Places With The Most Coronavirus In Rhode Island

By Chris Kolmar | HomeSnacks
Updated: 2020-07-10 00:40:56
Sources: CovidTracking | USAFacts

Coronavirus Summary Statistics In Rhode Island

New Cases
50 (+0.3%)
New Deaths
2 (+0.2%)

Confirmed Cases By County In Rhode Island Map

As the Coronavirus continues to move across the world, Americans are now in the direct target for the spread of COVID-19. Certain states have seen huge spikes in cases, while other states haven't been impacted nearly as bad -- yet.

Government agencies have expressed that no state or metro area will be spared. We wait - hoping the virus will peak in April so we can get back to our normal lives. However, certain counties in Rhode Island are seeing case rates close to, or significantly above, countries in the news. For example, Providence County has about 20,714.4 per million residents which is 11.3x Italy's rate of 1,829.

Below is a county-by-county breakdown of Coronavirus cases and deaths in the state of Rhode Island. The information comes from the CovidTracking Project as well as from USAFacts. Both get their data from the state's continuously updated database.

We ping their data several times a day to get the information updated as soon as possible. The data is accurate through the end of the day 7/8/20.

We made every attempt to update each county with confirmed cases and deaths, as the information becomes available. In some cases, the information is delayed by more than a day. Our population data comes from the recently released 5 Year American Community Survey.

Confirmed Cases and Deaths By County In Rhode Island Table

County Population Total Cases New Cases Total Deaths New Deaths Cases/
1M Pop
vs Italy
Providence County 634,533 13,144 773 20,714.4 11.33x
Statewide Unallocated 1,701 50 21 2 0.0x
Kent County 163,861 1,234 97 7,530.8 4.12x
Washington County 126,242 538 61 4,261.7 2.33x
Newport County 83,075 331 4 3,984.4 2.18x
Bristol County 48,900 256 15 5,235.2 2.86x
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