If You’re From Ireland, This Might Be The Most Inspiring Thing You See All Day. Guaranteed.

Here’s a side of Ireland that you just don’t see every day.

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What are you going to be doing when you’re 83 and a half years old?

Irishman Pat Murphy has a lot of friends in his tiny town of Castletownbere. Fishing is all he knows. And while it’s a challenge every day – and he’s a one man operation – every day before most of us are out of bed, he gets into his little fishing boat.

“Sometimes you’re successful, and sometimes you aren’t. But that’s the life it is.”

What’s the cliche about retirement? When you stop doing something, you get older faster? Hopefully we’re all so lucky that we have something we’re passionate about when we get older that keeps our mind and spirit alive just like Pat Murphy.

The Oldest Man In The Sea from We Are Films.

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