10 Safest Cities In Wisconsin For 2019

We used data and science to determine the places in Wisconsin where everyone sleeps safe and sound.

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Editor's Note: This article has been update for 2019. This is our fifth time rankings the safest places to live in Wisconsin.
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Wisconsin is filled with happy cows, happy people, and super safe, happy places to live.

And here at HomeSnacks, we wanted to know just how safe is America's Dairyland? More importantly, where, exactly, are the safest cities in The Badger State? So, we consulted the numbers. We looked at important factors like property crimes and violent crimes per capita for every place with over 5,000 residents. In total, we analyzed 141 cities.

We discovered that Wisconsin's violent crime and property crime numbers are way below the national average. Probably why they're the 16th safest and the 13th a href="https://www.homesnacks.net/these-are-the-10-best-states-to-live-in-america-123067/">best state in the country , right? But, folks, this doesn't come without a cost. Wisconsin does get a lot of snow and Wisconsin dairy farmers do expect you to eat a lot of cheese. So, if you don't like everything dairy, and/or snow, you might want to consider Alaska.

More importantly, however, we discovered that there are crazy safe, super cool places in Wisconsin for every budget. For instance, Wisconsin has safe college towns like Madison, hip, safe places like Appleton for professionals just starting out, and great, safe, family friendly places like Oconomowoc.

And don't get us started on how Wisconsin is always looking out for the safety of their residents. The Greenbay Packers make their fans wear a cheese cushion on their head for all of their games in case one should get hit by a flying football and they've created roads solely for the purpose of snowmobile travel.

Want to know more? Grab a basket of fried cheese curds, a chocolate shake, find a sunny spot on one of their 15,000 lakes, and read on.

Here are the 10 safest places to live in Wisconsin for 2019:

  1. Freedom (Homes For Sale)
  2. Grand Rapids (Homes For Sale)
  3. Cedarburg (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  4. Geneva Town (Homes For Sale)
  5. Sheboygan Falls (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  6. Oconomowoc Town (Homes For Sale)
  7. Sturtevant (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  8. Hobart-Lawrence (Homes For Sale)
  9. Evansville (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  10. Mukwonago Town (Homes For Sale)

It's not lost on us that some of Wisconsin's safest places are also some of their best places to live. Wisconsin has a lot to offer; not only in safety, but by way of great schools, jobs, amenities, and down-to-earth hospitality. Unfortunately, there can be only one number one safest place to live in Wisconsin for 2019 and that would be Freedom.

Take a look at the list below to see the cities that gave Freedom a run for their money. And if you don't see your favorite Wisconsin city in the top ten, head to the bottom of the page.

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The 10 Safest Cities In Wisconsin For 2019

1. Freedom
Freedom, WI

Population: 6,132
Rank Last Year: 1 (No Change)
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 16 (5th safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 146 (1st safest)
More on Freedom: 

Let Freedom ring in the list of safest cities in Wisconsin -- that is Freedom Wisconsin.

A town of just over 5,000 that was just big enough to break the population threshold has taken the top spot two years in a row. It has the lowest property crime rate in the state and the fifth lowest violent crime rate.

So if you come to Freedom you will experience freedom from crime as long as you stay within the borders of the town. You can tell when you leave because the feeling of Freedom will start to feel like a distant memory.

2. Grand Rapids
Source: Public Domain

Population: 7,392
Rank Last Year: 13 (Up 11)
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 0 (1st safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 568 (9th safest)
More on Grand Rapids: 

If you were thinking of Grand Rapids, MI you need to flip that M upside down for this list as Grand Rapids, WI is the second safest spot in Wisconsin.

You know you can trust your neighbors and friends as there were a total of 0 murders here. In fact, there were a total of 0 violent crimes here in the last reporting year which is pretty amazing for a city of this size.

Grand Rapids is located right in the middle of Wisconsin -- the heartland of the heartland if you will.

Cedarburg, WI
Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 11,529
Rank Last Year: 8 (Up 5)
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 8 (2nd safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 615 (14th safest)
More on Cedarburg: PhotosSearch Homes For Sale | Data

Located about as far east as you can be in Wisconsin without ending up in Lake Michigan, Cedarburg moved up five spots to place in top three for 2019.

Not only is Cedarburg safe, but it's also one of the best places to live in Wisconsin. Scoring an even 10 out of 10 in our snackability score, that places it in the top 5% of places in America.

The city is also extremely well educated as over 50% of the population has at least a BA.

4. Geneva Town
Source: Public Domain

Population: 5,049
Rank Last Year: 18 (Up 15)
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 19 (8th safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 554 (8th safest)
More on Geneva Town: 

You might mistake yourself for being in Switzerland when you enter Geneva, but, no, you're only in Wisconsin.

Much like Geneva Switzerland, you can expect to be safe and cold.

Located in the very south of Wisconsin, it ranks as the 8th best for both property and violent crime. It also managed to break the top ten for first time jumping a dazzling 15 spots.

Sheboygan Falls, WI
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 7,829
Rank Last Year: 5 (No Change)
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 12 (3rd safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 625 (15th safest)
More on Sheboygan Falls: PhotosSearch Homes For Sale | Data

Ignore that grainy photo that makes it seem like we had to run through the city, this place is safe -- 3rd safest violent crime safe and 5th overall safest in Wisconsin.

So stay around for a while, we know you'll "fall" in love with the place.

Enjoy the economy, the moderately priced housing, and the safe place to live. And if we have hyped it up enough, the top ranked attraction on Trip Advisor at the moment is Bookworm Garden. So yea, if that doesn't say safe I don't know what does.

6. Oconomowoc Town
Oconomowoc Town, WI

Population: 8,670
Rank Last Year: 3 (Down 3)
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 34 (16th safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 149 (3rd safest)
More on Oconomowoc Town: 

In southeast Wisconsin lays a gem of a town, Oconomowoc, the sixth safest in Wisconsin.

