5 Missouri Foods Taste Tested By Californians

Hilarity ensues.

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What happens when you give a group of unsuspecting Californians some food from Missouri and ask them to try it for the first time?

Hilarity ensues. Their reactions are priceless. Red Hot Riplets? REAL BBQ?

You would never be this picky if you tried their ‘California’ food.

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9 thoughts on “5 Missouri Foods Taste Tested By Californians

  1. the foods were skewed a bit to the Eastern half of the state. I knew they’d like toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake (few don’t, vegans get a pass), but I was surprised how well the pizza was received, as yeah it is sort of like cheese and sauce on a matzoh (I love it but grew up with it).

  2. Fun to watch…..but it seems you only highlighted the ST Louis area….Kansas City is much more than fried ravioli and spicy chips…

  3. That’s not “Missouri food” It’s St Louis food. And like anything else about St Louis, it ranges from “Meh” to “Yuck!”

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