A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Indiana

A video summary of the places in Indiana that are perfect for a redneck to call home.

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Is there anything really wrong with being called a redneck?

Typical redneck stereotypes includes uneducated people who work blue collar jobs. We also measured how many places in Indiana have the most gun stores, fishing shops, tobacco outlets, dive bars and Walmarts.

The result? The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Indiana. Enjoy.

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After you’re done with this video, you should click and watch this hilarious video of Californians trying out Indiana food for the first time. Their reactions are priceless!

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12 thoughts on “A Hilarious Look At The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Indiana

  1. Flora should definitely be on the list. Tractors, trucks, and muddin with bars and the local “mall”, aka Dollar store. There is even a high school basketball game where all the kids drive tractors and trucks to the school. Their 4H fair is all about animals and 4H, not much else.

  2. Looks like most of the rednecks live north of I-70. Y’all up there make us educated folks down here look bad. Get with it!

  3. Michigan city,is one of the way worse places to live,people all into your business and then they tell lies about what you said,and there is to much drama!!

  4. That picture there is not our Waffle House here in Scottsburg…The Waffle House in the picture is too clean to be ours. 5th generation born n’ raised in Scott County! Get er dun!

  5. I call BS on this list! There isn’t any town north of Martinsville that deserves to be in the top 25 let alone top 10 redneck towns. Speaking of which, why isn’t Martinsville #1?

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