THE 10 FASTEST Growing States In America For 2020

We looked at changes in population since 2010 to determine which American states everyone wants to live in.

This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. We updated this article for 2020. This is our sixth time ranking the fastest growing states in America.

Fastest Growing States In America Map

Feeling a little…crowded? Late to work more often? Sick of the long lines at the grocery store? Well then you might live in a part of America that’s getting too crowded.
The population of the United States increased by more than 2 million people last year. Natural growth – meaning people being born versus people dying – accounted for most of the population increase in America, while only a small part of our nation’s growth was due to immigration.

Across individual states, population growth was far from even. Some states are growing fast and some states are actually shrinking. And it’s regional, too. While populations in the South and West are growing, the Northeast and Midwest are not. Everyone thinks that they want to live in California. What with the beautiful beaches, weather, and people.

BUT, and there’s always a but, no one thinks of all the negatives when they dream of California. There are too many people already there, it’s insanely expensive, and the weather doesn’t actually impact your happiness all that much.

The result is that California places as the 17th fastest growing state in the country from 2014-2018, the most recent year for which data is available.

Here’s a look at the actual 10 fastest growing states in the Union for 2020:

  1. North Dakota (Photos)
  2. Texas (Photos)
  3. Utah (Photos)
  4. Colorado (Photos)
  5. Florida (Photos)
  6. Arizona (Photos)
  7. Washington (Photos)
  8. Nevada (Photos)
  9. Idaho (Photos)
  10. South Carolina (Photos)

In order to determine the fastest growing states, we simply had to measure the populations of each state from 2010 until now. As we’ll see, some of these states might be surprisingly quickly growing, and some that you think are getting way too overcrowded actually aren’t growing that much at all. For a full chart of every state, hop to the bottom.

What’s the fastest growing state in America for 2020? Ahh, glorious North Dakota. Home to the most recent explosion of black gold since Texas (For the uninitiated, that’s a reference to the oil and natural gas found in North Dakota over the past several years with the advent of fracking). It has grown over 12% since 2010 to beat out Texas for the top spot.

But let’s say you’re not into long-term growth, instead, you want instant gratification. Who tops the chart then? Why that would be Arizona, with a growth rate of over 2% in the most recent year — the only state to break that threshold.

So get ready to sit in traffic and prepare to be late for your important function as we bring you America’s fastest growing states. Or feel free to take a detour to the safest or best states in the country.

Or if you’re not moving an inch, check out:

Scatter Graph Of The Fastest Growing States For 2020

The 10 Fastest Growing States In America For 2020

1. North Dakota

North-Dakota|Nd, ND

Population: 752,201
Rank Last Year: 1 (No Change)
Population 2010: 674,526
Absolute Change: 77,675
Percent Change: 11.5%
More On North Dakota: Photos | Rent

Where is our fastest growing state in America? North Dakota. What in tarnation? North Dakota’s population has surged nearly 11.52% since the turn of the last decade, which is far and above everyone else. When I was a kid growing up, my grandpa Lou used to tell me I was growing so fast, he’d have to put a brick on my head.

North Dakota needs a brick on their head.

Most of or part of that reason has been the huge uptick in the number of blue collar jobs here. Particularly, the oil and natural gas boom. People have come from all over to enjoy amazing pay, low cost of living and a sense of purpose. Then, when the gig is up, they stick around and enjoy the state’s freedoms like legal gambling. Because of all the drilling profits, the state picks up the tab for a lot of stuff so taxes are low. And college kids who graduate around these parts are actually not fleeing North Dakota like they used to. So, now it’s cool to live in North Dakota?

Now there’s still only 757,298 people here, which is basically the size of Seattle, and if the oil and gas dries up, you can bet things will change, but for now, North Dakota is the bees knees.

Review Of by Clorox Bleach

I live in North Dakota I thought it was gonna be on the list because a lot of people say it’s a really boring state and they may be right but I’m jus glad it wasn’t on the list

2. Texas

Texas|Tx, TX

Population: 27,885,195
Rank Last Year: 2 (No Change)
Population 2010: 25,244,310
Absolute Change: 2,640,885
Percent Change: 10.5%
More On Texas: Photos | Rent

Hee haw. Time to tussle in the great state of Texas. Here, the population has grown 10.46% which is just massive. But it’s a big state, they can handle it, because everything’s big in Texas, right? It makes sense considering that 5 of the nation’s 15 fastest growing cities are all in Texas.

But why? Well tell you. Blue collar Jobs. Oil. Cheap rent. Cheap land. Low taxes. Diversity. Family values. Good weather. There’s no attitude, and most people are friendly. The rules are less strict here, and well, once you’re a Texan, you stick around, as they say.

