If You’re From Nebraska, This Will Be The Best Thing You See Today. Guaranteed.

This puts living in Nebraska on a whole new level.

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Nebraska has some wide open spaces. But this is far beyond a few cornfields between homes.

Meet Mike and Mary Finnegan. They’re the only residents of Gross, Nebraska, population 2. And that’s not even the smallest town in the state of Nebraska. Gross is a metropolis compared to nearby Monowi. Its sole resident is Elsie Eiler. Population 1.

You take someone born and raised in the city, and they usually can’t hack it in the edges of Nebraska like this.

This is a great short story about these two small towns in the Cornhusker State. It’s about neighborly values, hard work, and appreciating what’s really important. You know, everything Nebraskans can teach the rest of us.

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