These Are The 10 Best Neighborhoods In San Jose, CA For 2018

We used science and data to determine which neighborhoods in San Jose are the best of the best.

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Do you like your neighborhood? Is it friendly, and where everyone knows their neighbors? No matter if you live in the sticks or in an apartment building in downtown San Jose, you have a little pocket that you can call home. And each neighborhood is different.

Smaller neighborhoods usually have obvious benefits — less crime, a slower pace of life, and a lower cost of living. But not all San Jose neighborhoods are created equal. Some are better than others. But which ones?

Instead of relying on public opinion and speculation, we wanted to get the facts straight and find out which neighborhoods in San Jose are the best. If you’re in one of the places we’re about to highlight, odds are you know you’ve got it made.

Here are the best neighborhoods in San Jose for 2018:

  1. West San Jose (Homes)
  2. Almaden Valley (Homes)
  3. Willow Glen (Homes)
  4. Cambrian Park (Homes)
  5. Berryessa (Homes)
  6. Blossom Valley (Homes)
  7. Evergreen (Homes)
  8. Rose Garden (Homes)
  9. Santa Teresa (Homes)
  10. North San Jose (Homes)

Read on to see how we determined the places around San Jose that deserve a little bragging rights or maybe you’re interested in the worst neighborhoods in San Jose.

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How do you determine the top neighborhoods in San Jose for 2018?

In order to rank the best neighborhoods in San Jose, we had to determine what criteria defines a ‘best’.

Using crime, census, and extrapolated BLS data, we arrived at the following set of criteria:

  • High incomes
  • Low unemployment rates
  • Low crime
  • High home prices
  • High population densities (A proxy for things to do)

We limited the analysis to neighborhoods with over 1,000 people.

We then ranked each neighborhood with scores from 1 to 18 in each category, where 1 was the best.

Next, we averaged the rankings for each neighborhood to create a best neighborhood index.

And finally, we crowned the neighborhood with the lowest best neighborhood index the ‘Best City Neighborhood In San Jose.’ We’re lookin’ at you, West San Jose.

Read on below to learn more about what it’s like to live in the best places San Jose has to offer. Or skip to the end to see the list of all the neighborhoods in the city from best to worst.

1. West San Jose

Population: 100,249
Median Income: $98,309
Median Home Value: $679,757

West San Jose is the westernmost neighborhood in San Jose, California. The area of West San Jose is bounded on the north by the city of Santa Clara, on the east by San Tomas Expressway, on the south by Prospect Road, and on the west by De Anza Boulevard. The eastern boundary of San Jose City Council District 1 is at State Route 17.
More on West San Jose: Real Estate | Data

2. Almaden Valley

Almaden Valley San Jose, CA

Population: 40,581
Median Income: $136,266
Median Home Value: $817,612

Almaden Valley, or simply Almaden is a valley and primarily upper middle class residential neighborhood of San Jose, California, in South San Jose.
More on Almaden Valley: Real Estate | Data

3. Willow Glen

Willow Glen San Jose, CA

Population: 73,905
Median Income: $96,972
Median Home Value: $657,594

Willow Glen is a neighborhood of San Jose, California, in Santa Clara County. The neighborhood has walkable tree-lined streets, diverse architecture, specialty shops, and independent businesses. The historic downtown on Lincoln Avenue between Willow Street and Minnesota Avenue is a well-known downtown community, with a variety of restaurants and shops.
More on Willow Glen: Real Estate | Data

4. Cambrian Park

Cambrian Park San Jose, CA

Population: 70,659
Median Income: $103,851
Median Home Value: $653,548

Cambrian Park is a neighborhood and census-designated place in San Jose, California, in West San Jose. Cambrian Park was never incorporated as a town, and much of the neighborhood is now part of the incorporated city of San Jose.
More on Cambrian Park: Real Estate | Data

