This Is The Most Hilarious Video To Ever Come Out Of Springfield, Illinois.

You’ve never seen a side of the Illinois capital like this before.

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What happens when two Chicago dudes make a road trip down to the state capital of Springfield?

Not a whole lot, actually. But it’s pretty darn funny.

Did these guys miss the mark with Springfield? Is there a lot more to it than these guys figured out, or is it actually this much of a let down?

We’ll let you debate that in the comments. As soon as you stop laughing.

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2 thoughts on “This Is The Most Hilarious Video To Ever Come Out Of Springfield, Illinois.

  1. Hit it pretty much on the head but didn’t talk about that killer horseshoe he was eating. Also he missed some decent downtown bars and the really great neighborhoods on the north east end of town…

  2. Springfield is my hometown. LOVED this video. Yes, its boring, but it reminded me of how semi-important our little city is regardless.

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