If You’re From Charleston, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See All Day.

“Wow” doesn’t even begin to cover it…


Every now and then, a video comes along of a place you call home that makes you say, ‘Wow.’ If you live in Charleston (or grew up there), this video will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It took local filmmakers weeks to capture all of the footage above Charleston, using a drone.

Take a couple of minutes and appreciate the most picturesque city in the south. Hands down.


This Is Charleston, SC from Noel Herland.

After you’re done with this video, you should click and watch this hilarious video of Californians trying out South Carolina food for the first time. Their reactions are priceless!

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4 thoughts on “If You’re From Charleston, This Will Be The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing You See All Day.

  1. Beautiful video, but a bit incomplete!! I would have loved to see The Citadel and College of Charleston included! Both campuses are stunning and iconic for Charleston! The Cistern, Cougar Mall, Parade grounds, barracks with castle-like architecture? Definitely would have included these historic landmarks! Overall, though, I am proud to say I am a Charlestonian after watching this video 🙂 Great job!

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