If You’re From Nebraska, This Will Be The Best Thing You See Today. No Doubt.

“Trust me. There’s no better place on earth than Nebraska.”

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Everyone in Nebraska has a story to tell. And you’ll never meet a stranger in Nebraska.

Nebraska is the center of America, and its vital importance to America is often under appreciated. Here, we get a glimpse into the amazing people who populate the state.

The man who made this video says, “I’ve been to 200 countries and met thousands of people along the way. Trust me. There’s no better place than Nebraska.”

If you live in Nebraska, you’ll swell with pride. You may even shed a tear.

Nebraska Beautiful from Straw Hat Visuals.

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4 thoughts on “If You’re From Nebraska, This Will Be The Best Thing You See Today. No Doubt.

  1. Gorgeous video but not one Native American, not one Hispanic, not one African American; all white skin. Sad that the videographer didn’t bother to include representatives of ALL the citizens of this beautiful state.

  2. This is a wonderfully accurate representation of Nebraska. It may not represent the huge cities but look at a map of Nebraska…the vast majority of the state is rural. I agree, the Henry-Doorly is the BEST zoo, but that is not a true depiction of this state in its entirety. It is 130 acres out of a total of over 49 million acres spread across the state. This was an accurate depiction of Nebraska, not a highlight real of the few tourist locations.

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