Richest Cities In Oregon For 2020

We analyzed 76 places in Oregon to determine where the 1% live.

Editor’s Note: Data has been updated for 2020. This is our fifth time ranking the richest cities in Oregon.

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Don't let Oregon's carefree, hippie vibe confuse you, the state has many places that are only for The Beaver State's rich and famous.

Folks, Oregon's wealthy did not get this way by sitting on their back sides. And since HomeSnacks thinks that people who work hard deserve to play hard and live it up in some of the wealthiest places a state has to offer, we created a list of the top ten richest places in Oregon for 2020. You know, a list of the places that cater to the one percent.

How did we determine the richest places in this Pacific Northwest paradise? We looked at the latest Census data from the American Community Survey for 76 Oregon cities with 5,000 residents. We then looked at a places median income, unemployment rate, and poverty rate and assigned each a score.

When you choose to live in one of Oregon's richest places, you are choosing to live where it's going to be a little more expensive. The upside, however, these places have strong economies, posh neighborhoods and homes, blue ribbon schools, and five star amenities. There's a reason many of Oregon's richest places are also the the state's best. And those amenities we mentioned -- well, when all of that cash starts to burn a hole in your pocket, there are coastal five star resorts like Gurney's in Newport and great ski vacations to Mt. Bachelor in Bend ready to lighten your load.

So want to know where Oregon's 'other half' lives? Keep reading.

Did we mention that crime is virtually nonexistent in Oregon's richest places? That's right, many of Oregon's richest are also the state's safest. And, folks, Oregon's number one richest does not disappoint in the safety area either.

But, what is Oregon's number one richest place for 2020? According to the data, that would be, Happy Valley.

Want to know where the rest of Oregon's 'Richie Rich' live, take a look below. And if you don't find what you're looking for there, the rest are just a click away.

Rich people not your cup of tea? Feel free to check out some more reading about Oregon:

The 10 Richest Cities In Oregon For 2020

Happy Valley, OR

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Population: 19,471
Rank Last Year: 2 (Up 1)
Median Income: $124,968
Unemployment Rate: 2.7%
Poverty Rate: 3.2%
More on Happy Valley: Real Estate | Data | Photos

Happy Valley is a city in Clackamas County, Oregon, United States. The population was 13,903 at the 2010 census.

Sherwood, OR

Source: Public domain
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Population: 19,337
Rank Last Year: 1 (Down 1)
Median Income: $103,592
Unemployment Rate: 3.0%
Poverty Rate: 2.7%
More on Sherwood: Real Estate | Data | Photos

Sherwood is a city in Washington County, Oregon, United States. Located in the southeast corner of the county, it is a residential community in the Tualatin Valley, southwest of Portland. As of the 2010 census, Sherwood had a population of 18,194 residents. The city's population for 2014 was estimated to be 18,978 by the U.S. Census. Sherwood was first incorporated in 1893 as a town. Originally named Smockville after its founder, James Christopher Smock, the town was given its current name by local businessman Robert Alexander in 1891, who likely named it after his hometown of Sherwood, Michigan.

Lake Oswego, OR

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Population: 38,705
Rank Last Year: 4 (Up 1)
Median Income: $100,461
Unemployment Rate: 3.2%
Poverty Rate: 4.5%
More on Lake Oswego: Real Estate | Data | Photos

Lake Oswego is a city in the State of Oregon, primarily in Clackamas County with small portions extending into neighboring Multnomah and Washington counties. Located about 8 miles south of Portland and surrounding the 405-acre Oswego Lake, the town was founded in 1847 and incorporated as Oswego in 1910. The city was the hub of Oregon's brief iron industry in the late 19th century and is today an affluent suburb of Portland. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 36,619, a 3.8% increase over the 2000 population of 35,278.

West Linn, OR

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Population: 26,511
Rank Last Year: 3 (Down 1)
Median Income: $104,061
Unemployment Rate: 4.1%
Poverty Rate: 5.0%
More on West Linn: Real Estate | Data | Photos

West Linn is a city in Clackamas County, Oregon, United States. Now a southern suburb within the Portland metropolitan area, West Linn has a history of early development, prompted by the opportunity to harvest energy from nearby Willamette Falls. It was named after U.S. Senator Lewis F. Linn of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, who had advocated the American occupation of Oregon as a counterclaim to the British. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 25,109.

