30 Things You Need To Know About Moving To Texas

Here are 28 things about that you’ll learn are completely true after spending just a little bit of time there

1. You’d better be a Cowboys fan soon.

If you don’t root for the Cowboys, you’d better not be a Giants or Eagles lover.

Just about all the new people you meet will have some sort of allegiance to the Cowboys. And when they are having a good year, everyone is in a better mood all around.

2. You will become more patriotic.

There’s something about Texas that makes you feel even more American than anywhere else.

Maybe it’s all the big trucks, the big flags or the country music that’s on every dial. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a more ‘Merica place in America.

3. You will learn to love Walmart.

Texans love their boots and their big hats, but they’re just suckers for cheap stuff. Walmart has a stranglehold on a Texan’s heart. Just about everyone shops at Walmart in Texas…unless you live in Frisco.

4. Don’t plan on washing your car very often.

Texas is a dusty place. There is dirt everywhere, and the further out you get, the more dirt roads you’ll come across. Eventually, no matter how clean you think you are, you’ll get used to a dirty car.

5. You won’t make it if you are afraid of snakes.

Don’t embarass yourself and run off squaling the first time you come across a big snake. Only certain types are even going to bite you.

Texans have learned to live in harmony with the snake population. They even have something called a Rattlesnake Roundup in Texas. Yeah, that’s a thing.

6. You’ll start to learn to love calf fries.

Look it up. It’s amazing.

You’ll look like a born and bred Texas native if you sit down with a big plate of them.

7. If you don’t like hot sauce now, you soon will.

Texans like to put hot sauce on just about everything, including their eggs. If they cold, they’d probably even spice up their breakfast cereal.

You’ll be offered hot sauce at just about everything meal when you go out. Your tongue will just have to adjust.

8. You will soon stop being afraid of tornadoes.

Texas gets like 150 tornadoes a year, which is just about more than any other state. Most of that’s due to the fact that Texas lies in the middle of an important climate zone where cold and warm fronts meet every spring.

If you live anywhere in North Texas, you get used to getting tornado alerts on your phone just about every season.

9. You’ll have to stop learn to slow down for horses.

Texans might ride a pony to a high school football game. And cops ride horses, too.

10. It will be fascinating looking at the car decorations.

Texas residents can be pretty gaudy when it comes to their trucks, which have all the ‘Texas’ accessories like the bull nuts on the trailer hitch. But you’ll see everything from Dallas Cowboy stars to the infamous horns on Cadillacs.

11. Big trucks rule the day.

You don’t have to have the biggest truck to get respect. But you’d better not drive a hybrid if you want to fit in.

And if you are trying to pick up that pretty girl from the honky tonk, and you think she’s going to be impressed with your Subaru Outback, you’re sorely mistaken. Better muscle up if you wanna score, cowboy.

12. It’ll seem like all the guys hunt all year long.

Deer season is like Christmas in Texas. All the big bad boys like to hunt everything from grouse to deer. And just about everyone in Texas owns a gun.
Assume that people are carrying a gun too. You know the phrase about messing with Texas, right?

13. If you don’t learn how to line dance, you won’t get very far.

Wanna impress that hot guy or girl? Learn how to two-step.

Line dancing is a huge thing in Texas. You can actually learn pretty easily by just getting out on the dance floor and watching other people. It’s actually one of the sneakiest ways to get someone to dance with you: Ask them to teach you their moves.

14. Do you like Mexican food? Then you’ll be in heaven.

Tex Mex is a big deal in Texas, especially in the bigger cities like Austin.

But the real connoisseurs know that stuff’s for the birds, and that it’s the mom and pop burritos places that will have your mouth watering.

15. The bugs are no joke.

Try dealing with their fire ants. Yikes!

16. You’ll learn to spot an armadillo a quarter mile away.

You’ll hit one within a month of moving here. Armadillos are about as fast as turtles and about as stupid as a deer. They just waddle out in the road all over the place. The trick is to not swerve. You’ll feel bad hitting one, but is it worth risking your life to avoid it? Just don’t look back!

17. You will get used to the long, hot humid summers.

Welcome to the south. If you came from somewhere without any humidity (like California) than you’re going to have a hard time adjusting. There isn’t really a secret to surviving the humidity. Just sweat like everyone else. No one will judge you.

18. Don’t mess with Texas. Seriously.

Just like most states, locals tend to be a little bit reserved when it comes to outsiders. Texans are super nice as long as you don’t cross ’em.

19. Texas is a very diverse place.

Being so close to Mexico, you’ll find a ton of people will speak Spanish. In fact, you’ll likely begin picking Spanish up pretty quickly when you move to Texas. You almost have to to make life a little easier.