It’s also a major destination of our growing Hispanic community, which is growing faster than any other race – although somewhat slower of late. In case you didn’t know, the Hispanic population isn’t growing as fast as it once was. Of course, all of this is putting a strain on Texas’ infrastructure. Roads are clogged, schools are overcrowded, and, well they’re even running out of tacos.

But today, more and more people are putting GTT on their doors as they’re heading to the Lone Star State for good. That’s Gone To Texas.

Review Of by Angelfish Of Texas  

Another reason I live in the greatest state TEXAS surprised oklahoma was number 6 that state needs Jesus 65mph speed limits I mean come on y’all ha and i know d**n well some yank states has to be awful to their yanks!

3. Utah

Utah|Ut, UT

Population: 3,045,350
Rank Last Year: 3 (No Change)
Population 2010: 2,775,326
Absolute Change: 270,024
Percent Change: 9.7%
More On Utah: Photos | Rent

One more Western state as we enter the confines of the always growing state of Utah.

California rejects? No. Mormons.

Utah is growing like a weed. It’s the fastest growing state over the last 5 years, where the population has grown nearly three times the national average. Unlike most fast-growing states, the majority of Utah’s population increase wasn’t because people moved there. It’s due to natural growth. That means babies. Lots and lots of babies. Utah has the largest average family size in the country, and coincidentally, the highest Mormon population of all.

But is it a stereotype that Mormons have a lot of babies. No, it’s true. Mormons make up nearly two-thirds of the state’s population, and the Mormon population typically has 3.4 kids at home, while the average American family has 2.1 kids at home.

Utah is also a very healthy state. So when you have the highest birth rate and the lowest death rate of any other state, you’re gonna grow, just organically.

Review Of by Dawson Vlogs

I live in Utah and I honestly wasn’t surprised that we were on here the places that are not boring are the SLC area which is basically where the entire state is, Moab is a tourist area and it’s neat, and you have St. George which is a tourist area and it’s almost a suburb of Vegas and that’s about it the rest of the state is a desert with oil rigs.

4. Colorado

Colorado|Co, CO

Population: 5,531,141
Rank Last Year: 4 (No Change)
Population 2010: 5,048,644
Absolute Change: 482,497
Percent Change: 9.6%
More On Colorado: Photos | Rent

Alright, one more trip out west for a couple more stops. This time, we park it in Colorado, where the population has grown 9.56% since 2010.

A net influx of 482,497 Americans relocated to Colorado since 2010. The population growth occurred alongside a steep decline in unemployment, too. Just 3.3% of the Colorado labor force is unemployed, tied with Vermont as the sixth lowest unemployment rate of any state. This somewhat interesting summary pointed out that Denver has the 4th most cranes of any other city? It also states that people are moving here for the mountain scenery.

There’s actually a ton of articles written about why so many people are flocking to Colorado.

Review Of by ashdoesmc

I live in Colorado. We have the Broncos and JstuStudios. Stereotypes in a nutshell

5. Florida

Florida|Fl, FL

Population: 20,598,139
Rank Last Year: 5 (No Change)
Population 2010: 18,849,098
Absolute Change: 1,749,041
Percent Change: 9.3%
More On Florida: Photos | Rent

We are heading east for the first time in a long time. This time, we go to the always talked about state of Florida, where the population has grown 9.28%. In 2014, Florida overtook New York as the third most populous state in the country.

Like many of the fastest-growing states, Florida’s rapid population growth was largely due to migration. About 9 in every 10 new Floridians either moved to the state from elsewhere in the United States or from another country. More people move from New York to Florida than any other state.

Of course, there are many many many reasons why Florida is such a popular destination for Americans to move to. It’s hot – too hot actually – taxes are very favorable, there’s a ton to do, and the economy’s great.

Review Of by Spencer Blum

I happen to disagree with your Florida placement. Florida is among the best places to live in the country. However, remember this, The more north you go, the more south it gets. I live in South Florida, and I love it. The weather is hot and humid, but that’s how we like it. We have amazing beaches and one of the best cities in the world, Miami. Although we have hurricanes here, most areas are well prepared, or have many ways to add protection from the storm.

Plus, I love typical thunderstorms, the sound/sight of lightning and thunder comforts me. Not to mention Orlando, the home of Disney! Also, amazing, fresh, Florida oranges. Alligators don’t bother us too much. Sure, we get them in lakes and even in our backyards and swimming pools. You are faster than the gator. Come to South Florida, and you will see how great it truly is.

6. Arizona

Arizona|Az, AZ

Population: 6,946,685
Rank Last Year: 8 (Up 2)
Population 2010: 6,408,312
Absolute Change: 538,373
Percent Change: 8.4%
More On Arizona: Photos | Rent

We’re gonna stay on the west side of the country as we visit our sixth fastest growing state, Arizona. Arizona’s population grew by 8.4%, more than twice the national population growth rate. Much of Arizona’s growth was due to new residents migrating to the state. Arizona is the 4th most popular place where other Americans are moving to.