5. Berryessa

Berryessa San Jose, CA

Population: 35,142
Median Income: $98,484
Median Home Value: $566,300

The Berryessa District or North Valley in San Jose, California is located in the northeast portion of the city, between Coyote Creek and the Diablo Range foothills. The district borders Milpitas along Landess Avenue to the north and the Alum Rock neighborhood of East San Jose along Mabury Road to the south. The name comes from a member of the prominent BasqueSpanish Berreyesa family: Nicolas Berreyesa, a Californio settler who was granted Rancho Milpitas in 1834. The residential neighborhood is part of the Fourth City Council District, along with Alviso, and was represented by Chuck Reed prior to his election as Mayor of San Jose. The district representative is now Lan Diep.
More on Berryessa: Real Estate | Data

6. Blossom Valley

Blossom Valley San Jose, CA

Population: 68,996
Median Income: $94,602
Median Home Value: $492,632

Blossom Valley is a neighborhood in the southern region of San Jose, California, northeast of the Los Capitancillos Ridge that separates it from Almaden Valley. It is located east of Cambrian and northeast of Almaden neighborhoods. It is just northeast of the Santa Teresa Hills and the Almaden Valley. Neighborhoods within Blossom Valley include Erikson, Thousand Oaks, and Pinehurst at, respectively, the southwest, northwest, and northeast quadrants of Pearl Avenue and Branham Lane.
More on Blossom Valley: Real Estate | Data

7. Evergreen

Evergreen San Jose, CA

Population: 76,512
Median Income: $124,315
Median Home Value: $655,927

Evergreen is a neighborhood and district of San Jose, California, in Eastside San Jose. Evergreen is bounded by Tully Road to the north, Capitol Expressway to the west, San Felipe Road to the south and the East Foothills neighborhood on the eastern edge.
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8. Rose Garden

Population: 13,866
Median Income: $81,725
Median Home Value: $621,464

Rose Garden, also known as Rosegarden, is a historic residential and cultural neighborhood in San Jose, California, near Downtown San Jose.
More on Rose Garden: Real Estate | Data

9. Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa San Jose, CA

Source: Public domain

Population: 52,754
Median Income: $108,886
Median Home Value: $524,812

Santa Teresa is a neighborhood in the south of San Jose, California, United States. It is east of Almaden Valley, surrounding Santa Teresa Boulevard, with access to Highway 85. Santa Teresa County Park borders the neighborhood.
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10. North San Jose

North San Jose San Jose, CA

Population: 20,889
Median Income: $98,033
Median Home Value: $308,336

The North San Jose Innovation District is a northern district of San Jose, California. The area is home to numerous headquarters and campuses of high tech companies and an important innovation hub for Silicon Valley.
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Putting A Bow On Our Analysis Of San Jose

If you’re measuring the neighborhoods in San Jose where crime is low and everyone wants to live, this is an accurate list.

If you’re curious, here are the worst places in San Jose:

  1. Buena Vista
  2. Edenvale-Seven Trees
  3. Downtown

For more reading, check out:

Detailed List Of The Best Neighborhoods In San Jose

Rank Neighborhood Population Home Prices Crimes Per 100k Unemployment Rate
1 West San Jose 100,249 $679,757 1,299 5.2%
2 Almaden Valley 40,581 $817,612 1,099 4.1%
3 Willow Glen 73,905 $657,594 1,105 6.0%
4 Cambrian Park 70,659 $653,548 1,300 5.6%
5 Berryessa 35,142 $566,300 2,104 6.4%
6 Blossom Valley 68,996 $492,632 2,223 5.7%
7 Evergreen 76,512 $655,927 1,437 6.5%
8 Rose Garden 13,866 $621,464 1,564 6.2%
9 Santa Teresa 52,754 $524,812 1,983 6.2%
10 North San Jose 20,889 $308,336 2,722 4.6%
11 North Valley 77,221 $411,305 2,935 7.7%
12 Alum Rock-East Foothills 38,489 $424,374 2,933 7.2%
13 East San Jose 110,984 $369,457 3,347 8.0%
14 Burbank 5,730 $424,667 2,968 8.9%
15 Fairgrounds 52,250 $315,104 3,334 7.8%
16 Downtown 82,596 $414,683 2,743 8.1%
17 Edenvale-Seven Trees 39,666 $388,472 3,293 9.2%
18 Buena Vista 1,356 $364,867 3,499 8.7%

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