20. If you like chili, you will be mocked if you make it with beans.

You will look a little silly if you try to over do your chili. No vegan tofu chili. No crazy recipes from wherever you’re from.

A true Texas knows it’s meat and chili sauce. That’s it.

21. On that note, if you’re a vegetarian, you will feel out of place.

If you’re going to ask your server if they have a ‘vegetarian option’ odds are you’re going to get a quizzical look, especially if you’re in a small town. If you don’t eat meat, you won’t starve. But your dining out options will be limited.

22. Don’t worry if you want to wear cut off jeans and boots.

Texas style is something you’ll just have to learn to adjust to. People wear tight jeans, despite the fact that it’s 100 degrees outside.

Eventually, you just might find yourself wanting to wear boots when it’s raining, pouring, or even snowing.

23. The politics here is pretty intense.

Texans are pretty extreme when it comes to their political beliefs. Many hardcore Texas residents are very pro-military, pro-law enforcement, and pro-America. You’ll even hear talk about seceding from America.

24. Don’t be offended if you see Confederate flags.

The south is pretty proud of it’s heritage. Most Texans aren’t going to hurt anyone. Most.

25. If you’re in the military, or you served, you will have friends everywhere.

There’s a lot of military here, and Texas just appreciates men in uniform.

26. If you like snow, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Some parts of Texas see a little snow. But an inch overnight shuts things down all morning long.

27. You’ll start to see the beauty in tumbleweeds.

Tumbleweeds might as well be the state flower of Texas. There are tumbleweed artists, too

28. You will see guns everywhere.

There’s probably more gun owners in Texas than anywhere else. After all, it’s home to the National Rifle Association.

Concealed carry? Naw. Texans carry open.

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3 thoughts on “30 Things You Need To Know About Moving To Texas

  1. My family went to texas in 2015, and it was probably the best place i’ve ever experienced! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My husband and I were born and raised in Texas. Lived here all our lives. I really don’t know where you were when you were describing Texas, but we laughed to tears reading about it! Only very small parts of Texas would even come close to what you described.

    I had a friend who moved here from New York. She couldn’t wait to see all the cowboys on horses wearing their 10-gallon hats and toting their guns! Boy, was she disappointed!

    Texas, and Texans, are very diversified. We live in rural areas, and we live in huge cities. We are farmers, ranchers, truck drivers, and even cowboys, but we are also high-end corporate executives, politicians, business entrepreneurs, and students. We are diverse in race, religion, and politics. We have world renown stage performers and ballet troupes. We range from very unsophisticated to highly sophisticated. We have colleges and universities all across the state.

    We don’t see armadillos and snakes at every turn, but it’s true. They live here, but not everywhere! There are deer, wild hogs, cougars, prairie dogs, rats, and roaches, but again, not everywhere. We have mountain ranges, deserts, grassy plains, forests, rivers, lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico. The northern half of the State gets snow in the winter, sometimes a lot. All of the State experiences the heat and humidity, but mostly we have air conditioning to compensate for it.

    Most of us don’t ride horses, or even drive pickups! Many do, but SUVs and passenger cars are primarily the norm. We love good Mexican food, and most that we eat is Tex-Mex, not strictly Mexican. Not everyone uses hot sauce, and those who do, don’t use it on everything! There are more of us that don’t speak Spanish than do. We speak English and Texan, but also many, many other languages as well. We eat BBQ, of course, it’s a tradition! But, we also eat Italian, Mexican, Cuban, Cajun, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai! If you look, you can find just about any cuisine you’d like to have.

    You did make a few true statements. Texans are a proud people, and we don’t want anyone to mess with our state. We’ve been under the rule of a number of countries, and we were once an independent republic. Our state chose to join the United States, and because of that, we are the only state that can fly her state flag higher than the American flag. We don’t always, but we can. We love Texas. We love America, and we love our diverse heritage, including the Confederacy. Many people do have guns here, but for the most part, they are concealed, and require licenses, just like other places. We don’t walk around with them in a holster hanging from our hips.

    We are a generous and caring people. We have experienced many trials and adversities, but we always help each other through. We help our neighbors and strangers alike. We aren’t perfect, not by a long shot, but we do try and are proud of who we are!

    I may have missed a few points that you covered, but I think you get the idea. The next time you’d like to tell someone about Texas, instead of making statements that seem to make Texas and Texans seem like back-water hicks living on an arid land full of adversity, try interviewing a few native Texans, and see how they describe our people and our land. You will see a totally different picture of Texas.

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