5 Minnesota Foods Taste Tested By Californians

Hilarity ensues.

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What happens when you give a group of unsuspecting Californians some food from Minnesota and ask them to try it for the first time?

Hilarity ensues. Their reactions are priceless. Lukefisk? Jello Salad?

You would never be this picky if you tried their ‘California’ food.

After you’re done with this video, you should click and watch this hilarious video of Californians trying to pronounce Minnesota city names. The result is a fail like you could only dream of!

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3 thoughts on “5 Minnesota Foods Taste Tested By Californians

    1. It’s still disgusting, I remember the church lutefisk dinners, and grandma making it for easter. I’m assuming they are still being done at the churches in MN?

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