These Are The 10 Richest Cities In Pennsylvania For 2018

We analyzed over 256 places in Pennsylvania to determine where the 1% live.

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Clarks Summit, Economy, Franklin Park: These cities aren’t just some of the best places to live in Pennsylvania. They are also home to some of the richest people in the Keystone State.

Clarks Summit in particular houses the richest residents in the state thanks, in part, to a median household income of $74,304 and a ridiculously low poverty rate of 2.2%.

If you’re thinking of moving to one of these towns, you’ll probably need to start saving. The richest places in Pennsylvania share common characteristics such as having a genius level populous, sky high home prices, and a Pleasantville level of married couples.

How did we come up with these mega wealthy cities? We analyzed Census data from the 2012-2016 American Community Survey for the 190 places in Pennsylvania with more than 5,000 people.

At the end of the day, here’s the set of the 10 richest places in Pennsylvania for 2018:

  1. Clarks Summit (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  2. Economy (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  3. Franklin Park (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  4. Jefferson Hills (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  5. Collegeville (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  6. Doyle (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  7. Plum (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  8. Swarthmore (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  9. Oakmont (Photos | Homes For Sale)
  10. Wyomissing (Photos | Homes For Sale)

For more on how we calculated the top ten, read on or skip to the end for the full list of the richest cities in Pennsylvania.

Rich people not your cup of tea? Feel free to check out the best places to live in Pennsylvania or the poorest.

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How We Determined The Richest Places In Pennsylvania For 2018

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think about determining the richest places is to simply identify personal incomes. After all, rich people have really high salaries.

However, we don’t believe that one statistic wholly encompasses what it means to be one of the ‘richest places’. So we looked at this set of criteria from the newly released 2012-2016 American Community Survey:

  • Poverty Level
  • Median Household Income
  • Unemployment Rate

Median household income is the most digestible way to understand how rich a place really is. The unemployment rate tries to capture the prospects for more people to become rich. If more people are employed, the richer the future looks.

After we collected the data for all 190 places with more than 5,000 people in Pennsylvania, we ranked each place from 1 to 190 for each of the criteria, with 1 being the richest.

We then averaged all the rankings for a place into a ‘Rich Score’ with the place having the lowest overall Rich Score, Clarks Summit, crowned the ‘Richest Place In Pennsylvania For 2018’.

You can learn more about the top ten below or skip to the end to see the rankings for all 190 places.

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1. Clarks Summit

Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

Source: Public domain

Population: 5,041
Median Income: $74,304
Unemployment Rate: 0.9%
Poverty Rate: 2.2%
More on Clarks Summit: Homes For Sale | Data
Clarks Summit is a borough in Lackawanna County northwest of Scranton in northeastern Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 5,116 at the 2010 census. It is also the northern terminus of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension, I-476.

2. Economy

Economy, Pennsylvania

Source: Public domain

Population: 9,240
Median Income: $78,578
Unemployment Rate: 3.6%
Poverty Rate: 3.8%
More on Economy: Homes For Sale | Data
Economy is a borough in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 8,970 at the 2010 census.

3. Franklin Park

Franklin Park, Pennsylvania

Source: Public domain

Population: 14,228
Median Income: $121,661
Unemployment Rate: 4.6%
Poverty Rate: 1.5%
More on Franklin Park: Homes For Sale | Data
Franklin Park is a borough in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 13,470 at the 2010 census.

4. Jefferson Hills

Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania

Population: 11,214
Median Income: $79,615
Unemployment Rate: 4.3%
Poverty Rate: 3.3%
More on Jefferson Hills: Homes For Sale | Data
Jefferson Hills is a borough in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States. It includes the community of Large. In the 2010 census the population was 10,619. Jefferson Hills was created as Jefferson Township, incorporating on January 22, 1828, and named after Thomas Jefferson. The borough is a part of West Jefferson Hills School District. Before 1998, the borough was known as Jefferson.

5. Collegeville

Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Population: 5,279
Median Income: $105,761
Unemployment Rate: 4.7%
Poverty Rate: 1.5%
More on Collegeville: Homes For Sale | Data
Collegeville, sometimes referred to as ‘Little Philly’ is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia on the Perkiomen Creek. Collegeville was incorporated in 1896. It is the location of Ursinus College, opened in 1869. The population was 5,089 at the 2010 census.

6. Doyle

Doyle, Pennsylvania

Population: 8,305
Median Income: $73,185
Unemployment Rate: 3.2%
Poverty Rate: 5.7%
More on Doyle: Homes For Sale | Data

7. Plum

Plum, Pennsylvania

Population: 27,474
Median Income: $71,204
Unemployment Rate: 4.6%
Poverty Rate: 4.6%
More on Plum: Homes For Sale | Data
Plum is a borough in Allegheny County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. A suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it is located northeast of the city of Pittsburgh, in what is commonly referred to as the East Hills suburbs. The population was 27,126 at the 2010 census.

8. Swarthmore

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Source: Public domain

Population: 6,218
Median Income: $92,292
Unemployment Rate: 5.0%
Poverty Rate: 2.1%
More on Swarthmore: Homes For Sale | Data
Swarthmore (pronounced / SWAHTH-mor locally, or / SWAWRTH-mor) is a borough in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States. Swarthmore was originally named ‘Westdale’ in honor of noted painter Benjamin West, who was one of the early residents of the town. The name was changed to ‘Swarthmore’ after the establishment of Swarthmore College. ‘Swarthmore’ can be pronounced with the first ‘r’ either vocalized or dropped due to differences in rhotic and non-rhotic accents, but locally it is usually pronounced without the first ‘r’ (i.e. SWAHTH-mor). The borough population was 6,194 as of the 2010 census.

