If You’re From Iowa, This Will Be The Most Tear-Jerking Thing You See All Day. Guaranteed.

“Wow” doesn’t even begin to cover it…

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The Pralles are a farming family in Franklin County, Iowa. Two boys, their mom, and grandfather took over the family farm when dad died, and have succeeded in turning it into a truly inspiring place.

But what struck us is that the Pralles are just a typical farming family in Iowa. Most are this passionate, and many have stories like this. Up and down the Hawkeye State are tough, hard-working, honest middle-American families, who take pride in their work and stick together. And they do it for you and I.

As they put it: “Farming is in every product we have. It’s in our shampoo. It’s in our gas. Agriculture is so huge…it built the nation, really.”

It’s about time a lot of Americans take a minute to appreciate how ‘the flyover states’ are so vital, so we hope this makes it outside of the borders of Iowa.

Oh yeah, and you might need a tissue. There’s a lot of emotion here, folks.

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