If You’re From Kansas City, This Will Be A Highlight Of Your Day. No Doubt About It.

Now this is Kansas City all done up right.

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Dan Wood spent 6 months putting together a glamour shot of Kansas City worthy of being in Vogue magazine.

The images are intense, yet refreshing. You’ll want to tell all your friends about this.

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10 thoughts on “If You’re From Kansas City, This Will Be A Highlight Of Your Day. No Doubt About It.

    1. Those award winning buildings are the expansion to the Nelson Atkins Museum. Incredible project that was built a few years back by JE Dunn construction and Stephen Holl Architects design was selected in a very impressive competition between many world class architects who all wanted to be involved with such an awesome organization and project. You definitely should go see them. The art inside the art is fabulous as well. Also works class. I think everything I wrote is true but you may want to google it Wikipedia or whatever just to confirm.

  1. Wonderful photos, can’t get out to view them myself as I can’t drive much anymore, so they are much appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Well, ya know what, Mr. JustinD from Colorado, if ya wanna see somethin’ that sucks big-time, take a look at your own rude, impolite, and nasty attitude!

  3. Oh. C’mon JustinD, if you look past the Locals, ignore the closemined and overly conservative attitudes and squint just a little you gotta admit. It’s not as bad as it was several years ago.

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