If You Live In Oakland, This Will Be The Most Tear-Jerking Thing You See Today.

A side of Oakland you probably haven’t seen before.

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‘Me is the other people, too. Not just ‘Me.’

In the back of our minds, we all think we should do more. Whether it’s just spending more time with family, or volunteering for those who need help, we know in our hearts that we could give back. But we don’t.

The biggest reason: Time. We don’t have time to do these things.

Well, this Oakland resident puts us all to shame. He proves that time is just a state of mind. And, most of us are a little spoiled, and should give back.

As he puts it, “You see people without much, struggling to make it, and they don’t complain much. And then you have people with nice homes and lots of money and they’re always bitching about something.’

Take a minute to appreciate the inspiration here.

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