Fastest Growing Cities In Maine For 2020

We used data and science to determine the places in Maine everyone wants to move to today.

Editor’s Note: Data has been updated for 2020. This is our sixth time ranking the fastest growing cities in Maine.

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Is being in an area that's growing quickly a good thing or a bad thing?

Depends on who you ask. Some want bigger, more exciting cities like Portland and Lewiston, while others want peace and quiet like in Gardiner and Belfast, thank you very much.

But today we're going to put opinions aside and just look at the cold hard facts -- over the past five years, which cities in Maine have the grown the fastest.

After getting knee deep in the Census's American Community Survey, we emerged with this set of cities in the Pine Tree State that have people climbing over each other to get in.

These are the 10 fastest growing cities in Maine for 2020 according to the most recent census data:

What's the fastest growing city in Maine for 2020? Based on the most recent ACS data, Westbrook ranks as the fastest growing city in Maine. If you happen to be a resident of Westbrook, you're probably not too surprised to find it on our list.

If you're surprised--and you're wondering why these places are kind of a big deal--keep reading. We'll tell you what makes each of these 10 places in Maine are growing like weeds.

And if you already knew these places were happening, check out the best places to live in Maine or the Fastest Growing States In America.

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The 10 Fastest Growing Cities In Maine For 2020

Westbrook, ME

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Population: 18,417
Rank Last Year: 1 (No Change)
Population 2010: 17,314
Percent Growth 6.4%
Absolute Growth: 1,103
More on Westbrook: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Westbrook is a city in Cumberland County, Maine, United States and a suburb of Portland. The population was 17,494 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford, Maine metropolitan statistical area.

Ellsworth, ME

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Population: 7,960
Rank Last Year: 2 (No Change)
Population 2010: 7,555
Percent Growth 5.4%
Absolute Growth: 405
More on Ellsworth: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Ellsworth is a city in and the county seat of Hancock County, Maine, United States. The 2010 Census determined it had a population of 7,741. Ellsworth was Maine's fastest growing city from 2000-2010, with a growth rate of nearly 20 percent. With historic buildings and other points of interest, Ellsworth is popular with tourists.

Saco, ME

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Population: 19,342
Rank Last Year: 3 (No Change)
Population 2010: 18,398
Percent Growth 5.1%
Absolute Growth: 944
More on Saco: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Saco is a city in York County, Maine, United States. The population was 18,482 at the 2010 census. It is home to Ferry Beach State Park, Funtown Splashtown USA, Thornton Academy, as well as General Dynamics Armament Systems, a subsidiary of the defense contractor General Dynamics. Saco sees much tourism during summer months, due to its amusement parks, Ferry Beach State Park, and proximity to Old Orchard Beach.

Waterville, ME

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Population: 16,515
Rank Last Year: 4 (No Change)
Population 2010: 15,777
Percent Growth 4.7%
Absolute Growth: 738
More on Waterville: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Waterville is a city in Kennebec County of the U.S. state of Maine, United States, on the west bank of the Kennebec River. Home to Colby College and Thomas College, the population was 15,722 at the 2010 census. Waterville is also the latter of the cities which make up the Augusta-Waterville, ME Micropolitan Statistical Area.

South Portland, ME

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Population: 25,515
Rank Last Year: 5 (No Change)
Population 2010: 24,804
Percent Growth 2.9%
Absolute Growth: 711
More on South Portland: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

South Portland is a city in Cumberland County, Maine, United States, and is the fourth-largest city in the state, incorporated in 1898. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 25,002. Known for its working waterfront, South Portland is situated on Portland Harbor and overlooks the skyline of Portland and the islands of Casco Bay. Due to South Portland's close proximity to air, marine, rail, and highway transportation options, the city has become a center for retail and industry in the region.

Portland, ME

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Population: 66,735
Rank Last Year: 6 (No Change)
Population 2010: 66,138
Percent Growth 0.9%
Absolute Growth: 597
More on Portland: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Portland is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Maine, with a population of 66,937 as of 2016. This makes it the fourth least populous city in the U.S. to be the most populous in its state. The Greater Portland metropolitan area is home to over half a million people, more than one-third of Maine's total population. The Old Port district is frequented by tourists, while Portland Head Light is also a destination. The city seal depicts a phoenix rising from ashes, which is a reference to the recoveries from four devastating fires. Portland was named after the English Isle of Portland, and the city of Portland, Oregon, was in turn named after Portland, Maine.

