If You Live In Kansas City, This Christmas Moment Will Be The Most Heartwarming Thing You Watch This Week.

A holiday moment that will be the best three minutes of your day.

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There are donors and then there are donors.

A particular wealthy Kansas City resident is making hearts all warm and fuzzy over the holidays again this year. The ‘secret Santa’ has been working with the Jackson County Sheriff Department to hand out $100 bills to people who appear to be in need – those driving around in cars that are older and/or in need of repair.

It’s a truly selfless act that puts the holidays into perspective.

We all need to take some time to realize a couple of things this holiday. What’s most important is the love for one another, especially family. And, no matter how ‘bad’ you think you have it, there are others less fortunate than you are.

See that roof over your head and toothless smile across the table?

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