in New Jersey? Hoboken ranks as the best place for singles in New Jersey if you care about things singles care about like night life, affordable housing, and other singles.

Read on below to see how we crunched the numbers and how each city ranked. If you live in or really close to one of these cities, and you're single, you should probably get out more often. And stop staring at your phone. Just sayin'.

The most boring place in new jersey? That would be Oakland.

And after you find a mate, you'll no doubt want to start a family and buy a home right? Don't forget to check out the best places to live in new jersey or the safest places to live in new jersey.

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The 10 Best Cities For Singles In New Jersey For 2020

Hoboken, NJ

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 53,211
Median Age: 32.0
Married households: 10.0%
Households with kids: 18.8%
More on Hoboken: PhotosHomes For Sale | Data

Hoboken is a city in Hudson County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city's population was 50,005, having grown by 11,428 from 38,577 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 5,180 from the 33,397 in the 1990 Census. Hoboken is part of the New York metropolitan area and is the site of Hoboken Terminal, a major transportation hub for the region.

West New York, NJ

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 52,477
Median Age: 35.4
Married households: 3.0%
Households with kids: 32.9%
More on West New York: PhotosHomes For Sale | Data

West New York is a town in Hudson County, New Jersey, United States, situated upon the New Jersey Palisades. As of the 2010 United States Census, the town's population was 49,708, reflecting an increase of 3,940 from the 45,768 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 7,643 from the 38,125 counted in the 1990 Census.

Review Of West New York by HomeSnacks User

Having lived in West New York for thirty years and having worked in Union City for many of those, I certainly can't argue with this assessment.

Overpopulation is one of many problems plaguing the area. There is also so much corruption.

I left many years ago and was so happy to do so.

Harrison, NJ

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 16,180
Median Age: 33.6
Married households: 7.0%
Households with kids: 33.7%
More on Harrison: PhotosHomes For Sale | Data

Harrison is a town in Hudson County, New Jersey, United States. It is a suburb of the nearby city of Newark, New Jersey.

Red Bank, NJ

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 12,120
Median Age: 35.9
Married households: 13.0%
Households with kids: 24.7%
More on Red Bank: PhotosHomes For Sale | Data

Red Bank is a borough in Monmouth County, New Jersey, incorporated in 1908 and located on the Navesink River, the area's original transportation route to the ocean and other ports. As of the 2010 United States Census, the borough had a population of 12,206, reflecting an increase of 362 from the 11,844 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 1,208 from the 10,636 counted in the 1990 Census.

Trenton, NJ

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 83,734
Median Age: 33.9
Married households: 9.0%
Households with kids: 36.7%
More on Trenton: PhotosHomes For Sale | Data

Trenton is the capital city of the U.S. state of New Jersey and the county seat of Mercer County. It was briefly the capital of the United States. The city's metropolitan area is grouped with the New York metropolitan area by the United States Census Bureau, but directly borders the Philadelphia metropolitan area and is part of the Federal Communications Commission's Philadelphia Designated Market Area. As of the 2010 United States Census, Trenton had a population of 84,913, making it the state's 10th-largest municipality. The Census Bureau estimated that the city's population was 84,034 in 2014.

Review Of Trenton by HomeSnacks User

I grew up in Trenton. It was close to everything, malls, food, and shops. You name it! We kept our doors unlocked and everyone knew their neighbor. It wasn't a very rich city but people were friendly and there was low crime. Fast forward to today, 39 years later, things are a lot different. Shops are closed, crime is high, streets a loaded with trash and everyone is fighting each other. No one goes to Trenton anymore.

I wouldn't recommend a trip to Trenton unless you are visiting relatives or have an appointment during the day with a business. Bullets are always crossing the streets from gang fights. I'd recommend going else where.

Guttenberg, NJ

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 11,436
Median Age: 37.7
Married households: 5.0%
Households with kids: 25.9%
More on Guttenberg: PhotosHomes For Sale | Data

Guttenberg is a town in Hudson County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the town's population was 11,176. Only four blocks wide, Guttenberg is the ninth-smallest municipality in the state and the most densely populated incorporated municipality in the United States, as well as one of the most densely populated municipalities worldwide, with 57,116 people per square mile of land area.

