A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Ohio

A video summary of the places in Ohio that are perfect for a redneck to call home.

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Is there anything really wrong with being called a redneck?

Typical redneck stereotypes includes uneducated people who work blue collar jobs. We also measured how many places in Ohio have the most gun stores, fishing shops, tobacco outlets, dive bars and Walmarts.

The result? The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Ohio. Enjoy.

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9 thoughts on “A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Ohio

  1. While I’m might agree with some points, I don’t like being called a redneck based on stereotypes. I know this was for fun but it’s kinda just saying that you find most of these people in these town stupid and trust me they’re not.

  2. love the premise, but i’ve been a Woodsfield redneck all of my life and there is no Mike’s BBQ. i don’t believe there is a route 32 either. should post some real pictures of The Field Of Woods.

  3. U forgot to check out Huron County..Originally from the Marietta area, believe me when I say there are a LOT more rednecks in Huron County..Thanks for the laughs 🙂

  4. Im from the south,and i can tell y’all that im not ashamed of where i come from and who i am.im proud to be from the country.so for those of you who like making fun us by calling us rednecks,hillbillies,or what not we can care less,and just keep this in mind we are some of the friendliest and nicest people that y’all will ever know,we are the type of people who would help anyone anytime and would give the shirts off our backs to anybody

  5. I was raised in Kenton for years, still have family there. Have to agree, what’s more redneck then KFC being brought to a family reunion, demolition derby being the biggest event at the fair, & Coon Dog trials?? lol

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