This Video Is The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing To Come Out Of Oklahoma City.

No words.

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Oklahoma City doesn’t get a ton of national attention, and just might be the most under the radar cities in the U.S. But as this video confirms, it’s truly a world class city, with a vibrant culture, sports presence and is quickly becoming the hub for economic development in the entire region.

No wonder so many publications are talking about OKC right now.

There is something so beautiful, energetic, and vibrant about the way BlueMantleMedia captured the essence and the heart of the city.

If you live in OKC (or you grew up there), you’ll nod with pride. If you haven’t yet been there, you might just want to add it to your bucket list after you see this.

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5 thoughts on “This Video Is The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing To Come Out Of Oklahoma City.

  1. I live in OKC. This video is really cool because it shows how spread out the city is, and because of that each business, park, and element looks like it is on its own stage.

    However, did they shoot this video on Thanksgiving or something?? Cause I didn’t see anyone at Toby Keith’s. And there wasn’t a soul around the state capital. Haha.

    I like this video for describing the architecture of my city, and highlighting a couple of big businesses, but I wish it would have touched on culture more.

  2. Great video outside the fact the Boathouse District was left out… An incredible attraction in Oklahoma City where everyone from kids to Olympic Athletes train. Major omission.

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