THE 10 BEST Neighborhoods In Baltimore For 2020

We used science and data to determine which neighborhoods in Baltimore are the best of the best.

Editor’s Note: We updated this article for 2020. This is our sixth time ranking the best neighborhoods to live in Baltimore.
Best Neighborhoods In Baltimore

How do you get your hands on a sweet neighborhood in "The Greatest City in America?" You take a look at HomeSnacks' list of the best neighborhoods in Baltimore for 2020. Whether you're looking to buy a home or rent, when you're ready for more, "Balti-More" has you covered. So, grab yourself a basket of Jimmy's famous crab cakes, find a sunny spot next to the Chesapeake Bay, and read on as we tell you how we determined the best neighborhoods in Baltimore.

First, we looked at the latest census data for all 54 Baltimore neighborhoods for median household income levels and median home prices. And while the crime rate in Baltimore is quite a bit above the national average, the neighborhoods that made Baltimore's top ten don't seem to be affected. Matter of fact, after we looked at income and home prices, we ran each one through our SnackAbility algorithm, and all ten high marks for safety. They also scored off the charts in other snack worthy criteria like affordability and amenities.

And since it's all about preference at this point, if you're looking for a little number close to water the Inner Harbor neighborhood has seen a sort of waterfront restoration being named "the model for waterfront redevelopment around the world." And if $250,000 for a home is at the top end of your budget, you're in luck because you can pick one up for around $142,015.6851851852 in Locust Point and Canton.

More importantly, if you want to be part of the "in crowd" that's reaping the benefits of Baltimore's best neighborhoods, you should keep reading because you're about to find out.

In case you didn't know, Baltimore is a pretty big deal. With hundreds of identified districts, Baltimore has been dubbed a "city of neighborhoods." That's because the people here are neighborly, they have unexplainable strong pride for their city, and they are sort of a hardy folk. Heck, notables like Jada Pinkette Smith and Nancy Pelosi are strong women who have been praising Baltimore for you years.

But, this is where it gets serious, folks. Out of 54 Baltimore neighborhoods, Chinquapin Park-Belvedere is the best neighborhood in Charm City.

If you want to see where the rest of Baltimore's best neighborhoods ranked, take a look below.

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The 10 Best Neighborhoods To Live In Baltimore

Population: 24,827
Rank Last Year: 3 (Up 2)
Median Home Value: $309,844 (Second best)
Median Income: $94,917 (Fourth best)
More on Chinquapin Park-Belvedere: Homes For Sale | Data

Riverside Baltimore, MD

Population: 9,001
Rank Last Year: 1 (Down 1)
Median Home Value: $257,315 (Sixth best)
Median Income: $106,162 (Second best)
More on Riverside: Homes For Sale | Data

Riverside Park is a nearly 17-acre public park located in the historic Riverside neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland.

Cheswolde Area Baltimore, MD

Source: Public domain

Population: 12,433
Rank Last Year: 6 (Up 3)
Median Home Value: $234,920 (Eighth best)
Median Income: $65,849 (Tenth best)
More on Cheswolde Area: Homes For Sale | Data

Cheswolde is residential community in northwest Baltimore, Maryland. It is located along the Western Run. The main roads running through the area are Greenspring Avenue, Cross Country Boulevard, and Taney Road.

Population: 16,535
Rank Last Year: 4 (No Change)
Median Home Value: $314,367 (First best)
Median Income: $84,167 (Sixth best)
More on Roland Parl-Homewood-Guilford: Homes For Sale | Data

Population: 10,898
Rank Last Year: 2 (Down 3)
Median Home Value: $295,582 (Fourth best)
Median Income: $78,055 (Seventh best)
More on Fells Point: Homes For Sale | Data

Locust Point Baltimore, MD

Source: Public domain

Population: 1,917
Rank Last Year: 8 (Up 2)
Median Home Value: $239,675 (Seventh best)
Median Income: $112,879 (First best)
More on Locust Point: Homes For Sale | Data

Locust Point is a peninsular neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. Located in South Baltimore, the neighborhood is entirely surrounded by the Locust Point Industrial Area; the traditional boundaries are Lawrence street to the west and the Patapsco River to the north, south, and east. It once served as a center of Baltimore's Polish-American, Irish-American and Italian-American communities; in more recent years Locust Point has seen gradual gentrification with the rehabilitation of Tide Point and Silo Point. The neighborhood is also noted as being the home of Fort McHenry.

Federal Hill Baltimore, MD

Population: 6,232
Rank Last Year: 5 (Down 2)
Median Home Value: $302,082 (Third best)
Median Income: $86,580 (Fifth best)
More on Federal Hill: Homes For Sale | Data

The neighborhood is named for the prominent hill that is easily viewed from the Inner Harbor area, to which the neighborhood forms the physical south boundary. The hillside is a lush green and serves as a community park. The neighborhood occupies the northwestern part of a peninsula that extends along two branches of the Patapsco Riverthe Northwest Branch and the Middle Branch. This peninsula is generally referred to as the South Baltimore Peninsula, and includes the neighborhoods of Federal Hill, Locust Point, Riverside, South Baltimore, and Sharp-Leadenhall. While not physically a part of the peninsula, Otterbein is also included in the collection of neighborhoods which make up greater South Baltimore. Traditionally, Federal Hill was roughly triangular, bordered by Hanover Street to the west; Hughes Street, the harbor, and Key Highway to the north and east; and Cross Street to the south.

