If You’re From Columbus, This Will Be The Most Unforgettable Thing You See All Day.

“Wow” doesn’t even begin to cover it…


Columbus, Ohio might just be one of the coolest capitals in the nation. For folks outside of the midwest who haven’t been there, it’s highly underrated.

In terms of the other C’s in Ohio, Columbus blows the socks off of Cleveland and Cincinnati.

A local filmmaker spent weeks flying above Columbus to bring us this exceptional short video.

Bravo, Columbus. You’re making the rest of us a little jealous.


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9 thoughts on “If You’re From Columbus, This Will Be The Most Unforgettable Thing You See All Day.

  1. very cool… I was born & raised in Columbus & have watched it grow into what it is today… a very cool place to be with lots to do!

  2. The approach and the look of the film is great, but it’s devoid of people. Makes Columbus seem less vibrant than it really is.

  3. Its just Ohio. Nice but nothing special. Lived there most of my and Ohio changed its personality when it became the 5th most populated state lost some charm.

  4. Love living and working in Columbus. Never a better feeling than the plane touching down at port Columbus.

    Pretty sure Dan Auerbach hasn’t ventured into filmmaking though ~

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