Asbury Park, NJ

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 15,674
Median Age: 35.8
Married households: 11.0%
Households with kids: 22.9%
More on Asbury Park: PhotosHomes For Sale | Data

Asbury Park is a city in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States, located on the Jersey Shore and part of the New York City Metropolitan Area. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city's population was 16,116, reflecting a decline of 814 from the 16,930 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 131 from the 16,799 counted in the 1990 Census.

Review Of Asbury Park by HomeSnacks User

There are so many things to do in Asbury Park, and you will never be bored! From restaurants, to venues, to bars and so much more, you will find something you'll love.

My favorite places in Asbury Park are The Beach Bar and Biergarten. Both are different, but so much fun. I also love the beach!

Hackensack, NJ

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 44,381
Median Age: 37.9
Married households: 7.0%
Households with kids: 25.6%
More on Hackensack: PhotosHomes For Sale | Data

Hackensack is a city in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States, and serves as its county seat. The area was officially named New Barbadoes Township until 1921, but it was informally known as Hackensack. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city's population was 43,010, reflecting an increase of 333 from the 42,677 counted in the 2000 Census, which had, in turn, increased by 5,628 from the 37,049 counted in the 1990 Census.

Palisades Park, NJ

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Population: 20,554
Median Age: 39.6
Married households: 5.0%
Households with kids: 27.7%
More on Palisades Park: PhotosHomes For Sale | Data

Newark, NJ

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 280,463
Median Age: 33.7
Married households: 6.0%
Households with kids: 36.2%
More on Newark: PhotosHomes For Sale | Data

Newark is the most populous city in the U.S. state of New Jersey and the seat of Essex County. As one of the nation's major air, shipping, and rail hubs, the city had a population of 277,140 in 2010, making it the nation's 67th-most populous municipality, after being ranked 63rd in the nation in 2000. For 2015, the Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program calculated a population of 281,944, an increase of 1.7% from the 2010 enumeration, ranking the city the 70th largest in the nation. Newark is the second largest city in the New York metropolitan area, located approximately 8 miles west of lower Manhattan.

Review Of Newark by HomeSnacks User

Plenty of colleges in and around Newark, our newspapers and emails are currently spammed about the student that got robbed, mugged, or murdered recently. Pretty gross city overall, drivers in the area are morons.

Avoid Newark NJ at all costs. No redeeming qualities.

How do you determine which city is best for singles in new jersey anyways?

To give you the places in new jersey which are best for singles to find one another, we have to look at a handful of metrics. Of course, we want to measure the type of people who live in each city, and make some assumptions about what single people like.

So we researched the internet for a database that contains all that information.

How we crunched the numbers for the Garden State

We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible. Using the 2014-2018 American Community Survey Census data produced for the state of new jersey, we looked at every single city in the state. We paid particular attention to:

  • Population density
  • % of population that's male vs. female (closer to a 50-50 ratio is better)
  • % of households with kids
  • Median age
  • Number of unmarried people in each city

We then gave each city a Singles Score.

The higher the score, the better the city is for singles to find one another. We also limited our results to cities with populations over 10,000 people. For new jersey, that meant a total of 99 cities. You can download the data here.

Read on to see why Hoboken is the talk of the town while Oakland is probably a bit on the boring side.

There You Have It - The Best Cities for Singles in new jersey for 2020

If you're looking for a breakdown of cities in new jersey ranked by criteria that most would agree make a place a great spot for finding a single person (and potentially love), this is an accurate list.

Here's a look at the most boring cities in new jersey according to the data:

  1. Oakland
  2. Kinnelon
  3. Hillsdale

For more New Jersey reading, check out:

