These Are The 10 Richest States In America For 2018

We used science and data to determine which states are home to the 1%.

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Richest States In America Map

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Does being rich make you awesome?

Certainly not.

Does having a lot of money make you happy?

Not always.

But we’re willing to guess that just about everyone you asked would pick wealth over poverty. And you’re obviously interested in who has money and who doesn’t, because you Googled ‘richest states’ and landed on this article.

So, how would you define ‘rich’ anyways? We can’t measure love, friends or health. But we can measure how much money people have, and how many people have jobs.

At the end of the day, we ended up with this list of the wealthiest states:

  1. New Hampshire (Photos)
  2. Minnesota (Photos)
  3. Hawaii (Photos)
  4. Maryland (Photos)
  5. North Dakota (Photos)
  6. Virginia (Photos)
  7. Utah (Photos)
  8. Wyoming (Photos)
  9. Massachusetts (Photos)
  10. Vermont (Photos)

To see an exact breakdown on how we calculated these rankings, read on. Or, if you’re interested in something far more interesting, check out:

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How We Determined The Richest States in the US

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think about determining the richest places is to simply the amount people make.

However, we don’t think that one statistic wholly encompasses what it means to be one of the ‘richest states’. So we looked at this set of criteria from the newly released 2012-2016 American Community Survey:

  • Poverty level
  • Unemployment rate
  • Median income

The unemployment rate tries to capture the prospects for improvement in the city or town. If more people are employed, the brighter the future looks and vice versa.

We ranked each state from 1 to 50 for each of the criteria, with 1 being the richest.

We then averaged all the rankings for a state into a ‘Rich Score’ with the state having the lowest overall Rich Score crowned the ‘Richest State In The US For 2018’.

You can learn more about the top ten below or skip to the end to see the rankings for every state, including which states are the poorest.

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1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire

Source: Wikipedia

Median Income: $68,485
Unemployment Rate: 5.1%
Poverty Rate: 8.5%

New Hampshire, huh? Would you have guessed? Most people wouldn’t even be able to point to New Hampshire on a map. Sounds like they should call it New Hamp$hire, huh?

Only 8% of the population in The Granite State lives in poverty, and families earn about $68,000 a year, annually, good for 7th-highest in America

2. Minnesota


Source: Wikipedia

Median Income: $63,217
Unemployment Rate: 4.8%
Poverty Rate: 10.8%

Minnesotans live a pretty good life when you look at the data, ‘eh?

The Gopher State ranks in the top 10 in every category we measured, and only 4.8% of the population here is out of work.

3. Hawaii


Source: Wikipedia

Median Income: $71,977
Unemployment Rate: 5.5%
Poverty Rate: 10.8%

Hawaii might be a little misleading. Sure, households earn, on average, about $71,000 each. But the cost of a gallon of milk is like eight bucks, so your paycheck doesn’t go nearly as far as it would in the mainland.

Still, only 1 in 10 Hawaiians lives in poverty.

4. Maryland


Source: Wikipedia

Median Income: $76,067
Unemployment Rate: 6.7%
Poverty Rate: 9.9%

5. North Dakota

North Dakota

Source: Wikipedia

Median Income: $59,114
Unemployment Rate: 2.8%
Poverty Rate: 11.2%

Maryland just oozes rich. Most of the most successful people who commute to Washington, D.C. live in places like Chevy Chase, where you’ll find more fancy sports cars than just about anywhere else in America.

Maryland actually ranks first for pure income – where homes bring in about $76K a year. And that’s even with Baltimore figured into the mix.

6. Virginia


Source: Wikipedia

Median Income: $66,149
Unemployment Rate: 5.9%
Poverty Rate: 11.4%

North Dakota? Really? It’s true. They’re some hard workers up there, and money goes a long, long way in North Dakota.

Did you know only 2.8% of people are out of work in North Dakota? Basically, if you don’t have a job here, it’s because you refuse to work.

7. Utah


Source: Wikipedia

Median Income: $62,518
Unemployment Rate: 5.1%
Poverty Rate: 11.7%

Virginia has always been a wealthy place. While there are tons of backwoods, redneck areas in Virginia where people are content to live a simple life, half of Virginia lives in the greater Washington D.C. metro area, where people command great salaries.

