Fastest Growing Cities In Ohio For 2020

We used data and science to determine the places in Ohio everyone wants to move to today.

Editor’s Note: Data has been updated for 2020. This is our sixth time ranking the fastest growing cities in Ohio.

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Is being in an area that's growing quickly a good thing or a bad thing?

Depends on who you ask. Some want bigger, more exciting cities like Columbus and Cleveland, while others want peace and quiet like in Munroe Falls and St. Clairsville, thank you very much.

But today we're going to put opinions aside and just look at the cold hard facts -- over the past five years, which cities in Ohio have the grown the fastest.

After getting knee deep in the Census's American Community Survey, we emerged with this set of cities in the Buckeye State that have people climbing over each other to get in.

These are the 10 fastest growing cities in Ohio for 2020 according to the most recent census data:

What's the fastest growing city in Ohio for 2020? Based on the most recent ACS data, Hilliard ranks as the fastest growing city in Ohio. If you happen to be a resident of Hilliard, you're probably not too surprised to find it on our list.

If you're surprised--and you're wondering why these places are kind of a big deal--keep reading. We'll tell you what makes each of these 10 places in Ohio are growing like weeds.

And if you already knew these places were happening, check out the best places to live in Ohio or the Fastest Growing States In America.

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The 10 Fastest Growing Cities In Ohio For 2020

Hilliard, OH

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Population: 35,665
Rank Last Year: 1 (No Change)
Population 2010: 27,505
Percent Growth 29.7%
Absolute Growth: 8,160
More on Hilliard: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Hilliard is a city in Franklin County, Ohio, United States. The population was 28,435 at the 2010 census with a census estimate of 31,012 in 2013. It is a suburb of Columbus, Ohio and part of Norwich Township. Hilliard is home to the Early Television Museum, the second largest First Responders Park in the United States, Heritage Rail Trail and Bo Jackson Elite Sports Facility. Hilliard also has the only flag from the World Trade Center that is not in a museum. The flag is located in front of the fire department on Northwest Pkwy.

Sunbury, OH

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Population: 5,280
Rank Last Year: 2 (No Change)
Population 2010: 4,168
Percent Growth 26.7%
Absolute Growth: 1,112
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Harrison, OH

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Population: 11,521
Rank Last Year: 3 (No Change)
Population 2010: 9,394
Percent Growth 22.6%
Absolute Growth: 2,127
More on Harrison: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Harrison is a city in Hamilton County, Ohio, United States. The city is located in the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky metropolitan area. The population was 9,897 at the 2010 census and was estimated in 2016 to be 11,048.

Powell, OH

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Population: 12,909
Rank Last Year: 5 (Up 1)
Population 2010: 10,773
Percent Growth 19.8%
Absolute Growth: 2,136
More on Powell: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

owell is an affluent city in Delaware County, Ohio, United States. The population was 11,500 at the 2010 census.

The community was first settled around 1801, two years before Ohio became a state. It was named "Middlebury" at the time, because the first settlers came from the Middlebury, Connecticut area. In 1857, Judge Thomas Powell established the first post office in the community, and the residents decided to adopt his name. The town of Powell had its start in the building of the railroad through that territory. Powell was finally incorporated as a municipality in 1947. The population remained small until the late 1980s, when residential development expanding from the northern Columbus metropolitan area reached Powell. In twenty years, the population rose from less than 400 to over 6,000.

Pickerington, OH

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Population: 20,148
Rank Last Year: 8 (Up 3)
Population 2010: 17,003
Percent Growth 18.5%
Absolute Growth: 3,145
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Grove City, OH

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Population: 40,171
Rank Last Year: 6 (No Change)
Population 2010: 33,947
Percent Growth 18.3%
Absolute Growth: 6,224
More on Grove City: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Grove City is a city in Franklin County, Ohio, United States which was founded in 1852. The population was 35,575 at the 2010 census.

Monroe, OH

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Population: 14,013
Rank Last Year: 4 (Down 3)
Population 2010: 11,868
Percent Growth 18.1%
Absolute Growth: 2,145
More on Monroe: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Monroe is a city located in east central Butler and west central Warren counties in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. As of the 2010 Census, the city population was 12,442, up from 4,008 in 1990.

Grandview Heights, OH

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Population: 7,681
Rank Last Year: 12 (Up 4)
Population 2010: 6,548
Percent Growth 17.3%
Absolute Growth: 1,133
More on Grandview Heights: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Avon, OH

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Population: 22,786
Rank Last Year: 7 (Down 2)
Population 2010: 19,514
Percent Growth 16.8%
Absolute Growth: 3,272
More on Avon: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Avon is a city in Lorain County, Ohio, United States. The population was 21,193 at the 2010 census.

Delaware, OH

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Population: 39,219
Rank Last Year: 10 (No Change)
Population 2010: 33,672
Percent Growth 16.5%
Absolute Growth: 5,547
More on Delaware: Homes For Sale | Data | Photos

Delaware is a city in and the county seat of Delaware County, Ohio, United States. Delaware was founded in 1808 and was incorporated in 1816. It is located near the center of Ohio, is about 30 miles north of Columbus, and is part of the Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Area. The population was 34,753 at the 2010 census, while the Columbus-Marion-Chillicothe, OH Combined Statistical Area has 2,002,604 people.

How We Measured The Fastest Growing Cities In the Buckeye State for 2020

To figure out which cities are growing the most, we simply had to look at the growth rates for cities sine the beginning of the decade, according to the American Community Survey put out by the census every year. Specifically:

  • Current Population
  • Population in 2010
  • Growth rate from 2010 to Current (The latest available data which came out in Dec 2018)

We ranked all 250 Ohio cities with a population over 5,000 people from highest growth rate to lowest.

The city with the highest growth rate during this time was crowned the fastest growing city in the Buckeye State.

And for those of you who are a little rusty with their statistics, you can calculate the growth rate by the following formula:

[Current Population - Population 2010] / [Population 2010]

Here's a graph of the cities in Ohio with the largest percent increase in population:
Fastest Growing Cities in Ohio Graph For 2020

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These Places Grew Up So Fast In Ohio, You Know?

So there you have it, the fastest growing cities in Ohio are led by Hilliard which has been growing at a blistering pace this decade relative to other cities and towns around the state.

It'll be interesting to see if these places can keep growing at the same rate over the next couple of years. We'll be here to let you know!

These places have been growing (or shrinking) the slowest (fastest):

  1. East Cleveland
  2. Girard
  3. Logan

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Detailed List Of Fastest Growing Places In Ohio For 2020

Rank City Growth Population Population 2010
1 Hilliard 29.7% 35,665 27,505
2 Sunbury 26.7% 5,280 4,168
3 Harrison 22.6% 11,521 9,394
4 Powell 19.8% 12,909 10,773
5 Pickerington 18.5% 20,148 17,003
6 Grove City 18.3% 40,171 33,947
7 Monroe 18.1% 14,013 11,868
8 Grandview Heights 17.3% 7,681 6,548
9 Avon 16.8% 22,786 19,514
10 Delaware 16.5% 39,219 33,672

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