Belfast, ME

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Population: 6,696
Rank Last Year: 7 (No Change)
Population 2010: 6,691
Percent Growth 0.1%
Absolute Growth: 5
More on Belfast: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Belfast is a city in Waldo County, Maine, in the United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 6,668. Located at the mouth of the Passagassawakeag River estuary on Penobscot Bay, Belfast is the county seat of Waldo County. The seaport has a wealth of antique architecture in several historic districts, and remains popular with tourists.

Biddeford, ME

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Population: 21,452
Rank Last Year: 8 (No Change)
Population 2010: 21,490
Percent Growth -0.2%
Absolute Growth: -38
More on Biddeford: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Biddeford is a city in York County, Maine, United States. It is the principal commercial center of York County. The population was 21,277 at the 2010 census. Twin city of Saco, Biddeford includes the resort community of Biddeford Pool, Fortunes Rocks and Granite Point. The town is the site of the University of New England and the annual La Kermesse Franco-Americaine Festival. First visited by Europeans in 1616, it is the site of one of the earliest European settlements in the United States.

Auburn, ME

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Population: 23,064
Rank Last Year: 10 (Up 1)
Population 2010: 23,279
Percent Growth -0.9%
Absolute Growth: -215
More on Auburn: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Auburn is a city in and the county seat of Androscoggin County, Maine, United States. The population was 23,055 at the 2010 census. Auburn and Lewiston are known locally as the Twin Cities or Lewiston-Auburn.

Lewiston, ME

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Population: 36,097
Rank Last Year: 9 (Down 1)
Population 2010: 36,684
Percent Growth -1.6%
Absolute Growth: -587
More on Lewiston: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Lewiston is the second largest city in Maine and the most central city in Androscoggin County. The city borders the coastal sideways of the Gulf of Maine and is south of Augusta, the state's capital and north of Portland, the cultural hub of Maine. It is one-half of the Lewiston-Auburn Metropolitan Statistical Area, commonly referred to as "L.A." or "L-A." Lewiston exerts a significant impact upon the diversity, religious variety, commerce, education, and economic power of Maine. It is known for a relatively low cost of living, substantial access to medical care, and an extremely low violent crime rate. While the dominant language spoken in the city is English, it is home to the largest French-speaking population in the United States while it is second to St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, in percentage of speakers.

How We Measured The Fastest Growing Cities In the Pine Tree State for 2020

To figure out which cities are growing the most, we simply had to look at the growth rates for cities sine the beginning of the decade, according to the American Community Survey put out by the census every year. Specifically:

  • Current Population
  • Population in 2010
  • Growth rate from 2010 to Current (The latest available data which came out in Dec 2018)

We ranked all 19 Maine cities with a population over 5,000 people from highest growth rate to lowest.

The city with the highest growth rate during this time was crowned the fastest growing city in the Pine Tree State.

And for those of you who are a little rusty with their statistics, you can calculate the growth rate by the following formula:

[Current Population - Population 2010] / [Population 2010]

Here's a graph of the cities in Maine with the largest percent increase in population:
Fastest Growing Cities in Maine Graph For 2020

Click to enlarge

These Places Grew Up So Fast In Maine, You Know?

So there you have it, the fastest growing cities in Maine are led by Westbrook which has been growing at a blistering pace this decade relative to other cities and towns around the state.

It'll be interesting to see if these places can keep growing at the same rate over the next couple of years. We'll be here to let you know!

These places have been growing (or shrinking) the slowest (fastest):

  1. Caribou
  2. Presque Isle
  3. Bath

For more Maine reading, check out:

Detailed List Of Fastest Growing Places In Maine For 2020

Rank City Growth Population Population 2010
1 Westbrook 6.4% 18,417 17,314
2 Ellsworth 5.4% 7,960 7,555
3 Saco 5.1% 19,342 18,398
4 Waterville 4.7% 16,515 15,777
5 South Portland 2.9% 25,515 24,804
6 Portland 0.9% 66,735 66,138
7 Belfast 0.1% 6,696 6,691
8 Biddeford -0.2% 21,452 21,490
9 Auburn -0.9% 23,064 23,279
10 Lewiston -1.6% 36,097 36,684

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