If You’re From Louisiana, This 4 Minute Video Will Seriously Take Your Breath Away

I might just have to put this on repeat…


In his own words, Jeronimo Acero visited New Orleans “on an impulse.” After watching the gorgeous video he made, it almost seems like he’s been there for years. He perfectly captured the drama and excitement of New Orleans but he also captured Louisiana’s wonderfully tranquil side as well.

Whether or not you live in the Pelican State, this video is an absolute must-see.

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2 thoughts on “If You’re From Louisiana, This 4 Minute Video Will Seriously Take Your Breath Away

  1. Southwest Louisiana is an awesome place to live. We have a cajun culture and our food is delicious.We have Contraband Days, where the Pirates take over the city, and art shows and street dances in the summer. New Orleans is wonderful, but that is not where our state starts are stops. Gumbo, Saints and Lsu is some of our pride. We are friendly and a nice place to visit and live.

  2. The video is great, however the music is all wrong. Not even close to any Louisiana roots music that I’ve ever heard. And the video is mostly New Orleans and misses the interior and Northern part of the state.

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