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Updated: 2020-03-10

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Denver (/dnvr/), officially the City and County of Denver, is the capital and most populous municipality of the U.S. state of Colorado. Denver is in the South Platte River Valley on the western edge of the High Plains just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The Denver downtown district is immediately east of the confluence of Cherry Creek with the South Platte River, approximately 12 mi (19 km) east of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Denver is nicknamed the Mile High City because its official elevation is exactly one mile (5280 feet or 1609.3 meters) above sea level, making it the highest major city in the United States. The 105th meridian west of Greenwich, the longitudinal reference for the Mountain Time Zone, passes directly through Denver Union Station.
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Population over time in Denver

Year Population % Change
2017 693,417 2.2%
2016 678,467 2.3%
2015 663,303 2.1%
2014 649,654 2.5%
2013 633,777 2.3%
2012 619,297 2.5%
2011 604,356 2.3%
2010 590,507 2.1%
2009 578,087 -
Crime/100k Denver CO USA
Violent Crime 730.1 397.2 368.9
Murder 9.0 3.7 5.0
Robbery 168.0 66.7 86.2
Aggravated Assault 453.6 255.4 246.8
Property Crime 3671.8 2671.6 2199.5
Burglary 552.5 375.2 376.0
Larceny 2387.4 1915.9 1594.6
Car Theft 731.9 380.5 228.9

Race / Ethnicity in Denver

53.7% (372,710)
African American
9.0% (62,617)
American Indian
0.5% (3,359)
3.7% (25,698)
0.1% (835)
0.2% (1,455)
Two Or More
2.4% (16,884)
30.3% (209,859)
Race Denver CO USA
White 53.7% 68.3% 61.1%
African American 9.0% 3.9% 12.3%
American Indian 0.5% 0.5% 0.7%
Asian 3.7% 3.1% 5.4%
Hawaiian 0.1% 0.1% 0.2%
Other 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
Two Or More 2.4% 2.4% 2.4%
Hispanic 30.3% 21.4% 17.8%

Household Income For Denver, Colorado

Less than $10,000
7.0% (4,836,001)
$10,000 to $14,999
3.9% (2,685,725)
$15,000 to $24,999
7.7% (5,329,283)
$25,000 to $34,999
8.6% (5,959,667)
$35,000 to $49,999
12.1% (8,398,280)
$50,000 to $74,999
17.4% (12,076,458)
$75,000 to $99,999
12.3% (8,558,231)
$100,000 to $149,999
14.9% (10,316,520)
$150,000 to $199,999
7.2% (4,991,241)
$200,000 or more
8.9% (6,190,289)
Income Denver CO USA
Less than $10,000 7.0% 5.1% 6.3%
$10,000 to $14,999 3.9% 3.5% 4.6%
$15,000 to $24,999 7.7% 7.3% 9.3%
$25,000 to $34,999 8.6% 8.1% 9.3%
$35,000 to $49,999 12.1% 12.1% 12.6%
$50,000 to $74,999 17.4% 17.8% 17.5%
$75,000 to $99,999 12.3% 13.6% 12.5%
$100,000 to $149,999 14.9% 16.9% 14.6%
$150,000 to $199,999 7.2% 7.6% 6.3%
$200,000 or more 8.9% 7.9% 7.0%

Gender in Denver

49.9% (346,229)
50.1% (347,187)
Gender Denver CO USA
Female 49.9% 49.7% 50.8%
Male 50.1% 50.3% 49.2%

Highest level of educational attainment in Denver for adults over 25

< 9th Grade
6.0% (41,605)
9-12th Grade
7.0% (48,539)
High School / GED
17.0% (117,880)
Some College
17.0% (117,880)
Associate's Degree
5.0% (34,670)
Bachelor's Degree
29.0% (201,090)
Master's Degree
13.0% (90,144)
Professional Degree
4.0% (27,736)
Doctorate Degree
2.0% (13,868)
Education Denver CO USA
< 9th Grade 6.0% 5.0% 6.0%
9-12th Grade 7.0% 5.0% 7.0%
High School / GED 17.0% 21.0% 27.0%
Some College 17.0% 21.0% 21.0%
Associate's Degree 5.0% 8.0% 8.0%
Bachelor's Degree 29.0% 25.0% 19.0%
Master's Degree 13.0% 11.0% 9.0%
Professional Degree 4.0% 2.0% 2.0%
Doctorate Degree 2.0% 2.0% 1.0%

11 Reviews & Comments About Denver

Overall User Rating

Samuel Ralph Allen

You forgot to mention Denver, Colorado - the central commerce hub of the U,S. and a new western capital for organized crime with drugs, weapons, and human trafficking. Worse yet, the regional 'justice system' and law enforcement are indistinguishable from criminals because the Vory organized crime syndicate owns them. I was born in this pit 64 years ago. Although I rose to prosperity as a masters level chemist, the white-collar criminals sent me down for exposing corruption. And the FBI regional office is as worthless as t**s on a boar hog. All they do is eat Krispy-Kreme donuts, wash it down with Starbuck's Lattes - and harass illegal aliens from Mexico and South America (because they're easy targets. Otherwise, this is a great city to live in..

