5 Indiana Foods Taste Tested By Californians

Hilarity ensues.

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What happens when you give a group of unsuspecting Californians some food from Indiana and ask them to try it for the first time?

Hilarity ensues. Their reactions are priceless. Pork ternderloin sandwich? Hoosier Pie?

So what happens when we try their California food? Do we get to be so picky?

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7 thoughts on “5 Indiana Foods Taste Tested By Californians

  1. The best pork tenderloin sandwich anywhere in the state, Ivanhoe’s Ice Cream Shop in Upland! They have Sugar cream pie also! The pickle thing is, um, not too sure… A true Boilermaker from Indiana makes their own pickles and use grandma’s recipe!

  2. Tenderloin sandwich at the Gnawbone marathon gas station and the Spot lounge in Bloomfield are the 2 best pork tenderloin sandwiches I have ever eaten.

  3. I am a Northern Californian (notice how I clarify that? Grew up in the Sacramento Valley which is flatter than Iowa but surrounded by mountains. Farm country!) I’ve lived in Huntington NE Indiana for 20 years. This is the home of Nick’s Kitchen. Look it up! It’s gotten national attention for its tenderloins and had AMAZING sugar cream pie! I had never heard of either until I moved here. THIS is the tenderloin to try!

  4. How have I lived in IN all my life and don’t consider those weird orange strip pickles Indiana food, in any way, shape, or form … I don’t know anyone who does … Now, homemade Lime pickles – now that’s the sweet pickle to try!

    But yes! All the rest! Except my homemade sugar cream pie from my Grandma Alma’s recipe is the all time best!
    And fried mush needs maple syrup!

    And how about green beans cooked with some bacon, potatoes, and a few onions and fresh tomatoes for a few hours …

  5. I am 42 years old. Lived here in Indiana for most of my life. Everything that was sampled on this video I have NEVER heard of. I rate this video 1 star. LOL

  6. Umm, there were only 4 items, not 5. Did anyone else notice this?
    BTW, The pickles are from the Northeastern town of St. Joe, IN. Secklers is a family business. They make several varities of pickles other than the orange ones.
    There must be someone who likes them because they have a pickle festival every year.

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