Sure we could focus on the really low property crime rate and solid violent crime rates, instead we're gonna focus on the name.

Oconomowoc is in Waukesha County making it, and this is science, probably one of the hardest, longest names to say in America. I don't even know where to start -- Ocon-mo-woc? Help? Anyone?

I'm guessing it's probably in some way related to a Native American tribe that's from the area.

Sturtevant, WI
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 6,931
Rank Last Year: 10 (Up 3)
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 28 (11th safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 577 (12th safest)
More on Sturtevant: PhotosSearch Homes For Sale | Data

Sturtevant is up three spots this year on our list of the safest places in the Badger State.

In addition to continuing the list of cities I probably can't pronounce, Sturtevant has considerably lower crime rates on both the violent and property crime for Wisconsin. Much like the rest of Wisconsin, it has a solid economy and affordable housing.

Sturtevant is located a stone's throw from Racine and Kenosha -- if that helps your bearings at all.

8. Hobart-Lawrence
Source: Public Domain

Population: 14,231
Rank Last Year: 2 (Down 6)
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 49 (22nd safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 372 (5th safest)
More on Hobart-Lawrence: 

Hobart-Lawrence has a hyphenated name because it's kinda like a modern family -- it's a combination of Hobart and Lawrence that the FBI combines together for reporting purposes. And so there's really two cities that can claim the honor of 8th safest in Wisconsin.

While the violent crime rate is better than average, the cities really shine when it comes to property crime -- the fifth safest in the state.

Make sure to check out T.Bacon's BBQ in Hobart -- the best ranked place on Yelp. Or Lawrence University in Lawrence as that's the only thing that came up there in our quick Google search.

Evansville, WI
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 5,305
Rank Last Year: 29 (Up 19)
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 18 (7th safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 810 (22nd safest)
More on Evansville: PhotosSearch Homes For Sale | Data

Evansville moved up a tremendous 19 spots to crack the top ten.

The city has the seventh safest violent crime rate which is big jump up from the previous year and helped move the city into the top ten. It's also the first time the city has appeared in the top ten of any of our lists.

And, for reference, it's so safe you can keep the doors to your house unlocked as you take a stroll to Leonard Leota Park with your family -- the best park in town according to the internet.

10. Mukwonago Town
Source: Public Domain

Population: 8,141
Rank Last Year: 19 (Up 9)
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 61 (27th safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 147 (2nd safest)
More on Mukwonago Town: 

And rounding out the top ten safest places in Wisconsin for 2019 is Mukwonago.

Sticking to the area of Wisconsin familiar to this list, the southeast part of the state seems to be the place to live to avoid crime.

While violent crime in the city isn't as low as some of the others in the top ten, the city knocks it out of the park for property crime -- the second lowest in the state.

And if there is any crime in the city, then you'll know that Eric Szmanda, of CSI fame, will come home to help catch you.

How we calculated the safest cities in Wisconsin for 2019

Safest Cities in Wisconsin Graph

While there are surveys and public polls on what cities in a state are the safest, we didn't want to rely on speculation and opinion. Instead, we looked at the hard numbers from the FBI's most recent report of crime (Sept 2018) in Wisconsin.

Specifically, we analyzed the FBI's Uniform Crime Report which summarizes the number of property crimes and violent crimes in each city per year. We used two criteria:

  • Violent crimes per capita (murders, assaults, rapes, armed robberies)
  • Property crimes per capita (thefts, burglaries, motor vehicle thefts)
These Are The 10 Richest Cities In Wisconsin

For example, there were a total of 10 crimes committed in Freedom which had a reported population of 6,132. That means the number of crimes per capita is 0.0016 which translates into a 1 in 613 chance of being the victim of a crime.

We only looked at cities that have populations of more than 5,000 people reported to the FBI in 2017. This left us with a total of 141 of the biggest cities in Wisconsin to rank.

We ranked each city for each criteria from 1 to 141 where 1 in any particular category is the safest.

Next, we averaged each places two criteria to create a Safety Index. We crowned the place with the lowest overall Safety Score "The Safest Place In Wisconsin".

The safest city, based on our criteria, is Freedom. The most dangerous city in Wisconsin? Ashland, where residents had a 1 in 20 chance of being the victim of a crime.

Note: This report is not an analysis of the effectiveness of local police departments, nor does it reflect the fact that people from out of town may come into a community and cause a crime. It simply looks at where crimes occurred most frequently, based on a city's population.

There You Have It - The Safest Cities In The Badger State

Looking at the data, you can tell that Freedom is as safe as they come, according to science and data.

But as most Wisconsin residents would agree, almost every place here has its safe and not safe parts. So just make sure you're informed ahead of time.

Here's a look at the most dangerous cities in Wisconsin according to the data:

  1. Ashland
  2. Milwaukee
  3. Brown Deer
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Where Are The 10 Safest Cities In Wisconsin For 2019?

Rank City Population Violent Crimes Per 100k Property Crimes Per 100k
1 Freedom, WI 6,132 16 146
2 Grand Rapids, WI 7,392 0 568
3 Cedarburg, WI 11,529 8 615
4 Geneva Town, WI 5,049 19 554
5 Sheboygan Falls, WI 7,829 12 625
6 Oconomowoc Town, WI 8,670 34 149
7 Sturtevant, WI 6,931 28 577
8 Hobart-Lawrence, WI 14,231 49 372
9 Evansville, WI 5,305 18 810
10 Mukwonago Town, WI 8,141 61 147

Breaking Down Crime In The Safest And Most Dangerous Cities In Wisconsin

Safest Cities in Wisconsin Breakdown

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