Fairview, OR

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Population: 9,303
Rank Last Year: 9 (Up 4)
Median Income: $64,656
Unemployment Rate: 3.2%
Poverty Rate: 5.1%
More on Fairview: Real Estate | Data | Photos

Fairview is a city in Multnomah County, Oregon, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 8,920.

Sandy, OR

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Population: 10,834
Rank Last Year: 5 (Down 1)
Median Income: $64,296
Unemployment Rate: 3.0%
Poverty Rate: 10.9%
More on Sandy: Real Estate | Data | Photos

Sandy is a city located in Clackamas County, Oregon, United States, and named after the nearby Sandy River. The city serves as the western gateway to the Mount Hood Corridor, 25 miles east of Portland. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 9,570.

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Eagle Point, OR

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Population: 9,015
Rank Last Year: 23 (Up 16)
Median Income: $63,213
Unemployment Rate: 3.8%
Poverty Rate: 8.9%
More on Eagle Point: Real Estate | Data | Photos

Eagle Point is a city in Jackson County, Oregon, United States. The population was estimated at 8,624 as of 2012.

Canby, OR

Source: Public domain
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Population: 17,527
Rank Last Year: 8 (No Change)
Median Income: $66,433
Unemployment Rate: 4.0%
Poverty Rate: 10.3%
More on Canby: Real Estate | Data | Photos

Canby is a city in Clackamas County, Oregon, United States. The population was 15,829 at the 2010 census. It is along Oregon Route 99E, 2 miles northeast of Barlow. In May 2016 Canby was featured on ABC's series 20/20, when the local "Canby Psychic" was part of an investigation of swindling a local rancher of $15 million.

Tualatin, OR

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Population: 27,338
Rank Last Year: 12 (Up 3)
Median Income: $81,118
Unemployment Rate: 4.5%
Poverty Rate: 10.3%
More on Tualatin: Real Estate | Data | Photos

Tualatin is a city located primarily in Washington County in the State of Oregon. A small portion of the city is also located in neighboring Clackamas County. It is a southwestern suburb in the Portland Metropolitan Area that is located south of Tigard. The population was 26,054 at the 2010 census.

Tigard, OR

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Population: 52,368
Rank Last Year: 6 (Down 4)
Median Income: $75,795
Unemployment Rate: 5.0%
Poverty Rate: 9.1%
More on Tigard: Real Estate | Data | Photos

Tigard is a city in Washington County, Oregon, United States. The population was 48,035 at the 2010 census. As of 2007, Tigard was the state's 12th largest city. Incorporated in 1961, the city is located south of Beaverton and north of Tualatin, and is part of the Portland metropolitan area. Interstate 5 and Oregon Route 217 are the main freeways in the city, with Oregon Route 99W and Oregon Route 210 serving as other major highways. Public transit service is provided by TriMet, via several bus routes and the WES Commuter Rail line.

Review Of Tigard by HomeSnacks User

My hometown I grew up in has changed some. But still a small town feel. Most of the time.

The high school football games. Great way for families and community to come together on a Friday night.

How We Determined The Richest Places In Oregon For 2020

Map Of The Richest Places To Live In Oregon
The first thing that comes to most people's minds when they think about determining the richest places is to simply identify personal incomes. After all, rich people have really high salaries.

However, we don't believe that one statistic wholly encompasses what it means to be one of the "richest places". So we looked at this set of criteria from the newly released 2014-2018 American Community Survey:

  • Poverty Level
  • Median Household Income
  • Unemployment Rate

Median household income is the most digestible way to understand how rich a place really is. The unemployment rate tries to capture the prospects for more people to become rich. If more people are employed, the richer the future looks.

After we collected the data for all 76 places with more than 5,000 people in Oregon, we ranked each place from 1 to 76 for each of the criteria, with 1 being the richest.

