30 Things That Definitely Happen To You When You Move To Austin

Get ready for a wild first year in Austin.

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1. You will love becoming weirder through nothing but osmosis.

Source: Flickr user DieLaughing

2. You will very quickly get used to live music pretty much every day of the week.

Source: Flickr user Andrew Nourse

3. You will adopt a new religion and its name is Barbecue.

4. You will yearn for a summer day that isn’t miserably, scorching hot.

5. You will cope with said crazy summer heat with margaritas and Tex-Mex from Torchy’s, Trudy’s, or your new favorite hole in the wall.

Source: Flickr user Andrew Turner

6. You will see a shit ton of bats. An absolute shit ton.

Source: Flickr user He.Who.Wanders

7. You will notice that everything in the city is called Waterloo like Waterloo Park, Waterloo Ice House, and Waterloo Records.

Source: Flickr user in_rainbows69

8. You will learn about the man, the myth, the legend, Leslie Cochran.

Source: Flickr user faster panda kill kill

9. You will also learn that streets labeled East or West are relative to Congress Ave not something more logical like I-35.

Source: Flickr user Thriving Ink

10. You will bleed Orange.

Source: Flickr user aaronisnotcool

11. You will enjoy going to Lady Bird Lake, but you will never-ever-never swim in it.

Source: Flickr user Akarsh Simha

12. You will come to think of shoes as being optional based on typical Austin fashion.

Source: Flickr user Marcus Povey

13. You will learn that Austin is a liberal oasis in a Texas sea of red.

14. You will expect to drink beer at all movie theaters after visiting the Alamo Drafthouse.

Source: Flickr user Bruce Turner

15. You will know the cultural differences between the East Side, South Side, West Side, and North Side by instinct.

16. You will, unfortunately, need to buy a car if you don’t already have one.

Source: Flickr user mrlaugh

17. You will hear epic stories about Matthew McConaughey before he was famous.

Source: Flickr user WDPG share

18. You will learn the appropriate Austin mispronunciations of Guadalupe and Koenig Lane.

Source: Flickr user Janelle

19. You will obsess over breakfast tacos. Breakfast TACOS!!!

Source: Flickr user jeffreyw

20. You will take a dip in Barton Springs at least once a week in the summer.

Source: Flickr user Chasqui (Luis Tamayo)

21. You will map your path to the closest group of food trucks within a week.

Source: Flickr user Tracy Hunter

22. You will get in shape if it’s the last thing Austin makes you do.

23. You will really enjoy not paying any personal income taxes.

24. You will climb to the highest point in Austin, Mount Bonnell, once.

Source: Flickr user Akarsh Simha

25. You will never eat another donut after tasting Gourdough’s donuts. Big. Fat. Donuts.

26. You will know a gal who’s starting a startup.

27. You will experience Tiger’s Blood.

Source: Yelp

28. You will love cowboy boots and hats on women, guys, and kids.

29. You will be proud to be from Austin because…

30. You will quickly learn that Austin is the best city in Texas.

Source: Flickr user Charles Henry

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