If You’re From Iowa City, This Will Be The Funniest Thing You See All Day. No Doubt.

The best two minutes I’ve spent all day.

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Outside of people in Iowa, there really isn’t a lot of chatter about the University of Iowa in the press or on social media. Sure, everyone’s heard of it, but…what exactly do they do there in Iowa City?

This really funny video not only answers those questions, it quite pointedly explains why Iowa is one of America’s leading institutions. This is a follow up to the “Iowa Rocks” video we made go viral last week.

Where you went to Iowa, or you live in the Hawkeye State, this will be a good chuckle and a source or pride for you today.

After you watch this, check out how This Famous Actor Reveals How He Really Feels About Iowa. The Result Is Nothing You’d Expect.

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