If You’re From Chicago, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See Today. No Contest.

You’ve never seen Chicago from here before.

Max Wilson spent 18 months putting together a time lapse of Chicago and I have no idea in the world how he did it.

I might call in sick from work just to watch this on repeat for a couple of hours today.

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45 thoughts on “If You’re From Chicago, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See Today. No Contest.

  1. Thank you for all the work that went into shooting this and for making it available for all to enjoy. Breathtaking!

    1. I liked how the smoke atop the building danced in the time lapse and was trying to drive attention to it.

  2. I heard about this video on the radio today and coincidently, just saw my daughter posted on FB. Beautiful, beautiful!

  3. I ‘married’ into Chicago while being a Colorado girl. This is absolutely beautiful and captures the beauty of the city. Very nice job!

  4. Past Incredible. Like Christmas to a child’s eyes & dreams – the visual excitement delivered by the extravagantly detailed images of color, structures and movement of lights, blending like a brilliant kaleidoscope in their mind, before streaming into their heart, filling them with the wonder and beauty of this life & the world we love. . . . Really, these word can’t come close to describing how I felt watching this short video. All time just stopped – and I’m from Boston!!! The best city video EVER!
    My heartfelt congratulations and deep appreciation to all of those who made this possible!
    Timmy Burke

  5. We were here just this week with 27 – 8th grade students for their end of year trip for 3 days (10 chaperons).. it was an awesome experience.. we all rode CTA buses for those 3 days.. got all our group on 1 bus each time we went places.. Stayed at the Mariott Business Hotel.. saw the Bean, Buckingham Fountain, Willis Tower, Museum of Science & Industry, Sea Dog boat tour, Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium and rode the Amtrak train there and back! It was such great memories for the kids and we didn’t lose, kill, or injure any one! Watching this video was just awesome to know we were there in most of those places shown on here!

  6. Absolutely beautiful work.. So well photographed and put together.. Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities at night. You captured it so well. Thank-you so much for sharing this work of Art.

  7. I left Chicago 32 years ago to move to Phoenix but Chicago has and always will be home. This video proves why. Thank you for sharing your talent and a beautiful city with all of us.

  8. When I first moved to Chicago in 97 I arrived at night heading north on 90/94 – made an impression and your movie reminded me of that. It’s funny to say the city “looks beautiful at night” but it truly does, that said it also looks beautiful in the morning too. Especially on sunny cold days early in the winter going south on 294 when you look east and see the “city in the sky”. What I mean is, the city is nestled against an enormous backdrop of cloud produced by the still warm lake coming in contact with new winter air.

    1. What’s your secret to live since 971. Must be the great air coming off the lakes. Or your still traveling to get to where your going in town. Lol. Just giving you a hard time. Great typo.

  9. Thank You All for your very nice comments! Really appreciate them and thanks for sharing my work.

    1. Why is the particular building circled. Great job. The fireworks turned out great but loved all of it.
      Thank you. I have had some wonderful times in Chicago thanks for reminding me of them.

  10. More than awesome. If I could make a request it would be this: a shot of the Kennedy Expressway during gridlock showing the trains whizzing by while vehicular traffic is barely moving!

    1. Marty, I actually tried to get this same shot you are talking about but I had some issues with getting access to the building I needed to shoot from. Maybe next time.

  11. In my years of air travel, one aerial view stands out…flying across the lower end of Lake Michigan on a clear night, seeing the lights defining the lake then the brilliant lights of the City of Chicago coming into view…one of those exceptional treats where even the Pilot remarked how impressivel the view was that evening. I DON’T miss having to clean the snow off the roof and drifts half-way up the front of the house…
    All in all, Chicago is indeed, a special place.

  12. Really great, I lookout from my apartment balcony, and right now 1:28 a.m. it looks a lot like your film, beautiful, but a lot smaller. Good luck mate.

  13. Lived in Chicago for 7 years in the 1980’s. My first big city experience. Loved the people and the place but weather drove me South. Did not see any snow or ice on the video. The ice on Lake Michigan s edge can be awesome but the wind keeps people at bay. Great video which does capture the best of the city.

  14. Great! Great use of creative, wow, this was great. It makes you proud of the endless possibilities and pleasures surrounding us in this great city, Chicago.

  15. Makes me miss home!! Live in St Pete fl. Moved a year ago. Lived in Chicago 41 years!
    Sweet home CHICAGO!!

  16. This video is amazing, not only the technical aspects of it and how it’s done, but the overall clarity and sharpness of the images. The exposures are amazing. I have seen a lot of Chicago timelapse videos from other artists but yours are by far the best in production value. Crystal Clear Imagery! Fantastic Work Max!

  17. Nicely done Max. Your work will be greatly appreciated for years to come. My wife even enjoyed it and that is huge.

  18. Chicago the city we all! Thank you for showing us the great architecture in a different way. Max keep it up, your fantastic.

  19. Moon-rises and moon-sets over the lake. I’ve waited for them. They are always surprising and powerful. Thank you for them.

  20. I have lived in almost every major city in the U.S. and I still see “Our City” as the most beautiful, especially at night. There’s so much that have changed since my leaving some 30 years ago. I am so mesmerized each time I come back to visit. Your photo project brings it all together so brilliantly. Thanks for making my kind of town, “My kind of town”
    It is Chicago!!

  21. Around 4:40 there is a much brighter light in the sky. This light differs from the plane lights seen before. Can anyone explain that light? Could it possibly be a helicopter? Thank you.

  22. I am a grateful man and never forget my beautiful create city of Chicago,where I live with my family for 25 years,I got a job my wife got a job,our son get his educations and University title,where we made many and very good friends and enjoy a very nice life and very good moments in your great Restaurants.Thank you Chicago and thank you Pastora for publis this movie here in Fb.

  23. Bravo…Spectacular video! Chicago is an amazing city! I live 60 miles south, but visits are only an hour away. I will never get tired of the architecture, culture, and the beautiful lakefront!

  24. Thank you, Max. Wonderful, exciting, beautiful video of a beautiful city. I love Chicago & miss it. Having grown up in NW IN, I always would look west across the tip of Lake Michigan from the lakeshore & seeing the tall buildings of Chicago, it warmed my heart & inspired my soul. Thank you again.

  25. Chicago was beautiful on water front side…Ugly, nasty an disgusting for the rest….The traffic is horrible an worse than driving thru all other big cities. Ive driven thru…..i dont know how anyone could or want to live there..an niceness is debateable…..with people, city, an traffic…i been there a few times an dont care if i never go back..

    1. To those who don’t want to come back, good, keep the traffic manageable. Although traffic can be a bitch, it’s much better than other major metro areas, go for a drive in LA sometime…

      Great video and thanks to the producers. I’m getting out of this town/state before it files for bankruptcy in a few more years, unless the feds bail it out. I’m joining the mass exodus from this state, where taxes keep going up and property values are going down, due to the high taxes! How messed up is that? This state is too Blue.

    2. Your words couldn’t be further from the truth… Great job Max!

      And as for you, Tina We don’t care if you ever come back either 🙂 in fact we hope you don’t !

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