Robert Colontonio

Denver is no rose garden either. Most of Denver is a shithole. I lived in few parts of Denver and they are not nice. I now live in Aurora. There are crappy places in Aurora but a lot of it is nice out east and the southeast sections. The worst thing about Aurora is they are the only city left on the front range that still does not allow Ice Cream trucks. I drive one and it is absurd that they still have this law for 40 years or more and don't have the sense to amend it. Commerce City finally did 3 years ago. What does it say about a place where you can but drugs and paraphernalia but you can't buy an ice cream off a truck.

pauly carbone Anaya

I live in north Denver off 38th and Zuni by chubbys restaurant im in the best part of Colorado I'm safe I know I won't get shot here!I can fight like nobody's business

kandfam 1

Thank g*d i live in Denver lol

Aurora lol and Commercity lol i hate both of those citys they are just not safe at all too gettho honestly

HomeSnacks User

I love this city. It is absolutely stunning and there is so much to do here. If I could live here, I would. My absolutely favorite part about this city is the mountains and nature all around. There are so many beautiful hiking trails.

The scenery is what stood out the most to me. Its beautiful year round with MANY great hiking trails. The great part is that the small cities outside of town are also just as wonderful to explore. The whole area is a wonderful experience. I don't find anything particularly bad about this city, beside the fact that there are marijuana stores everywhere you turn. I think this takes away from the beauty of the city.

HomeSnacks User

This city had a lot of things to do. There were a lot of people outside in the town playing music and hanging out. The landscape of this city alone was absolutely breathtaking.

The people stood out because they had a much friendlier vibe than most cities. They were more willing to be open and talk to others listening to music or just being out. This town seemed more open to ideas other than their own.

HomeSnacks User

Denver is a great city to live in or visit. There are a wide array of things to do within 30 minutes, you can get downtown to see a play, concert or sporting event or drive to the mountains to ski, hike or mountain bike. There are diverse neighborhoods to fit anyone and you're able to select which school your child attends.

Crimes such as thefts are going up due to the influx of new people. Make sure you keep your car locked up!

HomeSnacks User

Denver is the s**t. I came out here to visit in 2014. I thought it was going to be just alright, and ended up falling in love with the city. The people are friendly, the sky is blue, there are beautiful mountians, and so much good weed. I ended up leaving the NYC area and moved out here in 2016. Best decision ever!

Great food everywhere! A lot of resturants provide local and sustainable meats and produce.

HomeSnacks User

The crime is like any other crime in America, it happens; car jacking, robbery, etc. I have never used the public school system in Denver.

Everywhere in Denver is a new place to experience. There is a zoo, tons of parks, nice shopping, pretty cool place.

HomeSnacks User

I love everything about Denver and the experiences there.

The people are friendly and always something to do.

HomeSnacks User

Gentrification is the name of the game in Denver. The old neighborhoods are sprouting up million dollar duplexes and townhomes. You can walk at night in once bad neighborhoods and see sprawling pubs and nightlife. Rent and housing prices are are thru-the-roof and still not commensurate with wage. The art, concert and performing scenes are flourishing. Restaurant quality and variety is just starting to catch up to other cities. The influx of the 420'ers moving here is tapering off. Mountain activities, hiking and snow boarding are Colorado's greatest assets. And of course the weather is wonderful -- temperate and always in flux.

GAY SCENE: A couple decades ago, the gay club scene in Denver was vibrant. Packed bars Sat, Sun or even Thurs, cheap drinks, creative Pride night themes and large turn outs, seedy afterparties, even foam parties on occasion. Everything from an upscale chill piano bar to a hole-in-the-wall male stripping venue. Now most "gay" clubs are tepid mixed straight, and cater to twenty-something crowds. A couple bars that had a great beer bust and Sunday fun have shut down. The gay male scene still has many cliques. For example, bearded guys tend to flock together. Smaller male gay venues have low turnout. And DRAG -- the drag scene has become rampant. Three stars for Denver's gay scene but only because I'm bitter and miss the good ol' days.

Check out First Friday art walk. Any show at DCPA or Ellie Caulkins. Karaoke at Gladys on Sun is fun.

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