8. Wyoming


Source: Wikipedia

Median Income: $59,143
Unemployment Rate: 4.9%
Poverty Rate: 11.6%

With only 5% of residents out of work, and the average household bringing in $62,500 a year, Utah is quite the rich place. You might get bored living here, but at least you can spend your days counting your cash, right?

9. Massachusetts


Source: Wikipedia

Median Income: $70,954
Unemployment Rate: 6.8%
Poverty Rate: 11.4%

Ranchers must bring in a decent salary every year, since Wyoming ranks so high up on this list. When you have a hard-working population that’s saving money and living responsibly, it can be much easier to accrue wealth.

Is that the secret?

10. Vermont


Source: Wikipedia

Median Income: $56,104
Unemployment Rate: 5.0%
Poverty Rate: 11.6%

People in Massachusetts bring in pretty good salaries. While the unemployment rate is about average (6.8%), the folks out there working hard are getting ahead.

Sounds like the upper east coast has all the dough!

There You Have It — The Wealthiest States in the US

After measuring every wealth factor that makes sense, there isn’t a clear ‘region’ that has the most wealth. But if we had to pick, it looks as though the eastern seaboard is where the most wealth is located. If you live in one of the states we mentioned above, perhaps you should think about donating to charity.

And while this is good news for the states we mentioned, we have to acknowledge the poorest states to live in America. We’re talking to you, Mississippi, New Mexico and Alabama.

Here’s a quick look at the poorest states of the list:

  1. Mississippi
  2. New Mexico
  3. Alabama

For more reading, check out:

Detailed List Of The Richest States In America For 2018

State Rank Population Median Income
New Hampshire 1 1,327,503 $68,485
Minnesota 2 5,450,868 $63,217
Hawaii 3 1,413,673 $71,977
Maryland 4 5,959,902 $76,067
North Dakota 5 736,162 $59,114
Virginia 6 8,310,301 $66,149
Utah 7 2,948,427 $62,518
Wyoming 8 583,029 $59,143
Massachusetts 9 6,742,143 $70,954
Vermont 10 626,249 $56,104
Alaska 11 736,855 $74,444
Colorado 12 5,359,295 $62,520
Iowa 13 3,106,589 $54,570
Nebraska 14 1,881,259 $54,384
New Jersey 15 8,915,456 $73,702
Connecticut 16 3,588,570 $71,755
Washington 17 7,073,146 $62,848
Wisconsin 18 5,754,798 $54,610
Delaware 19 934,695 $61,017
South Dakota 20 851,058 $52,078
Kansas 21 2,898,292 $53,571
Pennsylvania 22 12,783,977 $54,895
Maine 23 1,329,923 $50,826
Rhode Island 24 1,054,491 $58,387
New York 25 19,697,457 $60,741
Montana 26 1,023,391 $48,380
Texas 27 26,956,435 $54,727
Illinois 28 12,851,684 $59,196
Idaho 29 1,635,483 $49,174
Missouri 30 6,059,651 $49,593
Indiana 31 6,589,578 $50,433
California 32 38,654,206 $63,783
Ohio 33 11,586,941 $50,674
Oklahoma 34 3,875,589 $48,038
Oregon 35 3,982,267 $53,270
Nevada 36 2,839,172 $53,094
Arizona 37 6,728,577 $51,340
Tennessee 38 6,548,009 $46,574
Michigan 39 9,909,600 $50,803
Florida 40 19,934,451 $48,900
Arkansas 41 2,968,472 $42,336
West Virginia 42 1,846,092 $42,644
North Carolina 43 9,940,828 $48,256
Georgia 44 10,099,320 $51,037
Kentucky 45 4,411,989 $44,811
South Carolina 46 4,834,605 $46,898
Louisiana 47 4,645,670 $45,652
Alabama 48 4,841,164 $44,758
New Mexico 49 2,082,669 $45,674
Mississippi 50 2,989,192 $40,528

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  1. you look so silly. because you are saying the richest states have like 550 Percent unemployment etc. NO THEY DON’T! 550 percent means 5.5x the number of people! maybe you mean 5.50 percent! nutty!

  2. This information is clearly case of the author having tried three times to pass basic college math, resulting in a fake news post.

    Everyone know New Hampshire is not richer than Massachusetts. Nor is California poorer than North Dakota.

    Yikes. Just Yikes.

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