Detailed List Of The Best Cities For Singles In New Jersey

Rank City Population Median Age
1 Hoboken, NJ 53,211 32.0
2 West New York, NJ 52,477 35.4
3 Harrison, NJ 16,180 33.6
4 Red Bank, NJ 12,120 35.9
5 Trenton, NJ 83,734 33.9
6 Guttenberg, NJ 11,436 37.7
7 Asbury Park, NJ 15,674 35.8
8 Hackensack, NJ 44,381 37.9
9 Palisades Park, NJ 20,554 39.6
10 Newark, NJ 280,463 33.7
11 Elizabeth, NJ 128,153 33.9
12 Perth Amboy, NJ 51,832 33.1
13 Fairview, NJ 14,269 36.9
14 Long Branch, NJ 30,611 37.1
15 Edgewater, NJ 12,184 37.6
16 Passaic, NJ 70,131 30.5
17 Plainfield, NJ 50,508 35.1
18 Bayonne, NJ 65,300 38.0
19 East Orange, NJ 64,400 36.1
20 Lodi, NJ 24,498 37.5
21 New Brunswick, NJ 56,084 23.2
22 Paterson, NJ 145,800 33.3
23 Somerville, NJ 12,121 35.3
24 Bound Brook, NJ 10,328 35.5
25 Wallington, NJ 11,580 40.0
26 Little Ferry, NJ 10,827 40.7
27 Camden, NJ 74,608 30.5
28 Dover, NJ 18,091 36.8
29 Rahway, NJ 29,370 38.8
30 Highland Park, NJ 13,992 35.2
31 Ridgefield Park, NJ 12,934 37.9
32 North Arlington, NJ 15,724 41.5
33 Collingswood, NJ 13,912 40.0
34 Fort Lee, NJ 36,990 46.3
35 Garfield, NJ 31,578 36.2
36 Glassboro, NJ 19,580 28.6
37 Roselle Park, NJ 13,568 37.7
38 Cliffside Park, NJ 24,883 44.8
39 North Plainfield, NJ 21,640 37.3
40 New Milford, NJ 16,578 41.5
41 Clifton, NJ 85,169 38.5
42 South River, NJ 16,091 36.6
43 Ridgefield, NJ 11,248 41.3
44 Freehold, NJ 11,855 36.5
45 Englewood, NJ 28,332 41.5
46 Kearny, NJ 41,567 37.7
47 Dumont, NJ 17,694 43.2
48 Lindenwold, NJ 17,354 36.2
49 Bergenfield, NJ 27,372 39.5
50 Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 12,091 42.2
51 Hawthorne, NJ 18,802 39.8
52 Bellmawr, NJ 11,415 41.4
53 Millville, NJ 27,950 39.4
54 Roselle, NJ 21,582 40.3
55 Pleasantville, NJ 20,374 34.4
56 Elmwood Park, NJ 20,112 38.5
57 Middlesex, NJ 13,659 40.1
58 Manville, NJ 10,283 37.4
59 Secaucus, NJ 19,390 40.4
60 Linden, NJ 42,033 38.5
61 Carteret, NJ 23,682 36.7
62 River Edge, NJ 11,530 39.9
63 Phillipsburg, NJ 14,415 38.9
64 Pompton Lakes, NJ 11,049 41.2
65 Bridgeton, NJ 24,841 29.8
66 Florham Park, NJ 11,672 39.1
67 Sayreville, NJ 44,285 39.8
68 Rutherford, NJ 18,427 40.4
69 Metuchen, NJ 13,858 41.7
70 Woodland Park, NJ 12,489 39.6
71 Glen Rock, NJ 11,826 40.6
72 South Plainfield, NJ 23,906 41.3
73 Tenafly, NJ 14,687 42.6
74 Hopatcong, NJ 14,362 43.0
75 Haddonfield, NJ 11,369 42.8
76 Wanaque, NJ 11,689 45.6
77 Beachwood, NJ 11,210 36.2
78 Pine Hill, NJ 10,443 38.2
79 Fair Lawn, NJ 33,081 42.5
80 Westwood, NJ 11,145 42.3
81 Franklin Lakes, NJ 10,883 47.3
82 Point Pleasant, NJ 18,523 43.4
83 Somers Point, NJ 10,460 42.8
84 Summit, NJ 21,921 40.1
85 Ramsey, NJ 14,963 46.0
86 Madison, NJ 16,042 39.5
87 Paramus, NJ 26,613 46.8
88 Hammonton, NJ 14,284 42.3
89 Vineland, NJ 60,357 37.9
90 New Providence, NJ 12,808 40.2
91 Ridgewood, NJ 25,269 41.7
92 Lincoln Park, NJ 10,339 43.8
93 Tinton Falls, NJ 17,731 48.1
94 Totowa, NJ 10,828 43.4
95 Westfield, NJ 30,086 41.6
96 Ringwood, NJ 12,276 42.4
97 Hillsdale, NJ 10,395 44.5
98 Kinnelon, NJ 10,132 44.0
99 Oakland, NJ 13,009 43.3

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