For the third year in a row, Maricopa County led the way of all US counties for population growth. This includes cities like Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Glendale.

But why out west? A number factors affect migration patterns throughout the US. Americans move for economic and educational opportunities as well as quality of life factors such as a warm climate and cost of living. Arizona meets that criteria – it’s relatively affordable, its midsize cities have decent school systems and there are a decent number of jobs here.

Arizona is just one example of how there are simply more Americans moving from the Northeast and Midwest to the South and West.

Review Of by Matt Toll

I live in Arizona we look at California and say thank g*d I don’t live there. These videos are all biased as you could see in the map he showed, it is political no 2 ways around it. By the way you didn’t mention that Arizona is 48th in education and New Mexico is 50th. Every state has its good and bad. Personally I want to move to Texas or Florida maybe Virginia I like those states. Its all personal preference.

7. Washington

Washington|Wa, WA

Population: 7,294,336
Rank Last Year: 7 (No Change)
Population 2010: 6,743,226
Absolute Change: 551,110
Percent Change: 8.2%
More On Washington: Photos | Rent

We’re not leaving the west coast for a while, so buckle your seatbelts and stop texting and driving. Our next stop is the state of Washington. Washington’s population has increased by 8.17% since the last decade. Washington’s strong population growth has been accompanied by a substantial increase in GDP, which has grown at an average rate of 2.2% a year — the fourth fastest pace of any state.

Washington’s information sector — which includes industry giants Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia — grew faster than in any other state other than Pennsylvania over that period. Washington is also one of three states on this list with the highest international growth. Meaning a lot of people are moving to Washington from other countries.

Did you know Seattle has been the nation’s fastest growing city in America for five straight years?

8. Nevada

Nevada|Nv, NV

Population: 2,922,849
Rank Last Year: 6 (Down 2)
Population 2010: 2,703,284
Absolute Change: 219,565
Percent Change: 8.1%
More On Nevada: Photos | Rent

Nevada’s population has grown at a very high clip of 8.12%. Also partly due to — let’s say it together — California rejects. Nevada grew by 0.0122% last year alone, so its population’s surging. If we only measured very recent population growth numbers, Nevada would be towards the top.

Despite Nevada’s booming population, it’s economy has shrunk though. It’s entertainment, arts and recreational sectors have gone down, and that’s bad, since Nevada relies on those things the most. But hospitals and schools are opening up at a very fast rate here. Nevada is also towards the top of the states in today’s video in terms of international growth. The desert has become an oasis for both immigrants and younger progressives who want stuff like legal green stuff and liberal politics. It’s also one of the most diverse states, too, a topic we covered not too long ago.

Now, there’s still only 3 million people here, and there’s a lot of room to expand, so you can bet, Nevada is definitely open for business.

Review Of by Granny Q

a bit misleading on nevada. i lived in vegas for most of my life. you don’t have to pay a state tax, but you do have to pay federal income tax. i have, since leaving there, lived all over the country and still i long to return to vegas, where i feel at ease. my nightmare places are redlodge, montana, ferriday, louisiana, and belton, texas.

9. Idaho

Idaho|Id, ID

Population: 1,687,809
Rank Last Year: 10 (Up 1)
Population 2010: 1,571,010
Absolute Change: 116,799
Percent Change: 7.4%
More On Idaho: Photos | Rent

Next up on our expanding expanse takes us to Idaho. Idaho? Yes, Idaho. Here in Idaho, the population has grown a very rapid 7.43% since 2010. But the people in Idaho will tell you – Idaho’s closed.

Now, let’s compare Idaho’s growth rate to that of America’s slowest growing state, West Virginia. Actually, West Virginia is going backwards. The Mountain State has lost 1% of its state population in the same time frame. To put THAT into perspective, the next slowest growing state is Vermont, which has lost .25% of its population. So West Virginia is by far the state that’s losing the most people. West Virginia is the only state where more people died than were born AND is the only state where more people moved away than moved to it. West Virginia has one of the oldest populations of any state, has the highest death rate and one of the lowest birth rates in the country.

So no wonder the population’s shrinking.

Back to Idaho – it’s the opposite here. Idaho has a relatively high birth rate, and a third of its new residents moved TO the Potato State. Another interesting note: Idaho’s population growth has coincided with a big decline in unemployment, too. Not sure what types of jobs you’d do in Idaho, but there are plenty of em.

Sorry Idaho! Secret’s out!

