Here’s Ohio Stereotypes According To Google Searches

“Why is Cincinnati so ghetto” is a really popular search term. More inside.

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Generally, you can tell what people in a state complain a lot about when you look at what Google has determined people are searching for the most. The phrase, “Why is Ohio so ____” will return some pretty funny phrases.

For instance, apparently, most of America wonders why Ohio is so important in Presidential elections. Ohioans have asked the mighty Google why in the world Ohio is so warm right now and why Ohioans are so racist.

You can see the entire auto suggest list for Ohio below:


So using this method, we wanted to see what is most searched for when you look at Ohio’s largest cities. The results were pretty interesting and funny. Most people asked why Cincinnati is so ghetto, and it must be really dreary in Columbus, because the highest searched term for the state’s capital is “Why is Columbus so cloudy.”

Here are some of our favorites:


Apparently, poor Cleveland is a little bit of everything. Hopefully, these are just mostly stereotypes coming from people who have never been to Cleveland before. Cause it ain’t that bad: .


The Columbus searches were pretty boring we have to say. Perhaps the city needs to brand itself beyond ‘cloudy’ and ‘great.’


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