We’ve all been quarantined for the past few weeks, which is driving us crazy. And, many of us are less wealthy than we were a few weeks ago as well.

HOWEVER, the bright side - we’re saving money by staying home! The costs of not going out can be enormous - so likely, your paycheck deduction or 401(k) loss might be offset in part by padding your savings account.

Enter your personal information on this calculator to see how much money YOU'RE saving by being quarantined!

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How We Calculated Your Savings

While we spend a lot of time trying to help people find the best place to live around the country, we end up spending a good portion of our research looking into the cost of living. We realized that if there’s maybe a little positive to the quarantine it is that you get to save a little money on things like gas, eating out, and childcare. Not to mention the fact that you get to spend a little more time with family -- or at least your roommate.

So we were interested in how much money you’d save in a month:

  • Getting take out -- $10/person each time -- Source
  • Going to restaurants -- $27/person each time -- Source
  • Going to bars -- $40 a trip
  • Commute savings -- $.59/mile each way -- Source
  • And childcare savings -- $900/mo -- Source

We used national averages for childcare and food, but some of these expenses can vary dramatically by state. For example, states are incredibly cheap, while certain cities, like San Francisco and Boston, have average rents higher than my mortgage.

We know you’d probably rather be able to do everything we just described -- we know we would -- but at least it saves you a little money -- each month.

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