Review Of by Robert Bradford

I live in a very conservative very white North Idaho. And I love it. I tried the mud pie cesspool living in southern California. I tried to flush the toilet on the way out. Apparently. More Swamp creatures survived than i thought possible. Diversity is a total crock of liberal s**t. That needs to be addressed. Happy and very white. This guy is culturally self preserving and D**n proud of it. I love my country and will always defend it till I breathe no more. Amen

10. South Carolina

South-Carolina|Sc, SC

Source: Public domain

Population: 4,955,925
Rank Last Year: 9 (Down 1)
Population 2010: 4,635,943
Absolute Change: 319,982
Percent Change: 6.9%
More On South Carolina: Photos | Rent

Review Of by Robert Hamm

Many years ago I was in SC and I loved it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder… After all these years I am finally returning to south carolina – we are moving out of Income tax… all the way from Pa. You will not discourage me in the least… I can’t understand what your goal here is… If you can’t say anything good then why did you feel compelled to say anything at all. If all you can see is the negatives… you will see them everywhere – even in your hometown or neighborhood.

How did we determined the fastest growing states of 2020?

The answer, quite simply, is math.

Magic right?

More specifically, we looked at the estimated population of each state from the 2010 Census and compared that against data from themost recent data estimates, 2014-2018.

We then did a little ((B-A) / A) * 100 (The percent change) for each of the states. Finally, we ranked them all from highest percent change to the lowest percent change for that 6 year time period. You can download the data here.

Oh, and who’s bringing up the rear of the rankings? That would be West Virginia — where over 1% of the population has left this decade. That’s nearly 4x as many people as the next closest state — Vermont.

There You Have It — The States Everyone Is Moving To For 2020

So there you have it. Our fastest growing states in America. The places in our fine country where people are moving to – or multiplying the fastest in. Or both. After measuring the percentage change in population since the begining of the decade, these states came out on top with North Dakota as being the state that everone wants to call home.

So if you’re in one of the states we talked about, and you’re feelin the pinch, it’s not just you. It’s you and you and you and you and you. If you’re looking for somewhere to move and want to follow the crowd, then be a sheep and do just that. And if you’re looking to move and want to make your own trail, then head to places like West Virginia, Vermont, Illinois, Wyoming and Mississippi. Cause the lines are short for tickets to ride those places.

As we always do, let’s show the states that are growing the least amount – or in this case, actually shrinking. West Virginia has actually shrunk since the last official census, and both Vermont and Illinois have also both lost a few people, too:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Vermont
  3. Illinois

Why are so many people leaving Illinois and Vermont? Let us know in the comments below.

For more reading, check out:

Detailed List Of The Fastest Growing States In America For 2020

Rank State Population Now Population 2010
1 North Dakota 745,475 674,526
2 Texas 27,419,612 25,244,310
3 Utah 2,993,941 2,775,326
4 Colorado 5,436,519 5,048,644
5 Florida 20,278,447 18,849,098
6 Arizona 6,809,946 6,408,312
7 Washington 7,169,967 6,743,226
8 Nevada 2,887,725 2,703,284
9 Idaho 1,657,375 1,571,010
10 South Carolina 4,893,444 4,635,943
11 Oregon 4,025,127 3,838,048
12 North Carolina 10,052,564 9,558,915
13 Georgia 10,201,635 9,713,521
14 South Dakota 855,444 816,325
15 Delaware 943,732 899,816
16 Montana 1,029,862 990,641
17 California 38,982,847 37,332,685
18 Virginia 8,365,952 8,025,773
19 Tennessee 6,597,381 6,356,671
20 Hawaii 1,421,658 1,363,945
21 Oklahoma 3,896,251 3,759,603
22 Nebraska 1,893,921 1,830,051
23 Minnesota 5,490,726 5,311,147
24 Massachusetts 6,789,319 6,565,524
25 Maryland 5,996,079 5,788,584
26 Alaska 738,565 714,031
27 Wyoming 583,200 564,513
28 Iowa 3,118,102 3,050,738
29 Louisiana 4,663,461 4,544,996
30 Arkansas 2,977,944 2,921,995
31 Indiana 6,614,418 6,490,528
32 Kentucky 4,424,376 4,348,662
33 New Hampshire 1,331,848 1,316,872
34 Kansas 2,903,820 2,858,850
35 Alabama 4,850,771 4,785,492
36 Missouri 6,075,300 5,996,118
37 Wisconsin 5,763,217 5,690,263
38 New Mexico 2,084,828 2,064,756
39 New York 19,798,228 19,402,640
40 New Jersey 8,960,161 8,803,729
41 Ohio 11,609,756 11,540,983
42 Michigan 9,925,568 9,877,495
43 Mississippi 2,986,220 2,970,322
44 Pennsylvania 12,790,505 12,712,343
45 Maine 1,330,158 1,327,730
46 Rhode Island 1,056,138 1,053,337
47 Connecticut 3,594,478 3,579,899
48 Illinois 12,854,526 12,841,578
49 Vermont 624,636 625,982
50 West Virginia 1,836,843 1,854,230

Fastest Growing Places By State

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