A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In South Carolina

A video summary of the places in South Carolina that are perfect for a redneck to call home.

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Is there anything really wrong with being called a redneck?

Typical redneck stereotypes includes uneducated people who work blue collar jobs. We also measured how many places in South Carolina have the most gun stores, fishing shops, tobacco outlets, dive bars and Walmarts.

The result? The 10 Most Redneck Cities In South Carolina. Enjoy.

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After you’re done with this video, you should click and watch this hilarious video of Californians trying out South Carolina food for the first time. Their reactions are priceless!

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15 thoughts on “A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In South Carolina

  1. Who is this douchebag that came up with this stuff? What a moron. By the way, Greer is located in Greenville AND Spartanburg counties. Nice sound by the way. Where did you record it, your mother’s basement?

  2. Nothing like a stereotypical jack ass! Nice use of out dated photos making the south look ever so shitty. So having a high white population and gun stores makes you a Redneck..so would having a high black
    Population and fried chicken be classified as ghetto?

  3. First i don’t know if we should pat his back, spit in his eye, or just kick his ass????? Ahhh hell lets do all three……

  4. This video makes me laugh I live in greenwood sc and iv been to all the other places they listed. Let’s just say this guy that made the video probably lives I’m gmas basement and got his facts off of tmz

  5. I live in Darlington… we ranked #1 and I just laugh. If you fooktards are getting worked up over this stuff, you need to get a life.

  6. This article is the biggest waste of space I have ever seen on the internet. Nick Jones did not do any research before composing this worthless article. His ignorance shines like a new penny. He most feel he is perfect and without flaws.How dare he label others with terms like “redneck”. I can’t help but to wonder how he refers to blacks, gays, women and anyone else who is different from him. I wish everyone who reads this crap would commit on what they feel is the meaning of of the word redneck. I am a life long resident of South Carolina, except for the 4 years I served in the military defending the rights and freedom of jerks like Mr. Jones. I have visited all of the towns on this list and resided in a couple of them. Each one of these places are filled with natures beauty that is unmatched by most places in the United States and even the world. The majority of the people who live here are what are referred to as salt of the earth. They are hard working, law abiding, respectful, mannered, patriotic, god loving folks who would give you the shirt off of their back if you needed it. The area mentioned in this disrespected post is referred to as the upstate, except for Darlington.The upstate of South Carolina is home to many respected colleges and universities. Clemson, Bob Jones, Furman, Landers, Erskine, USC Upstate just to name a few. Only an Idiot would judge the population of a town by a small group of it’s citizens. Rednecks? You don’t even know the definition of the word and it shows through by the other stupid statements you made in this worthless article. Please do the fine citizens of South Carolina and stay out of our state. You should never critical of something you know nothing about. Get an education, then you can write something useful and intelligent.

  7. Since when did number of whites per capita and places to buy beer. Cigs,!fishing and hunting make you a redneck? Count NY city’s stats!!!

  8. Andy Mathis…. overreact much? My god man,lighten up. Also your grammar,spelling and sentence structure are appalling! So from my view as an English teacher your reply is an epic fail! Unless you are in 3rd or 4th grade,but even then,you have no right to be so judgmental . I hope you were just having a bad day and aren’t always so rigid and judgmental.✌

  9. Before you believe all that, y’all come to see us, ya hear! Proud to be from SC. At least you can get some southern hospitality.

  10. Who says being a Redneck is a bad thing? I have lived all over the world and have known people in urban areas to others so rural that it takes several dirt roads to get to them and I can tell you if I could only live around one type of people and have no contact with others (but I could stay in contact with my family), I would choose Rednecks any day of the week. I may not agree with most of what they think concerning religion, government or judging others, but you will never find a group of people that are more fun or more loyal to those they care about. Wonderful people.

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