We then averaged all the rankings for a place into a "Rich Score" with the place having the lowest overall Rich Score, Happy Valley, crowned the "Richest City In Oregon For 2020". You can download the data here.

You can learn more about the top ten below or skip to the end to see the rankings for all 76 places.

There You Have It - The Wealthiest Places In Oregon For 2020

Like we said earlier, when we set out to identify the richest places in Oregon, we weren't sure what we'd encounter, but it ended up being some of the best places to live in Oregon.

When you look at the data, the cities and places mentioned above meet the criteria for being at the very top of the income ladder for everyone that lives there.

If you're curious enough, here are the poorest cities in Oregon, according to data:

Poorest: Ontario
2nd Poorest: Madras
3rd Poorest: Prineville

For more Oregon reading, check out:

Detailed List Of The Richest Cities In Oregon

Rank City RichScore Median Income
1 Happy Valley 1.33 $124,968
2 Sherwood 2.0 $103,592
3 Lake Oswego 3.67 $100,461
4 West Linn 7.0 $104,061
5 Fairview 8.33 $64,656
6 Sandy 13.0 $64,296
7 Eagle Point 13.33 $63,213
8 Canby 13.67 $66,433
9 Tualatin 13.67 $81,118
10 Tigard 14.67 $75,795
11 Scappoose 15.0 $79,401
12 Hillsboro 15.33 $78,144
13 Wilsonville 15.33 $69,043
14 Oregon City 15.33 $71,856
15 Warrenton 16.67 $54,554
16 Milwaukie 18.33 $63,421
17 Creswell 19.0 $58,279
18 Bend 19.0 $63,468
19 Cornelius 19.33 $62,786
20 Stayton 21.67 $57,269
21 Hood River 22.33 $54,437
22 Beaverton 23.67 $68,586
23 Troutdale 26.0 $72,188
24 Molalla 27.33 $61,185
25 Keizer 27.33 $62,560
26 Portland 28.67 $65,740
27 Brookings 29.0 $53,087
28 Silverton 30.67 $63,810
29 Newberg 31.0 $56,599
30 The Dalles 32.33 $48,711
31 Junction City 33.0 $50,528
32 Gladstone 35.0 $61,045
33 Redmond 36.33 $55,679
34 Forest Grove 36.67 $59,902
35 Astoria 38.67 $46,300
36 North Bend 38.67 $49,935
37 Central Point 39.67 $52,341
38 Salem 39.67 $53,619
39 Mcminnville 40.67 $51,820
40 Albany 41.67 $55,263
41 Independence 41.67 $48,886
42 Ashland 42.0 $50,613
43 Sheridan 43.67 $48,449
44 Sutherlin 44.0 $45,567
45 Dallas 45.67 $56,169
46 Hermiston 45.67 $51,923
47 Lincoln City 46.33 $38,010
48 Gresham 47.0 $52,303
49 Newport 47.33 $45,250
50 St. Helens 49.0 $48,311
51 Woodburn 49.0 $46,690
52 Winston 50.33 $36,211
53 Grants Pass 50.67 $42,142
54 Seaside 50.67 $42,169
55 Medford 52.33 $47,567
56 Tillamook 52.67 $32,949
57 Eugene 54.33 $49,029
58 Roseburg 54.67 $41,431
59 Pendleton 55.0 $49,671
60 Corvallis 55.67 $49,835
61 Florence 56.33 $40,833
62 Lebanon 56.67 $41,818
63 Baker City 57.33 $42,881
64 Coos Bay 57.67 $43,779
65 Springfield 59.0 $43,157
66 Cottage Grove 60.67 $47,316
67 Monmouth 62.0 $38,698
68 Milton-Freewater 63.0 $41,354
69 La Grande 63.33 $41,422
70 Talent 66.33 $34,321
71 Umatilla 67.33 $41,707
72 Klamath Falls 69.33 $39,738
73 Sweet Home 70.0 $37,474
74 Prineville 71.33 $34,630
75 Madras 71.67 $34,966
76 Ontario 72.33 $34,940

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