If You’re Irish, This Will Be The Most Unforgettable Thing You See All Week.


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Every now and then, a video comes along that makes you look at your home country in a new way. If you live in Ireland, you’ll never look at your home again the same after watching this.

BlueMantleMedia has blown us away before with their video series that captures the essence of countries around the globe, but this is a showstopper.

“Beautiful” doesn’t even do Ireland justice.

Sure a little bit of Heaven fell from out the sky one day,
and it nestled in the ocean in a place so far away.
And when the angels found it sure it looked so sweet and fair,
they said suppose we leave it for it looks so peaceful there.

So they sprinkled it with stardust just to make the shamrocks grow.
It’s the only place you’ll find them no matter where you go.
Then they darted it with silver just to make the lakes look grand,
and when they had it finished sure they called it Ireland.

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