If You’re In Michigan, This Will Be The Most Unforgettable Thing You See Today.

No words.

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The Pontiac Silverdome has been home to countless sports memories. Inside these walls were Wrestlemania, a Super Bowl, a World Cup event, countless NCAA Tournament games.

It’s pretty sad to consider that the former home to the Lions has been abandoned for nearly 3 years now. After Ford Field was built, the Lions left, and there were several attempts to get the Silverdome back into the limelight. All failed.

This amazing building that was once one of the most iconic buildings in the sporting world is set to be demolished in a couple of months. It looks like people have ripped out pieces of the turf and lots of seats as keepsakes.

Enjoy this drone footage, which might be the last time you see the Silverdome. How many memories did you have here? Can you spot a few places inside the stadium where you watched a game?

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