Canton Baltimore, MD

Source: Public domain

Population: 12,040
Rank Last Year: 7 (Down 1)
Median Home Value: $259,906 (Fifth best)
Median Income: $98,085 (Third best)
More on Canton: Homes For Sale | Data

Canton is a neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The neighborhood is along Baltimore's outer harbor in the southeastern section of the city, roughly two miles east of Baltimore's downtown district and next to or near the neighborhoods of Patterson Park, Fells Point, Highlandtown, and Greektown.

Population: 2,535
Rank Last Year: 12 (Up 3)
Median Home Value: $213,683 (12th best)
Median Income: $75,443 (Eighth best)
More on Inner Harbor: Homes For Sale | Data

Population: 14,467
Rank Last Year: 14 (Up 4)
Median Home Value: $166,033 (16th best)
Median Income: $59,292 (15th best)
More on Westgate: Homes For Sale | Data

How We Determined The Best Baltimore, MD Neighborhoods In 2020

In order to rank the best neighborhoods in Baltimore, we had to determine what criteria defines a "best".

Using crime, census, and extrapolated BLS data, we arrived at the following set of criteria:

  • High incomes
  • Low unemployment rates
  • Low crime
  • High home prices
  • High population densities (A proxy for things to do)

We then ranked each neighborhood with scores from 1 to 54 in each category, where 1 was the best.

Next, we averaged the rankings for each neighborhood to create a best neighborhood index.

And finally, we crowned the neighborhood with the lowest best neighborhood index the "Best City Neighborhood In Baltimore." We're lookin' at you, Chinquapin Park-Belvedere.

Read on below to learn more about what it's like to live in the best places Baltimore, Maryland has to offer. Or skip to the end to see the list of all the neighborhoods in the city from best to worst.

Putting A Bow On Our Analysis Of The Best Neighborhoods In Baltimore

If you're measuring the neighborhoods in Baltimore where crime is low and everyone wants to live, this is an accurate list.

As we mentioned earlier, the neighborhoods in Baltimore aren't all good. Fairfield Area takes the title of the worst neighborhood to live in Baltimore.

We ranked the neighborhoods from best to worst in the chart below.

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Detailed List Of The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Baltimore For 2020

Rank Neighborhood Population Home Value Median Income
1 Chinquapin Park-Belvedere 24,827 $309,844 $94,917
2 Riverside 9,001 $257,315 $106,162
3 Cheswolde Area 12,433 $234,920 $65,849
4 Roland Parl-Homewood-Guilford 16,535 $314,367 $84,167
5 Fells Point 10,898 $295,582 $78,055
6 Locust Point 1,917 $239,675 $112,879
7 Federal Hill 6,232 $302,082 $86,580
8 Canton 12,040 $259,906 $98,085
9 Inner Harbor 2,535 $213,683 $75,443
10 Westgate 14,467 $166,033 $59,292
11 Greater Mount Washington 5,164 $219,100 $73,832
12 Hamilton Area 44,527 $161,706 $60,103
13 Upper Northwood 20,729 $140,371 $50,794
14 Lower Northwood 13,686 $159,675 $59,910
15 Reservoir Hill-Bolton Hill Area 21,594 $210,163 $37,368
16 Howard Park 6,639 $185,936 $60,739
17 Franklintown 1,503 $229,500 $49,866
18 Patterson Park East 10,969 $158,167 $60,368
19 Winsor Hills 3,039 $161,550 $56,919
20 Wakefield 1,911 $230,833 $42,742
21 Cedonia 19,443 $122,600 $42,958
22 Hunting Ridge 11,601 $142,480 $49,843
23 Govans 13,401 $113,594 $46,558
24 Forest Park 7,039 $157,731 $52,058
25 Hampden-Woodberry-Remington 6,867 $163,077 $52,030
26 Belaire-Edison 20,778 $100,676 $47,827
27 Glen-Fallstaff Area 15,750 $124,662 $43,823
28 Old Town Area 7,411 $50,967 $15,174
29 Highlandtown 11,496 $145,858 $51,205
30 Downtown 4,268 $127,800 $40,380
31 Charles Village 22,964 $133,627 $38,635
32 Bayview Area 8,018 $97,525 $41,221
33 Jonestown 3,053 $194,900 $49,996
34 Park Heights 33,761 $98,165 $36,783
35 Grove Park 1,872 $97,133 $46,616
36 Midway-Coldstream 10,629 $90,588 $43,227
37 Beechfielf-Irvington Area 13,570 $83,969 $41,675
38 Lakeland 6,288 $94,911 $45,877
39 Greater Rosemont 18,664 $70,600 $35,059
40 Mondawin-Walbrook Area 11,912 $91,056 $37,432
41 Hopkins-Middle East 7,746 $102,281 $28,594
42 Morrell Park 6,002 $112,870 $41,419
43 Pimlico 5,819 $103,993 $38,938
44 Cherry Hill 7,843 $74,538 $32,495
45 Brooklyn-Curtis Bay 13,252 $75,582 $40,238
46 Madison-Eastend 4,383 $66,250 $30,643
47 West Baltimore 52,160 $78,008 $28,589
48 Berea Area 5,628 $65,593 $40,870
49 Pulaski 475 $41,800 $36,631
50 Greenmount East 11,041 $57,042 $28,740
51 Orangeville 2,235 $37,160 $33,926
52 Monument Street Area 3,168 $14,650 $28,677
53 Dundalk Cityside 2,359 $60,120 $31,725
54 Fairfield Area 530 $26,633 $29,271

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