These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Places in Arkansas

We analyzed 3 years of FBI crime data to determine the danger hot spots in Arkansas

Do you live near a danger hotspot in Arkansas?

Arkansas is the 10th most dangerous state in the nation, according to FBI data, which analyzes crimes per capita on categories such as rapes, robberies, and murders.

But where within Arkansas can we safely say are the most dangerous places to live? That’s what we attempted to analyze in this story.

If you’re from the state of Arkansas, you might not be surprised by the results. Read on below to see the most dangerous places in the Natural State and how we came to our conclusions.

Here are the Most Dangerous Places in Arkansas

  1. Blytheville
  2. Little Rock
  3. Helena-West Helena
  4. Osceola
  5. Trumann
  6. Forrest City
  7. Texarkana
  8. North Little Rock
  9. Hope
  10. El Dorado

How we determined the most dangerous places in Arkansas

There are various public polls, surveys and word of mouth on where the most dangerous areas of Arkansas might be. But we didn’t want to rely on those; instead, we wanted to use cold, hard data in order to get to the bottom of where Arkansas’ danger hot spots are.

So, we analyzed the last three years worth of data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report, which tracks both violent and property crimes by city (if the city reports it). Property crimes are classified as thefts, robberies and break ins, and violent crimes are classified as murders, rapes and aggravated assaults.

We ranked the cities based on crimes per capita – meaning the odds residents in Arkansas have of being the victim of a crime. We also ranked the most recent years heavier in the results, because recent crimes are more of an indication of how dangerous a place is.

This is by no means a study on the effectiveness of local police departments. It is simply an analysis of where crimes have occurred most frequently.

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9 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Places in Arkansas

  1. Blytheville Arkansas is located in the North East corner of Arkansas and is only minutes from Missouri

  2. Great place to have grown up in the 70’s. (A whole lot of very troubled young people with way too easy access to alcohol and all manner of recreational drugs where so many dreams turned to despair and the clouds began closing in long ago.)

  3. Who wrote this article? And did they not think to have someone proof read it before posting to the World Wide Web? This is awful and a poor representation of your company/brand/blog/whatever this is supposed to be.

    First of all, Little Rock is not a state, it is the state’s Capitol. Second, Blytheville does not have an “S” in it. Third, there are no states within a state, as suggested by the line “Little Rock has, by far, more crime than any other state in Arkansas.” Fourth, Blytheville is in the northeast corner of the state, not northwest. Finally, did you even confirm the landmarks and buildings in the photos used? I’ve been to every town listed and these buildings are not in the cities you sited.

    Next time you decide to write an article about a state you CLEARLY know nothing about, my suggestion would be to proof read. Even the best BS’ers proofread. I have lived in Arkansas my entire life and within three seconds of reading this, I knew you were clueless. Maybe that doesn’t matter to you, but if you are presenting information on a particularly specific topic (meaning everything is factual, such as city names and locations and crime rates), you will never be a trusted source if you continue to produce content such as this piece.

    By the way, I grew up about ten minutes outside of Pine Bluff, AR, and you COMPLETELY missed this city, it would be number one on the list.

    1. I agree pine bluff aka “crime bluff” should be #1
      Lived there my whole life and finally mobed away this year afraid for my children.

  4. Ok, so he isn’t to good at facts an spelling, but this was done back in 2013, fast forward 2 yrs. Where do these towns a cities rate now?

  5. I have lived in Pine Bluff for 6 years and after moving here from Miami, have seen more crime than anywhere I have ever live and it’s n ot even on the list. It is DANGEROUS here. How could you not include Pine Bluff. It is most likely #1.

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