9. Oakmont

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Population: 6,420
Median Income: $61,523
Unemployment Rate: 3.8%
Poverty Rate: 6.1%
More on Oakmont: Homes For Sale | Data

10. Wyomissing

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

Population: 10,442
Median Income: $74,891
Unemployment Rate: 4.7%
Poverty Rate: 6.6%
More on Wyomissing: Homes For Sale | Data
Wyomissing is a borough in Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States, established on July 2, 1906. As of the 2010 census, the population was 10,461, compared to 8,587 at the 2000 census. The population growth of the borough was largely due to its merger in January 2002 with neighboring Wyomissing Hills. Wyomissing is the most populous borough in Berks County. The borough is recognized as a Tree City USA and selected as a ‘Contender’ for the best places to live in Pennsylvania by Money magazine.

There You Have It – The Wealthiest Places In Pennsylvania For 2018

Like we said earlier, when we set out to identify the richest places in Pennsylvania, we weren’t sure what we’d encounter, but it ended up being some of the best places to live in Pennsylvania.

When you look at the data, the cities and places mentioned above meet the criteria for being at the very top of the income ladder for everyone that lives there.

If you’re curious enough, here are the poorest cities in Pennsylvania, according to data:

Poorest: Duquesne
2nd Poorest: Johnstown
3rd Poorest: Chester

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  • Detailed List Of The Richest Cities In Pennsylvania

    City Rank Median Income
    Clarks Summit 1 $74,304
    Economy 2 $78,578
    Franklin Park 3 $121,661
    Jefferson Hills 4 $79,615
    Collegeville 5 $105,761
    Doyle 6 $73,185
    Plum 7 $71,204
    Swarthmore 8 $92,292
    Oakmont 9 $61,523
    Wyomissing 10 $74,891
    Camp Hill 11 $71,039
    Souderton 12 $66,000
    Hollidaysburg 13 $52,078
    Forest Hills 14 $63,563
    White Oak 15 $52,935
    Lititz 16 $53,942
    Emmaus 17 $55,263
    Perkasie 18 $67,700
    Crafton 19 $51,236
    Dormont 20 $58,875
    Glenolden 21 $60,490
    Mechanicsburg 22 $53,593
    New Holland 23 $53,272
    Baldwin 24 $55,573
    St. Marys 25 $49,014
    Conshohocken 26 $78,801
    West View 27 $57,078
    Elizabet 28 $57,006
    Downin 29 $60,130
    Hermitage 30 $55,194
    Sharon Hill 31 $51,908
    Whitehall 32 $59,853
    Bellefonte 33 $51,071
    Kennett Square 34 $65,795
    Moosic 35 $56,529
    Pleasant Hills 36 $68,453
    New Cumberland 37 $51,173
    Lower Burrell 38 $57,686
    Phoenixville 39 $57,769
    Norwood 40 $70,313
    Palmerton 41 $53,008
    Northampton 42 $52,646
    Brookhaven 43 $67,348
    Fox Chapel 44 $148,553
    Ridley Park 45 $70,766
    Lansdale 46 $61,095
    Helle 47 $59,907
    Grove City 48 $44,310
    Palmyra 49 $50,349
    Brentwood 50 $51,197
    Mount Joy 51 $56,223
    Hatboro 52 $66,176
    Shillington 53 $58,431
    Schuylkill Haven 54 $48,411
    Catasauqua 55 $51,801
    Sayre 56 $42,007
    Media 57 $68,827
    Castle Shannon 58 $50,783
    Prospect Park 59 $57,689
    Archbald 60 $49,688
    Ephrata 61 $50,303
    Birdsboro 62 $62,083
    Quake 63 $53,278
    Folcroft 64 $60,750
    Bridgeville 65 $45,849
    Canonsburg 66 $50,399
    Selinsgrove 67 $40,856
    Lansdowne 68 $54,608
    Morrisville 69 $61,589
    Red Lion 70 $42,371
    South Williamsport 71 $45,500
    Ambler 72 $57,210
    Monaca 73 $41,057
    Kingston 74 $47,840
    Jeannette 75 $41,395
    Olyphant 76 $42,070
    Munhall 77 $48,978
    Hanover 78 $45,241
    Wilson 79 $48,390
    Bristol 80 $42,962
    Nazareth 81 $54,178
    Clifton Heights 82 $44,727
    Bethlehem 83 $49,349
    Exeter 84 $39,113
    Corry 85 $42,636
    Bellevue 86 $41,073
    West Mifflin 87 $50,273
    Dunmore 88 $48,096
    Middl 89 $42,721
    Warren 90 $38,716
    Old Forge 91 $47,151
    Lewisburg 92 $43,214
    Blakely 93 $39,167
    Kut 94 $51,027
    Dickson City 95 $40,833
    Yeadon 96 $48,420
    Lehighton 97 $43,040
    Ellwood City 98 $41,979
    Carnegie 99 $45,109
    Oxford 100 $49,896

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